Leap of Faith

April 13, 2012
By llyoung BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
llyoung BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
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“Wait give me a second to understand this.”
“Ok I will Sir, but I need to know where you stand on this by tomorrow.”
“Wait tomorrow? I have to make a life changing decision in a day?”
“Yes sorry but that’s all the time that we can allow if you were to except.”
“Yes ok, just give me some time to think.”
As soon as she leaves the room I just melt. I collapse to the ground, like a little kid I put my head between my knees. I always wanted some change in my life. I thought that I would introduce it gradually though. Defiantly not like this. I get up and start on my way home.
Once I’m home I start to pack. I don’t even know why, I might not even take the job. I know I want to, this is the big break I’ve always been waiting for. I already know that I’m going to take the job by the time I finally clean my apartment for the first time in a long time. I’m upset knowing I’m going to be leaving everything I have ever known behind. But I’ve decided that to take a step forward I need to take the leap, I can’t just stay and wonder. I call the FBI back.
“Yes, Hello?”
“Can you please tell Miss Cruz that I accept the job?”
“Sure and who would be leaving this message?”
“Nick Holden.”
Before I knew it I was on a plane I New York City. What was I doing? Too late to turn back now. The plane lands and I find the chofer that has my name on the sign. Next thing I know I’m in a yellow NYC taxi cab.
The next week I show up to work. I take the subway to my new office. 26 Federal Plaza NYC, NY. Wow I can’t believe I’m here. I have always wanted to live in New York for a while; I never pictured having a dream job that went with that. I walk into the main lobby, where I’m greeted by a secretary who asks me some questions. After that I finally get my pass card. I’m led up to the White Collar department. There I’m greeted by Miss Cruz, she looks at home here happier then when I last saw her in Chicago. I’m handed my first case. The case seems simple enough there is a large amount of money from this big bank going into some unknown accounts. The accounts seem to be inactive, but they can’t be because they have millions of dollars going into them almost every week. My job is to find out, out of the narrowed suspect who is the culprit.
I interview the culprits and survey the bank’s computer. That’s when I realize that there are big amounts of Time missing from the computers history file. I know that it would look to suspicious to take the computer in to the FBI, I have a feeling that it’s an inside job. So I don’t tell anyone what I’ve found, because I know that will make the suspect more careful and harder to catch. I look at the security videos and also find that there have been some suspicious people running through the banks lobby. I get another camera hooked up and tell the bank that it’s for extra security. They don’t know I have a camera in the view of the secretary’s computer, I know that it’s the computer that’s being used to transfer the information. It would be much easier to just catch them on tape, I also think it would be faster.
I get back to the office and explain all that I’ve found out. I also tell them about the added cameras that I put around the bank. I know it’s probably an inside job so that knocks of at least two people from the list of suspects.
It takes about two weeks to get anything close to what we need to find the person who’s transferring the money to unknown accounts. We see the same people from the last tape running through the halls to get to a conference room, where they stay for about four hours.
After three days we get what we need, The camera pointed at the computer shows the secretary is the person transferring the money into the accounts. We also get to see the Names listed in the account information. I was right it was an inside job, it was the Secretary, the President of the bank and several other bank workers.
The next day we all a mandatory meeting for all bank staff. We get the criminals in a room where they’re to be arrested and sent to prison. They come easily because we show them the tape with the bank accounts being shown with their names. I’m relieved because my first case went better than I thought it would. I have a feeling that the years to come will be very interesting, that my job will be never boring.

The author's comments:
This peice came to me after watching lots of crime shows on TV.

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