School Shooting

April 9, 2012
By RoxyRay SILVER, St.louis, Missouri
RoxyRay SILVER, St.louis, Missouri
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I remember it like it was yesterday.The day a stranger entered our school and shot four people then the police came and i was safe agian.It all started in third period.I was in communication arts.I remember talking to Cathy about a tv show that was supposed to air tonight.IO wasn't awear of it though.I was just sitting there when the code went off.What we are supposed to hear when an intruder comes into our school.Everyone thought it was a drill ,but i never remember a warning for the drill.They'd always tell us that there would be one so i just llistened and did as i was told.I crouched down next to the wall next to everyone else.Then a gun shot went off.A girl screamed.Everyone in the classroom paniced.A boy got up and started to cry until the teacher shoved him to the ground.Another person was shot.Then the door opened/busted and i felt something strong hit my chest.I'm in the hospital now though. i don't know for how long.

The author's comments:
Always listen during times of panic

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