The Window

April 16, 2012
By Anonymous

Blacks and blues brewed together in the sky. The night stood completely still and I could only hear the trees rustling in the brisk breeze. I plodded through that house again, desperate to find someone; however, I found the wrong person. This wretched stench lingered in the air and invaded my lungs as I approached the basement door. I had never smelled anything like it in my life. I don’t know why I even ever entered that house. I kept going though because I was determined to do something. Something I didn’t know yet, but this impetus was controlling me. Nearing the stairs, my stomach unexpectedly gave out on me. I fell to my hands and knees and threw up. Instantly I felt my sore throat quickly closing up. A terrible taste lingered in my mouth and my throat started to burn. My head throbbed and my eyesight was rapidly disappearing, but somehow I managed to find the door. I put all my weight on the doorknob and tried to pull myself up. It took a while to even find my strength and even longer to use it. Finally on two feet, that impetus overtook me again, forcing me to move forward. I can’t describe this impulse that I felt, just like can’t describe the determination I felt. All I knew was something dominated me. Then I found myself vomiting again at the base of the steps. My sweat soaked through my clothes as I struggled to regain my strength in the humid room. I almost passed out, my head pounding almost as fast as my heart. My stomach was on the floor, my eyes were bloodshot, and the heat was overbearing. On the ground all around me were what seemed like scorched body parts. In terror I looked up and saw the dried carcasses hanging from a myriad of meat hooks. There was something else though, deep in the distance that, for some reason, I walked towards. I could barely make out the window, but as I got closer I saw that little girl looking through it. That pale-faced little girl with her short, spiraled hair pinned behind her ears. She had a dirty, light pink dress with lace detailing at the bottom and three buttons down the front. Her little head was tilted to the side and her wide eyes were fixated on me. She wanted something from me, I just knew she wanted something from me. For a reason I cannot explain, I walked towards her, but the closer I got, the further away she seemed. I started to quickly walk backwards and she appeared closer. It was getting so hot. I started panting. My eyes focused on the knife lying next to her shiny black shoes with white lace socks. I looked back up at her pale face and saw the grimace form on her frightening face. She slowly started leaning down to pick the knife up and then started walking towards me. My body froze. I couldn’t move. She neared closer and closer with that knife in her hand. I screamed. I screamed and then woke up. That was the first time I dreamed about the incident since the night it happened. This was the first time I slept since the incident though. I just couldn’t stop thinking about that place. About that house, about that girl, about that window. Something just didn’t feel right. Then, I realized something I wish I never had. That window never existed. I didn’t see that little girl through a window. I saw that little girl through a mirror. She was right behind me.

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