In the Mist of Pain and Misery

April 19, 2012
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Today is a new day. The sun is bright and warm. My mom once told me that the sun sets your feelings. I have no idea how but all it does is bring, back memories. It brings back the memories from last night.

It was late last night. Around eleven p.m. at the abandoned Ware House. My friends and I went there to throw a little secret party but then something happened. It changed my life.
My boyfriend Mack and I were separated from the rest of the people. He said he needed some alone time with just me and him. I went along not thinking of the dangers that could happen. So now we are sitting on a couch enjoying a little conversation. Suddenly a shadow appeared and I turned around slowly to see that is was a girl, about 13 years old, maybe 15 but I don’t really know. She was different. She was different from me. I’m Goth and she was like devil looking; a vampire or someone who rose from the dead. I had not a clue but one thing was for sure and that was she was going to kill us. I could tell she had killed someone else because she had a knife in her left hand that was drenched in blood. I quickly jumped off the couch in time to dodges a stab that was chasing me. At this moment I didn’t care about my boyfriend. I just wanted to leave and get away as soon as possible.

“Josie, wait for me!”

“I’m sorry Mack; I have to get out of here. I can’t stay here any longer.”

“What about our future. Remember you told me that you wanted to live in a big house with 3 kids and they’d all be by me? Don’t you remember? If you leave me now none of that would ever happened! Please Josie, don’t leave me? Josie, please?

“Okay, but as long as you promise to help me help you. Do you promise?”

“Yes I do,” then I ran into the next room from where the girl had Mack. I scrambled through lots of junk quickly. I knocked over bins and didn’t find anything so I broke a leg off of a chair. “Here I come, I’m coming Mack!”

“She, she, she.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“She, she, she has, she has, a gun Josie, a GUN!” I crept around the corner to see where she had the gun. The girl had him at gun point. I started to think, “If I hit her she’d kill him, if I don’t’ hit her she might just kill him to.” So I came up with an idea. The kitchen wasn’t too far from where I was standing. There are all sorts of knife in the third drawer on my left. I’ll go quietly and get the biggest knife I’ll find. Then I will go down the hallway to my right of the kitchen that leads me to the back of the girl. When I get my chance I’ll stab her right in her back and save Mack.

“Okay, I’m on my way.” I ran quickly and quietly as possible when I stopped. Lying in front of me was a body and behind that body, was maybe twenty more. I don’t know how this happened without any screaming. “Could there be another person in the house?” I ask myself not aloud. I inched back away slowly to try and jump over some bodies. Instead I tripped. My heart thudded so loudly I thought I heard two people’s heart beats. I was scared the girl figured I was up to something. “Come on Josie come. You can do this!” I chanted myself on. I stood up quickly as my feet trembled like spaghetti strings. The kitchen was just a couple of steps away. One step, two step, three step four; five step, six steps I have one more. I opened the drawer to grab a knife. I picked up one dinosaur knife and put it back in the drawer because I didn’t know how to control it. I chose another big knife that was slightly different but it had no sharp edges. I put that one back also. I looked deeply into the drawer remembering I have no time to waste. I finally found one that wasn’t too big or too small and my confidence level exceeded quickly. “I can do this!” a voice in my head said.

I started to leave the kitchen when I looked back at all the dead people lying there on the floor. I realized that I didn’t want to be one of those people. I turned the corner that was closest by the kitchen that leads to “the girl.” I slowly walk towards her quietly thinking she has no idea I’m behind her. I raised the knife slowly at the middle of her back. A voice in my head starts to count down making my heart beat faster than it already was. “1…2…3, attack,” and I stabbed her right in her back. She fell to the floor slithering like a worm.

“Josie, thank God, you did it!” Mack said as he rose to his feet.

“I had to do it for me, and then you.” We hugged than looked over the creepy girl’s head. “I did it all by myself and I’m proud,” I said tantalizing. Mack grabbed my hand and walked me to the front door.

“Are you ready?” he asked me.

“Yea, I’m ready to go home.”

“Oh, I don’t mean go home! I mean-” and he grabbed my shoulder and pushed me down the stairs.

“What was that for? Huh? Are you crazy? I just saved your life and this is what I get in return.”

“You didn’t save my life, you put yours in danger.”

“And how is that Mack? Tell me how?!”

“Goodnight Josie.” And he pulled a gun out of his pocket. I twisted and turn and crawled to get to my feet. I had no idea who he was anymore. I grabbed a chair and threw it at him but I missed. I took a plate off of the table and threw it at him and luckily it knocked the gun down towards his feet and he shot himself. I ran up the stairs before he could grab the gun again and I shot him over and over and over. Now I have nothing.

I remember long ago, when I first met Mack. He seemed sweet at the time. We met at a grocery store. I was getting milk and eggs so that I can make some cornbread. I dropped my link card and someone with soft hands touched mine as I went to pick up the card. That someone was Mack. We talked o moment when he suddenly asked me to dinner.

“So, you seem nice and I was wondering if you’d like to go with me to dinner tomorrow night around seven if it’s fine with you?”

“Where will we go to dinner if I say yes?”

“It’s a surprise. I’m good at surprises.

“Well, here’s my number. Call me.” I winked then walked away.

I remember that like it was yesterday but now I’m happy. I killed the love of my life. It was the best thing I had ever done.

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