The Stalker

April 9, 2012
By Coollak BRONZE, London, Other
Coollak BRONZE, London, Other
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It’s a strange realisation to know that you are being stalked. Every moment that you perceived to be private is taken away. The thought that anywhere you go, you will not be alone. It is the human race’s most strange condition: we long for a companion to share every moment, but we don’t want a stranger to be with us at our every moment.
It started a month ago; well he started coming a month ago just as I moved to my new flat along with a new job. My life has just started to fulfil a new purpose; everything was on ground for me to start a new life. I had a great job and a new life in the big apple. My new job revolved around interviewing and writing articles for the great New Yorker magazine. So it is too early to make any enemies, I have not even interviewed anyone so far, therefore no one should have a grudge against me. So then why the question “why do I have a stalker” is still wedged into my brain.
A month ago, I was adding the finishing touches to my new flat; I like the minimalist’s style so therefore it didn’t take long to get the job done. As that was done I did what any young girl would do in New York, went to a club seeking one crazy unforgettable club. However, ironically I woke up next morning with a splitting headache and an empty vodka bottle next to my head remembering nothing about my encounters last night. That morning was the first time I saw him. He was in the apartment adjacent to me, with all the blinds open and a telescope pointing straight at my apartment. I didn’t think it was out of the ordinary, telescope could mean pose various reasons. My suspicions started when I noticed that he was following to work and from work, coming and going from the subway catching the same train as me. He always gets the same carriage as me. That was the first time I started to feel insecure and threatened.
So in my panic I tried to test my theory, on Saturday I decided to try the most random actions and go to the most random places, without thinking. So to start with I went to the most crowded place in New York, Broadway; where in the pavement people was teeming as water in waves, covering the pavement. Sound rupturing through screeching cars plunging into my ears with the faint buzz of the generators constructing electricity for the bright big lights. Even though, Broadway was jam-packed with bland faces, I see his dark shadow disfigured face as I turn around. He was always seven paces behind me, never approaching me even when I stare into his eyes intently and he doesn’t glance back at me but stares through me. As if he was staring into my soul and not my body. With every waking minute that I glance at him, the more insecure and scared I started to feel.
That night, I had a dream or more like a nightmare. The same disfigures face was wedged into my mind as an immovable object appearing every second in my sleep. However, in my sleep I didn’t feel so threatened by his face, but a more sympathetic to him. In the dream I was constantly running with him always seven paces behind me. All of sudden my running was interrupted by the fact that the stalker had disappeared and I was examining my surroundings for any sign of life forms but all I could perceive was darkness. Suddenly, my vision blurred and I was disorientated and an unexpected face appeared into my eyes. A women’s face, a young and beautiful faces with bright red lips and blue eyes as blue as the ocean and blonde lush hair as long as tree branches.
With that image revolving around my head, I immediately was woken up by the annoying buzz of my alarm clock.
I was greeted by the glistening sun as I jumped out of my bed, and it was a glorious Sunday. It was the perfect Sunday. It was a Sunday that you would spend out in the park with a special somebody. Luckily, I don’t have that some-one special to spend my Sunday with. So I had enough time to go over what occurred in my lurid dream. The image of the women’s face kept replaying in my head. The stalker now become the least of my worries, I started to pounder on how my mind could conjure up the image of women that I have never met.
Well, I couldn’t find any answers on my own, so I turned to what everyone turns to in order to consume knowledge. This was the Internet. My fist search was on murders in my neighbourhood, I done it to reassure myself that this was a safe area to live in. What I found however was less than reassuring.
To my surprise, Google managed to come up with millions of results primed to shock me. After a few seconds over glancing through the result, I realized the complexity of my situation. My neighbourhood which I thought to be peaceful and virtuous turned out to be prone to the unnatural and the demise. Google revealed that in this very flat a murder ensued, but what scared me the most, was the victim. The victim was the girl. The girl that I envisioned in my sleep, she was murdered in this very flat. Then I saw a gory image planted in my computer screen, a women horribly mutilated; her body was repeatedly stabbed and it was beyond any recognition. However, her face was left untouched with an emotionless expression, just as I envisioned in my dream.
My heart was beating fasting than a F1 car, ready to rupture out of my trifling chest. As if my heart couldn’t already cope, what came next was about to shock my heart out of my body. The slayer who slaughtered the women was the person who was stalking me. He was living adjacent to me and following me everywhere. His face glistened in my laptop screen, his dark black eyes as dark as the night sky stared directly at me. His face a bull, looking ruthless and callous identical to his icy heart. As I continued reading, it became worse and worse, maybe I should have stopped; but I was glued to my laptop. The laptop showed something outrageous and alarming, it flaunted a picture indicating he was dead, well killed by the police. He was sentenced to death for the murder of the mutilated women. Apparently, he was found in this very flat, just after the murder, it read.
That sent my heart on a raging earthquake, and I felt a fear that I never felt before; the fear of death. I was completely stationary for twenty minutes taking all the flabbergasting information, not daring to move muscle. A killer is following me. That thought draped my mind. Shocked, I didn’t know what to do, go to the police shouted my inner conscious; but my brain said the killer is already dead.
As you can imagine that night I did not have enough sleep, my mind could not shut down and every time I shut my eyes; my vision is replaced with the killer’s demonic face.

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