April 18, 2012
By , San Ramon, CA
Night Shift
It was a late night at the airport for Jimmy. The wind was howling, the rain was pouring and lightning was striking all over the place. Jimmy was the janitor, and usually does not work the night shift and despises it in every way. That’s because the airport is the dirtiest at this time of day. The floors are littered with overpriced airport food, the carpets are stained with soft drinks that have been dropped by rushing civilians who were trying to make their flight, and the bathroom are reek with the stench of fecal matter. I was a unpleasing duty that each janitor had to take on. But several days ago, one of the janitors that always worked the night shift suddenly disappeared. There was no note, no call, his car was still parked at the airport, and there was no sign of where he had gone. Jimmy thought about what had happened and where he could have gone, but he quickly brushed it off his shoulders. If it did not involve Jimmy, then Jimmy simply did not care.

The night grew older as Jimmy began to tackle his first and most difficult job of cleaning the airport bathrooms. This was a job that no one wanted to do, even during the day time. There was pee on the floors and the smell of un-flushed toilets emitted a foul smell. As Jimmy was finishing up with the first bathroom, he stopped to take a look at how clean the bathroom had become. But as he stopped, he could hear a faint voice coming from the halls of the airport. Jimmy jumped out of the bathroom to check out what it was. “Hello? Is anyone there?” said Jimmy as his voiced echoed down the empty hall. There was no response, and Jimmy figured it was just the wind blowing through an open window and continued on with his janitorial duties.

Jimmy’s next job was to pick up the leftover food in the dining sections of the airport. While picking up the uneaten food pieces, Jimmy again, heard a voice coming down from the halls. This time it was more than once. And it sounded much more realistic then the last time. It had sounded like someone was saying “help me!” This time Jimmy was sure that it was a person. Jimmy dropped his mop and ran down the halls trying to find out where the voice was coming from. “I’m coming for you! Don’t worry!” screamed Jimmy. As he ran further down the hall, he could hear that he was getting closer. “help me!” said the unknown voice. Jimmy stopped for a moment to hear where it was coming from. “Help me!” said the voice. “I know where it’s coming from” Jimmy said to himself. He ran as fast as he could to customs. When he got to customs the voice had suddenly stopped. But Jimmy continued his search for the origins of the voice. As he walked down customs, he took a second to look at his phone. “2:30AM” is what it read. It was getting late at night, and Jimmy was getting tired. So he stopped searching and decided to take a quick nap.

Jimmy awoke from his nap. He stretched his stretched his arm over the seat next to him and felt something cold. He looked over to his left shoulder to see that It was the body of the missing Janitor. “AHHHH!” yelled Jimmy. “What is this? Who’s out there and what do you want from me!” Jimmy screamed. Because there was a storm, Jimmy’s cell phone had no service. Jimmy then ran down to the nearest payphone to call the police. He picked up the phone and noticed that it was no longer on. The communication wire had been cut. He ran to every phone he could find, but it was the same thing. All of the phone lines were cut. Jimmy then realized that he could die that night. A killer was loose somewhere in the airport and the only way he could escape was to make it to his car and drive away. So Jimmy made a choice and decided to run to his car. Sprinting down the halls, he could hear another voice saying, “I’m going to kill you...”
Jimmy finally made it to his car on the top level of the parking lot. He unlocked it and tried starting his car, only to find out that his battery had died. “Great! My battery is dead. Just like me.” Said Jimmy. “Yes, it is dead, just. Like. You.” Said that same voice he heard in the halls of the airport. Jimmy turned around slowly, and saw a man, the killer, in his car. But before Jimmy could say another word, the killer grabbed his knife and cut Jimmy’s neck open. Jimmy screamed but blood was rushing out of his body. The killer laughed as Jimmy was slowly dying. Jimmy died that night, and the killer was never found. Unfortunate how someone’s misfortune can become your own misfortune.

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kimberdawn said...
Apr. 23, 2012 at 1:55 pm
Oh my gosh! This gave me chills! I love the last line. 
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