Underneath The Stars

April 4, 2012
By SerenityFalls BRONZE, Piedmont, Missouri
SerenityFalls BRONZE, Piedmont, Missouri
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It seemed that Star was always running into odd things. Everyday something new and interesting was happening. Today, it just so happened, she would find something very interesting in her favorite place. As she walked the tracks a gloomy evening after school, she took in the sights' around her. The grass was slightly wet with the previous precipitation that had fallen, old houses were boarded up and abandoned by there owners years before, and the tracks were littered with pieces of trash. Plates were broken, and littered the ground. Further along she noticed pieces of ribbon, and shredded up cloth that looked as though it had only been there a few days or so. Star continued her journey letting her feet walk calmly against the rocks that lay among the tracks. Sparkling blue eyes, looked towards the sun. It was cloudy though, and the sun was barely exposed. All you could see were the light rays that hit off in every other direction. Almost there, only a few more steps and she would have reached her destination.
As Star approached the large set of hills that were just off to her left, she glanced ahead of her at the tracks. No sign of a train, but it would only be a few more minutes until the local express would fly by. Seeming as though she were levitating, she glided off the tracks and over to her favorite spot. Her favorite spot consisted of a large hill with bright, healthy, green grass and it was the perfect distance from the tracks. Daily Star would lay against the hill and write in her notebook stories of her fantasy. Stories she wanted to desperately to come alive and help her escape from the harsh reality that is her life. Star removed her backpack from her shoulders and dropped it to the ground. She ignored the sound of the grounds witty remark as it tried its best to reject the object thrown against it. Instead, she plopped onto the ground next to it and lay back against the hill. After a moment of silence, Star removed her notebook and pencil flipping it open to a clean page. "A story a day, keeps me sane..." Her lips spoke gently, and she began writing instantly. It wasn't until a train whistle sounded, that Star noticed that thirty minutes had already flown by. The wind blew gently, and usually she wasn't frightened when the woods across from her shuffled. For some odd reason, they looked extra creepy today. A small raindrop fell against her left arm, and it pulled her focus away from the woods. Star looked at it for a second before rubbing her arm against her pants. A shuffling sounded again, and Star's gaze quickly snapped up to the woods across the tracks. The wind had stopped, but something was moving. Branches snapped in the presence of something unfamiliar. Star felt her features grow odd, and one of her eyebrows was raised slightly higher then the other. [Probably just an animal.] Star thought those words to herself, and lay back against the cool earth closing her eyes for a moment. The train chugged further, and the whistle was louder. When Star opened her eyes, a tall figure was seen across the tracks. Trying her hardest to get her vision to straighten out and become clear, she sat up further. Just as she caught sight of black hair, and obviously a male not much older then herself, the train blocked her sight. Slightly annoyed, she threw herself back against the hill, and cross her arms. "Naturally," is all Star exclaimed as she waited impatiently for the train to pass. Looking down the tracks she saw the butt end was nearly here, and she sat back up. Transfixing her eyes against the train, she waited as the train finely flew by. Star looked closely, and noticed the figure was looking directly at her. Star felt something in her stomach clench together, and her heart dropped nearly to her feet. "Uh." Star was speechless, but the figure didn't seem to be. His eyes were a brilliant green, and sparkled brightly towards her. The sun was gone now, and the moon had arrived. The figure looked up towards the sky, and stars were now littering it like a set of glowing stars in a child's room. The boy's eyes were literally glowing with a small sparkle in each, the moonlight seemed to be hitting them perfectly. Star could still feel her heart thumping rapidly. He looked back to her faster then she thought possible. Almost as if his neck had snapped down. It was terrifying how intimidating this boy was. He was tall, very skinny, long choppy black hair, and eyes an light hazel green that seemed to stare into her soul. Star's breath cut short, and just as soon she blinked he had gone. How could she go home now? Fear of him following her, and fear of never seeing him again crept into her thoughts' and heart. Tomorrow was still intact, she would be back tomorrow. Then she would discover whether or not he came as often as she did. All those times she had heard things' in the woods, had it been him? Who was he? Star quickly shoved her notebook and pencil back into her backpack. Then she stumbled to her feet, throwing the pack onto her back, gripping each set of strings to her shoulders. Star quickly raced to the tracks, and on her way back she repeatedly glanced back in fear of him. Tomorrow, she would have see if he was there again. This time, she would be ready for him.

The author's comments:
There is a set of tracks outside of my house. Along them, you will arrive among a cemetery. The cemetery holds bodies from the early to late 1800s. I traveled the tracks one day and was really inspired by things that I noticed along the way such as noises, broken plates, figures, the woods, the houses, and the cemetery itself.

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