The Cruel New World

April 7, 2012
By jpkjesse BRONZE, Westminster, Maryland
jpkjesse BRONZE, Westminster, Maryland
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No one knows how Doug Green became insane. People can only guess. Doug green was a murderer. The police have been chasing him for nearly a year then they gave up. Surprisingly one day Doug walked into the police station and turned himself in. apparently he was going to commit suicide so the police took him to the local insane asylum. He was put in room 37. He had a roommate just as evil as him… this is what happened.

Chapter 1

The insane asylum was a very disturbing place. The location of it is unknown. There was a chain link fence that surrounded the building. It had barbed wire on the top of the fence. The building had green moss on it. The insane asylum had 3 floors and a basement. The only interesting part about the asylum was the name of it. “Happy Place” and below it read “Insane Asylum”

The building had 8 guards. (2 per a floor) 16 medical staff. (4 per a floor) and 40 patients total. (All spread throughout the building.)


The guard loves his job. Seeing all the crazy people makes him laugh. He sometimes beats them when he’s angry or when he’s happy, and just for the hell of it he would take their food tray and dump it on the floor. Today he was feeling extremely angry. His wife kicked him out of the house and told him she was going to file for divorce. So to retaliate how he feels the guard decides he’s going to go to room 37. Room 37 holds the most dangerous criminals in the building. Doug Green and Jerry Razor.

The guard decides he’s going to tase them. So he pulls his taser out and walks up the flight of stairs. He walks down the hallway. Screams echo. A man bangs his head against a cement wall. His head busts open and blood gushes out. The guard passes another cell this one has a woman who is yelling and spitting just like taz from loony toons. Finally the guard reaches room 37. Doug is sleeping on the floor and Jerry is sleeping on a dirty matresses. Perfect the guard mutters to his self. The scans his card on the barcode on a wall and the cell doors slide open. The guard walks over to Jerry and kicks him with his size 14 steel toed boots. Jerry screams with agenizing pain. The guard starts laughing he kicks Jerry in the head. Blood is pouring from his ears. He gets ready to tase him but he feels something sharp stab him in the throat. He realizes it’s a needle. He also realizes that Doug is the one who used the needle to stab him. The guard presses the panic button on his wrist. The last thing he hears is the alarm going off. Then he blacks out.


After Doug got put in the insane asylum. He had to share a room with Jerry Razor. Within a week he and Jerry became the best of friends. He soon finds out that Jerry lives to his last name. Jerry was obsessed with razors.

Before the incident with the guard, Doug took a needle from a nurse’s pocket without her noticing while she was standing near the cell. Doug couldn’t believe his luck. He and Jerry spend a couple hours discussing what to do with the needle. They decided to just hold onto it.

I’m going to take a nap Jerry said

Me too. Nothing else to do in this hell hole.

Jerry falls asleep first. Doug is just laying face down on the cement floor, thinking of all the people he has killed, he thinks about what outside looks like. He hasn’t been outside for a decade. He’s been locked in the asylum since he was 17. At last he falls asleep. Only to be waken up to his friend's screaming with pain. Doug looks over and sees the guard kicking Jerry in the head repeatedly with his boots. Jerrys ears start to bleed. Then Doug notices the cell is open. He had 2 options. He could either escape or he could help his best friend. Doug pulls out the needle and walks over behind the guard. The guard gets ready to tase jerry, but then Doug stabs the guard’s throat with the needle. He does it again. This time Doug wiggles the needle so that it slices the guard’s throat open. The guard presses a red button on his wrist then he dies.

Jerry! , Jerry! Doug screams.

No response. However his chest is rising up and down. Jerry must be unconscious.

Doug hears alarms going off. The guards and nurses will all run up here within a minute Doug thought to himself. So he picks up Jerry and carries him. He sees the guards card (to open the cell doors) Doug struggles with carrying Jerry but he makes it to the next cell. He uses the card to open the cell. He does it with 5 more cells. All the crazy people from those open cells come out. Guards start to come in. the crazy people attack them. Doug uses this distraction to an advantage. Still carrying Jerry he goes down the next couple of floors and opens all the cell doors. 38 crazy people start to group up with each other. They attack the medical staff and guards. Blood is smeared on the floor. Screams of revolt echo.

Doug makes it all the way back to the first floor. He sees the main lobby. Then he sees the entrance/exit. There’s a problem though. A nurse is blocking the entrance. Doug walks over to the entrance and glares at the nurse. The nurse saw evil in Doug’s eyes so she stepped aside and let him go. Running as fast as he can with a 27 year old over his shoulder he makes it to the main gate. The gate is open so Doug goes through. He keeps running until he sees the very thick woods. He goes into the woods. He walks over near a tree stump and sets Jerry down. Just as he sets him down a loud explosion erupts. Doug turns around and walks back to the edge of the forest and looks. The insane asylum has somehow exploded. He sees a couple of crazy people jump off the third floor, engulfed in flames they were dead before they even hit the ground. Doug laughs. He just stands there for an hour watching the building that kept him from the world for 10 years burn to the ground, until nothing but ashes are left. Doug hated that insane asylum for numerous reasons. The guards were all jerks and they would beat on you. They abused all the patients there (crazy people) he also hated it because it kept him from the outside world for 10 years. Little did Doug know that the insane asylum was the safest place to be right now? The world has come to chaos people were killing each other for fun. People were eating other people’s animals. The world is cruel. In this new world its kill or be killed. There is no law enforcement of any kind. Everyone has to fend for them self.

Now the insane asylum is gone. Doug and Jerry are going to find out what the world has become in the last decade.

To be continued… (chapter 2)

The author's comments:
2 men break out of a insane asylum. they soon find out the world they once knew 10 years ago is now a world that is dangerous. they have to do what they do best which is to kill. only this time it wont be for fun...IT WILL BE FOR SURVIVAL....

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