Watched & Protected But Why Chapter 2

March 17, 2012
By Dye-Hard-With-Passion SILVER, Houston, Texas
Dye-Hard-With-Passion SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Class just bored me but it also helped. I watched everyone paying close attention to those around me. I've felt eyes watch me constantly but I don't know who was doing the watching. Ever since my 18th birthday I felt this was. My mother acted weird around me since then too. She looks at me like I have a higher purpose in life than be a film maker.

The teacher buzzed along thur the lecture and Blair ; She was busy writing lyrics and planning the music video for her band, The Different Cides Of Us. I too was in the band.

I quit singing and started playing guitar. I was known as Lyia SuiCides. Term cide is the reason our band was called The Different Cides Of Us. We were a metal rock alternative band that learned from our favorites.

I also did the music videos and photo shoots. I have a great gig studying under a awesome photographer but he complained that my band was in the way.

As class continued I began to sleep. Which is why I'm in deep thought.

[The field was wide and simple. Flowers covered it for miles and stretched longer than I could see. The sunshine suddenly turned dark and stormy. The flowers died and fell to the ground with a crunch. The earth seemed to dry up and fires sprang from random places. And then a boy appeared. He was pale and had beautiful sappier eyes and shortish long black hair. He looked scared but strong. He looked like he was looking for someone. He was looking at me]

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