The Christmas Murder

March 28, 2012
By shades BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
shades BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
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It was a cold winters night when everything was still, aloud, voice in the night,” Ho, Ho, Ho,” shouted Santa throughout the night, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”.

Ya right. This is not the normal Christmas story. Santa is not going to be having a merry Christmas when something happens to his elves. Let’s get caught up with this story.

On December 1, 2011, Santa’s brother has come to the North Pole. Now, Santa and his brother don’t get along because Santa’s brother A.K.A Goofy Sugar-socks was not chosen to be Santa. Although something did not feel right to Santa, his brother had not visited him for 50 years. One day, Santa went to meet up with one of his good friends hobo Bob, but all of a sudden there was a load scream throughout the North Pole. Santa is a bunny when running, but stopped half way because of all the milk and cookies he eats every year. As soon as Santa got to the workshop he noticed half of the elves have been injured and the rest gone. So now you have been caught up with the story I hope you that you enjoy the rest of this… story?

December 3, 2011. Santa has sent out search parties to look for the missing elves. Though no luck has come, Santa sets up some questioning. He was trying to figure out who stole his elves.

“Tommy, did you see anyone walk into the shop differently,” Santa said.

“No Santa, I didn’t”, Tommy said quietly. See Tommy was the head chef over the elves.
“It was about lunch time for the elves”, Tommy continued, “and I was bring/ in the food/ then out of nowhere came the peppermint spray.”

Santa interrupted, “The spray that the landing elves use?”

“That’s it,” Tommy shouted.

Santa started running out of the hospital to get to his brother to see if he heard anything about it. As soon as Santa came to his house, he shouted for his brother.

“Goofy Sugar-socks, where are you?”
Santa ran up the stair, looked in all the rooms, down in the basement, and finally; the closets. When Santa looked in the guest room closet, he had an unexpected surprise. His Own brother had jumped out of the closet.

“Boo,” he shouted.

“Have you heard about the Elves gone missing?”

“No I haven’t, why do you ask,” he sounded concerning.

“Well you have access to the military room.” “Well it seems that somebody took some

peppermint spray.”

His brother left the room for no reason, but he said that his phone was ringing. But his phone was not ringing. Then Santa heard a knock at the door and went to answer it. It was the cookie girls. Santa bought some cookies and came back inside to sit in a chair with some milk, cookies, and T.V. He was trying to figure out why anybody would take his elves, but no one knew why. Santa started thinking of anybody who seemed suspicious. Then it hit him. It must be his brother.
/As Santa walked into his workshop someone came out of nowhere and was holding a big black bag and tried to shove Santa in it.

“What are you doing/” shouted Santa/

But there was no answer to him. The bag had only gone over his head, but he could not see what was going on around him. Santa started thinking; would anybody come looking for me? What would happen to Christmas if he didn’t return? /Then out of nowhere the sack came off of his head.

“I see that you have been looking for your lost elves,” said his evil brother. “Well here is what happened to your precious elves Santa,” he cracked again.

Santa had looked up to see that one by one he was marking the elves to be killed. Santa was speechless. He knew that his brother had wanted to be Santa, but he never knew that he would go this far.

“Why are you doing this to them,” he said choking on his tears. “They never did anything to you”.

“I’m getting rid of numbers 1- 20 so that there is less to feed,” he laughed with a scowl.
“My plan is to kill you and get rid of Christmas completely. Then make a new holiday
called Gimmie, Gimmie Day,” He shouted like a blow horn.

“Then I shall be the man who give the presents/” As/ he screamed in Santa’s face.

Santa was disappointed that his brother had become a monster. As soon as Santa’s tear rolled down his face, the bag came over his head. The next thing that Santa realized was that he was pushed on the conveyer belt to be killed. He was trying with all his might to get out/ but as soon as his hands where free he had been dumped in the pot of boiling water. Santa/ last words where before he died were, “why, would you do this.” That night the Moon had shut off the lights to a black, and the stars to burn out. The most frightening thing of all was that there was no Santa, just an evil mess.

To be continued.

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