Death in the snow

April 21, 2012
By Inedrox BRONZE, Irving, Texas
Inedrox BRONZE, Irving, Texas
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One day I went to the park and made snowmen but all of a sudden I saw someone who looked like they had past out. I went to see if they needed help and stood in horror as I saw my best friend Annie, with blood coming out of the back of her head. I was too stunned to speak. I couldn't think of anyone who would want to kill her. After a minute I whipped out my cell phone and called the police. When they arrived it was getting dark and I was getting colder. They asked me what happened here. By the time I got home it was pitch black. My mom was worried about me and kept asking if I was okay. I told her that I was, but I wasn't, I was too upset to eat that night.

The next day at school I was asked by many people if I knew who killed her. I just kept quiet and shook my head. After 2nd period I was pulled to the principal’s office and was asked to go to the consular office every day for the next two weeks during free period. I knew where it was but didn't like to go. It was always covered in pink and smelled like peppermint, but I went anyway. We talked about what had happened and then suddenly the counselor asked if I had ever wanted to kill her. I said “Never, we were always getting along. You could have asked anyone.” She nodded, smiled and said, “But your happy now that she is, are you not?” I stared at her in disbelieve. Here I was about to cry over my best friend’s death and counselor says I'm happy about it! I couldn't believe that she would say such a thing to a student, let alone me, who had been running her errands for the past two years. I knew her pretty well, but I was never expecting her to say that!

As I left to go to seventh period I noticed that everyone was acting weird, avoiding me for some strange unknown reason. I walked in and set down next to Chris, the one guy I could talk to about anything. I tried to figure out what to say. Chris leaned over and hugged me. He whispered in my ear in my ear that he knew who had killed our best friend. I looked at Chris with shock and disbelief. I was about to ask him who it was, but the teacher said that class had started. Chris Slipped me a note saying that he would tell me after school at his house. After school that day I got on the bus and went to Chris's house. When we got there, he told me to wait in the living room, and said, “I'llerighthe would be right there.” I sat down on his couch, and then I heard it. A gun shot from the bedroom. I ran into the room where but it was too late. My other best friend had killed himself. The gun still in his hand, burn marks around his temple where blood came pouring out, then I saw it, a letter on his desk. I ran to it and quickly read it.

It said, “Dear Melody, the reason I died will be made clear after certain events that will change your life forever. If you ever get lost, or feel you are in danger then find a guy named Big E. He will help you, and you can always find him at the 'The Club Tango' just tell him that you need 200 chips and he will help you.” As I finished reading the letter, I couldn't believe he would do this. I quickly put the letter in my pocket, and called the police who arrived a little later. I was questioned again. This time the police asked if he told me anything before he went into his room. I said no, but as I thought about it he did say something to himself, but I couldn't quite hear him.

When I got home I thought about it more and more and soon came to two conclusions: Either my best friends were a part of a gang and they left, but then what did they do, what gang was it, were they the only two of my friends to be in a gang? If they weren't in a gang what did they do. What did they know that got them killed? Were they were both were a part of something I would never fully understand? As I thought about it I soon realized that they left me in charge of whatever it was they were doing. That's why Chris left me that note he must have written it after they found out they were in danger and known that if one of them died the other one would need to leave that note A.S.A.P. That's why he shot himself.

As I was about to get undressed I noticed that someone was watching me outside my window. I slowly walked over and opened the window so I could yell at them, but instead I screamed as I saw a man in all black facing me only he hung from the roof on a long rope around his neck in a noose. I screamed for my mom and feel to my knees. My mom came running in and looked at me and then to where I was looking then ran down the stairs and called the police.

As the police arrived I slowly made my way to get up and down stairs where they looked at me and my face was pale as the moon. The head police officer, James, came over to me and said that if I was involved in one more crime scene then he would take me to the station and have me fully investigated. I managed a nod. As he began to tell me he should take me in now for finding three dead bodies and for having known all of them I suddenly screamed, “But I don't know that man!” he looked at me in shook unlike the other two cases where the dead were very close to me I had never seen this man before in my life. The police got him down and brought him into the house and found a wallet in his back pocket. His name was John Aston I looked at my mom who looked like she was about to cry, James, the head officer, asked her if she knew him and she said yes. He was a boss of hers but that I wouldn't know that because I had never seen him in my life as I said. He was the department head at her job for a large bank.

After the questioning my mom sank into a chair and started to cry. As I tried to comfort her the police were talking amongst themselves. After a while James came up to us and said that it would be best that we move to a different place. They then took the body down to the station and left. After they were gone my mom got up and began heading to her room before she stopped and said she was tired and left me to sit there and think.

It was after that night that I started to notice someone following me. When I turned around I wouldn't see him but when I took out my mirror and pretended to fix my hair I would see him staring right at me. When I got to school on Monday I told my friend Ashley, who everyone thought was crazy for still be my friend after what happened, she said that I might be getting paranoid but to keep an eye on him anyway because I could be in danger. I took her advice because it made sense and I also had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was going to happen.

After a few days I noticed that he never followed me into a building he would just wait for me to come outside even when I went to the grocery store he'd just be outside as if giving me some privacy. When I leave the store he would continue to follow me I really had a bad feeling about this guy then I remembered the letter that was left for me. I started to think it might be a good idea to go see this Big E guy. When I got home I locked myself in my room I fired up my laptop on my bed and started searching for this place called 'The Club Tango' I finally found it. It was a teen club on the outskirts of town and was only open on the weekends.

That Saturday night I got dressed up and left for this place with Ashley, who had came to pick me up, I didn't tell my mom that I was leaving. After we had moved she stopped talking to me and acted like I wasn't there so coming and going was no big deal, she just didn't seem to care anymore and I understood that this is how she was trying to stay together and not go insane.

When we got there I noticed there was no usher you just paid $5 per person and that was it. We paid and headed in. It took me a moment to adjust to all the flashing lights and heavy techno music. We moved to the bar and ordered some soda with alcoholic names. I started to look around and saw someone sitting in front what looked like a back room, I figured it would be a good place to start looking for this big E guy and walked over. The man looked up at me with a blank face and waited for me to say something, I asked about Big E and his eyes narrowed he leaned forward and said “you shouldn't say that to loud it’s not a good idea if you want to live.” He then motioned to the door behind him and I steeped though it. When I went in the room had red walls and low lighting, my shoes clicked against the hardwood floor as I walked toward what looked like waiter's table. The man standing behind it looked me up and down then nodded to himself and told me to follow him. He led me to a room with two chairs opposite each other with a small coffee table between them. He then said in a bored voice “sit down and the inspector will come in to talk to you if you clear you can talk to E.” he then left before I could say anything at all.

I sat down and waited for what seemed like hours but must have been only a few minutes when the door opened and a tall thin man dressed in a black business suit with a top hat came in and sat in the other chair. He looked at me asked only one question “why do you wish to see E?” the question caught me by surprise I was expecting an integration not one question. I hesitated what do I say? Where do I start? The questions just kept coming finally I decided that I should just tell him everything starting with that day in the snow. As I told my story he kept a blank expression but I saw in his eyes he was weighing everything I said and that made me make sure not to leave anything out. When I finished he nodded to himself and sighed “I was hoping that didn't happen E won’t be happy about it, I told him not to take the kids in but he did anyway. I'm sorry about your friends and the guy following you is most likely aiming to killing you next I think its best we go see E.” He stood up and walked out of the room I quickly got up and followed him. He lead me down a long corridor and at the end was a big metal door he put in some numbers on a key pad next to the door and it opened he looked at me and said “if you tell anyone about what your happens here we will come after you ourselves” I nodded and felt a lump in my throat as we went in. There was a man sitting in a chair playing a game of chess with what looked like a robot as we approached the man he seemed to notice us without looking up and as we stood there to wait for him to finish he bet the robot and then looked up at me and glanced toward his inspector who then whispered something in his ear as the man looked at me. I began to feel a little nervous and uneasy as if my whole life depended on what this man thought of me and my story. After a few minutes he got up and looked me right in the eyes and it felt like he was examining me though my eyes. When he finally spoke his voice was a lot deeper then I had thought it would be he seemed a bit unhappy as he spoke “your friends were right to send you to me I have faith in you and I believe I can trust you deeply so I'll tell you that I'm a man of many secrets and that I don't like technology it’s not that I'm afraid of it I just don't see a point to it sure it’s useful for something’s it just seems to hinder the evolution in our minds that makes us smarter beings. There for if you wish to continue this conversion you'll have to hand over everything electronic.” I nodded and handed the inspector: my phone, and MP3. E seemed satisfied and led me to what looked like his office and then began to tell me about everything he does and why he does it he also explained why the man is following me and that they will take care of it. When he finished he looked at me and asked if I wished to take part I managed a nodded while still taking it all in. it then hit me that I'd be a member of an underground government system and that I'll not only be trained to defend myself from people but have to stay as invisible as possible. He told the inspector to take me to get entered into the system as I followed him I thought that I'd never have the same life I did before but it was all worth it I'll find the man who killed my friends and get him back.

After months of training with hand to hand combat, guns, and knives I was told that I would be taken out to the have some final fighting experience with the other people in my class. As I beat every person in my class they took me to another training hall and I had to fight three more classes before they told me I was ready. After all the months I had been here I noticed that E was loved by everyone and was a really nice guy a little too nice if you ask me but that was he’s only flaw it seemed. As E congratulated me for having completed my training in recorded time the fact that everyone seemed to take years for this just didn't seem right. I mean it’s not that hard is it or maybe it’s because I've been trying to get done as fast as I can and get my revenge for my friends. He then let me go to my room and rest for the next two days, you see after I joined my mom left town and asked her if I could stay with a friend and that their parents already said yes she agreed and E had already set up a room for me in the base sense it was summer vacation I was training every day I was glad to get two days off. As I went to my room I changed into some jeans and a T-shirt and decided to go to the record room, I go there a lot and look at the records of previous fights and who we've killed almost all of the records are open for the people who work for E. As I got there I went to the back I had started at the front and just worked my way back reading every book I could. The next book was E's I was a little surprised his own book was in here I guess he was a field worker before he took over. As I took the book down and read it I was surprised to see how well he had done on everything it almost to perfect. When I got to the last page I noticed that there was some writing on the bottom and had to get my face closer to the book in order to read the small print. My hands started to shake when I read the names at the bottom they both had the words killed by them which meant he had killed them himself.

I ran out of the room and right to E's office with the book in my hand. I slammed the door open and slammed the book on his desk with shaking rage I looked at him with a killing intent and he got up and closed the door. “What is this all about.” he asked a little annoyed. “You did it didn't you!” I yelled at him “You killed my friends!” he looked at me in surprise then noticed the book that was on his desk was his and sighed. “Yes I did” he sounded cold “Why? Why would you do that” I was getting even angrier and as he stepped towards me I stepped back and bummed into the desk he didn't answer me just kept moving closer and closer. I reached behind my back and grabbed my knife that I keep on me at all times. I slowly pulled it out of its holder under my shirt and held it steady and when he got close enough I stabbed him in the gut and ran out of the room. It wasn't long before the sirens went off and the announcement was made that E was dead and I had killed him. I had just gotten all of my stuff that I needed and ran out of the base. I ran into town and got on a bus that took me out of town and stayed for the last stop. When I got off I headed towards a motel and got a room for the night. The next morning I got up and left and continued on my way I don't know where I’m going or when I'll be caught all I know for sure is I need to keep running and never look back after all I have nothing to go back to and I can never to go my mom's that's the first place they’ll look I'm now a criminal on the run just waiting to be caught but I’m not going down without a fight.

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i really think you should make this into a book it is soooo good

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