Last Job

March 30, 2012
I had been a nervous wreck for days waiting for the heist to go down and hiding it from the crew seemed nearly impossible. Everything had been riding on me to crack the code inside the bank vault or there would be no money at the end of this job or my life I assume if I failed. The 128-bit encryption code was difficult enough to hack through and there had to be a time limit for me to beat as the frosting on the cake followed by all the firewalls and safeguards I had to beat. Yet even though I was the only way into the vault the crew still saw me as the weakest link. Especially Joe the most corrupt in our group of money hungry junkies. This was a man filled with bad intentions and pure evil to fuel his lust for money and crime.

Joes a dark man who showed no emotions except for hate and cruelty. I’m no saint myself but I still have some morals I follow, Joe took what he wanted and when he wanted it. He was a man that had no conscience or regard for anything in his path when fulfilling his greed or needs. Putting a bullet in someone’s heads was normal for him and seconds thoughts never got in the way of the trigger. He is the reason I’m involved in this mess you can somewhat call an executable heist. We had history before this bank job which is why he came looking for my skills and forced me to join along. Joe knew me well enough to know I’m not a real criminal; I mean one that is willing to get dirty and kill someone or use harmful tactics to get what I wanted. He used this to his advantage and threatened to kill me if I wouldn’t help. My job in heists is to be the nerdy tech guy that disables alarms and cracks codes to get in places needed with my hands staying clean and in the back simply flipping switches. I didn’t make plans in crew heists: just got told what to do and when.

The heist was tomorrow night and I was stressing out popping Xanax pills like there was no tomorrow to ease my nerves. Something was different about tomorrow’s heist making my gut unable to settle right since being put on the job weeks ago. It felt almost as if it was my first time prepping the night before. There were several technical errors that could occur on my part whether it was not cracking the code correctly and being locked in the fault or even something as simple as my hacking device breaking. Maybe I was just over thinking the possibilities for this big code to crack and worrying wasn’t going to get me through this or my money.

It was time for the heist finally and my time to shine tonight. Everything was going according to plan as we prepped in the final hour before launching our plan. We were going in through the roof of the bank using a security door that we happened to steal a card for from a guard the day before. The next step was to take out the two guards on the second floor quietly and unnoticed. Greg and Joe maneuvered to the first guard and double teamed him and shot him twice each. Afterwards they snuck up to the next guard grabbing him from behind covering his mouth and Joe following with several quick stabs to the stomach ending another life. Plans were going accordingly, but the first steps were the easiest in this event. Dealing with armed guards is risky enough, but on the vault floor lasers and motion sensors were involved in the mix which changes things a bit. Hacking through these systems was somewhat difficult for the reason that once I bypassed the system once I had a minute and half to bypass it again or else the system resets and the defense mechanisms turn back on giving away my crew’s position and the alarms go off one after the other. I signaled them it was clear to go for the last two guards and started hacking my fingers away hacking so fast I beat the timer by a whole thirty seconds or more each interval. One last hack and I had to run to meet my team at the other end of the floor in the vault room where the real challenge awaited me.
I walked to the vault admiring its immaculate titanium wheel and hinges just waiting for me to get through to millions of dollars and diamonds worth a fortune. I plugged my device into the security console on the wall and fired up my laptop ready for hacking. This was the biggest job I was ever going to attempt and it required fifteen minutes of continuous hacking without error or death was all I was getting in this vault. Starting up the stress piled on immediately as firewalls and safeguards popped up blocking my path in every which way possible. The holes I was finding were lucky at times and close calls for almost all the blockades I ran into. Ten minutes into it pressure continued to rise as the sweat poured out and cursing from Joe and Greg rang in my ears nonstop. I told them to shut the h*ll up and let me do my job or else we could be friends forever in prison. As I was nearing the end of the hack that uneasy feeling came back to me and if it wasn’t for the constant flow of coding coming through I would’ve noticed a double cross was soon to follow.
Tonight must have been my lucky night as I made it through the hack and the glorious sight of millions mesmerized my eyes as the vault slowly turned opened. Although the money didn’t only catch my eyes each man seemed fixated on the money, as well as the other two men in the room along with him. I had a pistol in my belt waiting to be pulled just in case someone felt too greedy. It was no surprise to see Joe pull out the first pistol and I followed instantly with Greg. It was a standoff with no pretty outcome waiting to follow as we all had guns pointed at one another ready to die for everything we went through to get this far. BAM! BAM! BAM! We all fired simultaneously and I seen Joe fall and me and Greg stood with one another when I realized there was a warm gushy feeling in my stomach I dropped moments after Joe who had a bullet in his head from me and Greg. Greg assuming I was dead went to collect like a fat cat but I had other plans for him as I was bleeding out. With his back turned I picked up my pistol and fired another three times leaving him in a pool of blood of his own. Working together we accomplished an incredibly difficult feat yet, simply greed ended what could have been life in the high lane with no worries. It’s funny that something so simple and plain as greed could end something of this caliber and it consumed my crew and myself included leading to us leaving the night with nothing in return except for a cold and lonely death that we all deserved.

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