When Hell Freezes Over

April 11, 2012
By Anonymous

The door slamming closed is what woke me up, but it's not what scared me. I looked over at my rattling door to see a dim outline of a person. As my eyes started to adjust, the shadow figure dashed over to my dresser mirror. I stumbled blindly out of bed and ran after it, not thinking. When I looked into the lipstick stained mirror, I saw a horrid, grotesque face staring evilly into my frightened eyes. The face was that of a man, or at least what used to be a man. His eyes were bulging out, not to mention one of them were dripping down the side of his cheek. That cheek, might I mention, had insects crawling all around with half of his flesh missing. The flesh that was left was black and smelled so putrid my eyes began to water and my nose crinkled up in disgust. I could see brownish yellow teeth poking through the other cheek, with moldy gums dancing in front of my eyes. His nose was a hole, and his lips were practically non-existent.

It was the most horrible thing I had ever seen. I started screaming when that horrible, gaping hole of a mouth opened, curled up in to a smile, and began laughing. It was a broken laugh, for his esophagus was decaying and chunks of it was spit out with every heave.

My world turned upside down when he came out of my mirror and took a painful step towards my frozen body. His boney, rotten hand reached up to grab my neck, and I lost it.

I ran screaming bloody murder out of my house. He shuffled with surprising yet alarming speed behind me, still laughing menacingly.

Cue horror music.

It seemed like he chased me for miles before I collapsed from exhaustion. I watched him come closer and closer, not being able to move my shaking, numb legs. Part of his arm fell off when he inadvertently, scraped it against a light pole. My heart thudded frantically when he was no less than ten feet from my petrified figure.

The last thing I saw was his gruesome hand reaching for my face, then he took control of my mind and body.

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