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April 2, 2012
By Macman11231 BRONZE, Rhinebeck, New York
Macman11231 BRONZE, Rhinebeck, New York
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John Green woke up on a darkly lit subway car. There was a piercing ringing sound in his ears. Rubbing his eyes he slowly looked around. It was empty. Completely deserted. John clutched at his head praying the ringing sound would go away. Although, it already seemed to be dying down a little. John attempted to stand up but his legs shook and he was forced to sit back down
"Hello?" he called "Anyone?" the ringing had now gone down to a low frequency and seemed as if it were in the distance now "Is anyone there," John cursed to himself thinking that he must have missed his stop. John looked out the black window behind him. The train was not moving at all. It was stopped completely in the middle of the tunnel. There was no sound anywhere. It was eerily quite now as the ringing had faded completely "Hello?" he called. How could this have happened? How many stops would I have to miss to be the last one here? How long was I asleep? John's legs now obeyed him as he stood grabbing the metal pole for support. He walked up to the front of his cart and peered into the next one. It was completely deserted as well. The silence was beginning to freak him out now
"Please someone answer me!" he called mainly just to break the silence. Yet it was only silence that met him "Da**it," he looked at the red flashing subway sign which now read "out of order". Johns next immediate thought was that he was dreaming. He had to be. John pinched himself hard and succeeded in nothing but causing himself severe pain. John realized now that he couldn't possibly be dreaming. He remembered to many details all to well. Leaving his house at 8:15 to go to work. Stopping by a Starbucks and getting an expresso. Walking down the subway steps and accidentally knocking over a woman's suitcase. He had helped her, and then fed his ticket to the mating. He came down the subway, which was particularly crowded that day. He entered the the IRT A train. The lenox avenue line. He had crashed down on a seat next to a particularly large man who shuffled over uncomfortably. Jim must have dozed off and in the next instant he was here trapped. Jim had two options. One, to wait here for someone to start the train or get him out, two two forced open the door somehow and escape himself. Jim's heartrate began to increase rapidly along with his breathing. Had their been perhaps some kind of terrorist attack? Had he somehow missed the evacuation? Or perhaps was he being quarantined himself. No impossible they couldn't do that. Could they? They'd at least tell me. Jim stopped himself. His mind was racing way to fast and the most important thing right now was to think about getting out of here. He went over the exit doors and attempted to slip his fingers through the small crack. He managed to get some sort of hold and he pulled with all his might
"Da**it!" he screamed as the door wouldn't budge. Jim pulled about 10 seconds past his realization that this was not going to work. He back up from the door panting heavily "What the he** do I-" Jim gaze shifted over to a fire extinguisher towards his left. An idea quickly formulated in his head and he rushed over to grab it. Jim wrenched it off the wall and rushed over to the window with it. He swung it over his shoulder and brought it against the window with full force. It collided with a heavy clang, and sent a nasty vibration down his shoulder. Jim dropped the fire extinguisher cursing and peered up at the window. There was not a scratch on it. Without hesitation he picked it up again and smacked it against the window. He brought it back and smacked the window again. And again. He stopped finally panting expecting to see some damage. None the less, the window had been left in tacked. Jim cried out and hurtled it with all it's might towards the window. It simply bounced of and smacked against the floor rolling back towards Jim's feet
"Since when are these da** things bulletproof," Jim said to himself. Giving up he sat down to thin again. Someone would come eventually. They had to. Yet another part of him heavily doubted this. Jim sighed staring at the wall. This couldn't be happening. He had a family to get back to, a job to get to "Hey if anyone can hear me? I don't know if this is your idea of a joke, but it isn't funny! Just start the train let me out! Anything!"
"No one get's out here," said a low soft voice. It seemed to be coming from all directions "And believe me you're not the only one that's tried,"
"Who's there?" Jim called
"That's nothing you need to know Jim. I'd like to know more about you then me. So tell me. Why are you here?"
"Great now I'm hallucinating,"
"You're avoiding the question Jim. Why are you here?"
"I have no idea!" Jim shouted "I don't even know where here is! Now show yourself,"
"No one sees me," the voice said "I don't exist to the human eye,"
"Then you tell me! Why the he** am I here,"
"I'm afraid that's not my question to answer," the voice said
"Then just let me out,"
"Once your in here, you never get out,"
"Please I don't know what I did,"
"Perhaps I can assist," the voice said cooly "Think back on your life. Remember the moment. What did you do to bring yourself here?"
"I need to know where here is first," John said defiantly
"You are lost right now. Lost without answers. When you figure out what these are you may leave this place,"
"Fine Ok. Did I do something wrong is that it?"
"Possibly. Think back to the day were you entered a train,"
"Ok easy. It was about 30 minutes ago. I woke up, kiss amy wife goodbye. I was late so I had to hurry. I grabbed a expresso and came to the station. I dozed off and then woke up here,"
"Did you really dose off John?" the voice asked "Think hard about it,"
"I am. And there's no need to. I remember I dozed off!"
"Well that's not important. Are you sure you don't know why you are here? Times running out,"
"Times running out? What? And no I have no idea why I'm here," the voice from the darkness sighed deeply
"Well I'm afraid you must do it again,"
"Do it again?"
"You haven't actually been here for five minutes John. You've been here for an entire year,"
"What no but I just woke up five-"
"Minutes ago? Yes you may think that. I'm afraid that you're stuck in a loop. You wake up and you spend five minutes trying to escape and you talk to me. You forget every time you wake up,"
"What no," John said weakly
"The expression on your face kills me every time," the voice said amused "Every time you go through the cycle it's exactly the same. Except for one thing. One very small thing. In every new cycle something different happens. It can be as little as scratching your head instead of rubbing your noes. Or it can be a major difference as last cycle you got a cappuccino not an expresso. I can only hope that one of these days that change will be that you finally figure out why you are here. Than you may leave. Ah where does the time go? I see this cycle is ending,"
"No I will remember!" John shouted
"You say that every time,"
"No I need to see my wife. She must be wondering about you,"
"You're never going to see you're wife again John. Even if you do leave,"
"But what if it's not too late! What if I can still figure it out?"
"I'm sorry John. The change has already happened. You will not possibly figure it out now. I hope for your sake that you can figure it out in the next cycle,"
"But I-" Johns knees were beginning to fail him "Please!"
"It's not up to me John. You think I like talking to you every five minutes of a year?"
"No," but John vision began to fade now and he went into blackness.

John woke up in a darkly lit subway car. There was a piercing ringing sound in his ears.

The front page of the New York Times
It has now been a year since the tragic deaths of the many people the IRT A train was attacked. No one survived the brutal bombing and it was the cities greatest tragedy since 911. To make matters worse for Lilah Green (wife of John Green one of the casualties) rumors sprang up that John had been having a secret affair behind her back. We mourn the loss of all of these people and we can only hope that they are in a better place right now…

The author's comments:
i was thinking about common fears of a new york city traveler (waking up and missing your stop, being all alone on the train) so I wrote this. I got inspiration from the short play Tracks.

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