April 9, 2012
Three minutes. That's my estimated time of survival right now. One doctor just screamed that to someone else. They don't know that I can hear them, they keep calling it a coma but I can hear them, I just can't open my eyes. My body hurts.

I'm frustrated now. They just forced a huge needle into my arm. Why am I even here? Somebody is screaming out orders, I wish they would stop, my head is killing me; I guess no pun intended.

Rough hands, a man, put some kind of a cup over my mouth and nose. I can still hear them washing things and unwrapping things that are clanking together and being placed near my head. But now I'm drifting, my body is hurting less, and I feel the room being pulled away from me. Why is it getting fuzzy? A nurse is brushing my hair, and talking to me, I hear her.

"You're going to be okay, Elizabeth. You'll feel better and be back with your parents soon, sweetie." Her voice is soothing, but I'm being pulled from it. What's going on?

I open my eyes to my mom driving and laughing. Oh yeah, this just happened. We are driving to my dad's police academy award night, I had just told her a new joke I heard at school. The signal turns green and my mom releases the break, we go. But the problem is, so does another person.

They slam into the passenger side of my mom's car, I blink and everything's gone red and fuzzy and we are now spinning through the intersection. I look over to my mom and she grabs for me, but before she can reach me we've slammed into a tree. But wait, I'm fuzzy again.

My dad is talking to me now, about going home. And my mom is here too. I smile and the room goes completely silent. My machines are buzzing, and an alarm type sound starts to go off. Hands start to grab me from all over, and sniffles start to ring in my ears.

"What's going on!" A familiar voice yells. It's the nurse that brushed my hair.

"She smiled….." My father barely choked out.

I don't understand what the big deal is. But all of the hands on me leave me, and that upsets me a lot. My nurse shuffles around me, and brushes out my hair.

"Come on Elizabeth." My mom pleads. "Open your eyes honey." She's crying, and that hits me like a punch to the stomach. My eyes flinch. The room gasps. Hands grab me from all over once again.

I open my eyes to my mother, my father, my nurse, my grandmother, my grandfather, and my best friend all crying with the biggest smiles I've ever seen them have. I stare at them for a few minutes, blinking. My mother has a few bandages on her head and arms from the accident. And I look to my nurse, she hold up three fingers.

Three days. I was in a coma for three days. Better then doctors expected. I smile.

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