The Night is Heavy

March 27, 2012
By assel11 SILVER, Purchase, New York
assel11 SILVER, Purchase, New York
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The night is heavy; the dark encloses me. The images I see are blurred yet immensely chilling. Eerie noises cause my heart to beat far too loudly, threatening to give me away to whatever is out there. My breathing becomes sharp gasps while the struggle to keep from screaming continues. I push against a rigid wall – hard and rough – just to keep myself from falling to the ground, entirely helpless. Then it appears; a ghastly being that I know not what to call. Its disfigured, mangled, and cruelly arranged body is accompanied by its terrible scowl and evil glare. It slowly stalks towards me, taking the time to observe the sight of me cowering and cornered, sizing me up before making its move. The glimpse of this “thing’s” pointed and daunting teeth foreshadows what is surely my destiny in only a few short moments. In an instant it is right in front of my face, moving quicker than I ever dreamed a being of its stature could manage. The stench of its putrid breath and the evidence of its salivation cause me to press even more against the wall. But something is wrong; the wall is no longer right behind me. I dare not turn around to see where it has gone or what stands in its place. I am held in a trance by this monster’s beady eyes and can hardly bring myself to back away from it at a painfully slow pace. It easily matches me, keeping a distance of mere inches. And now the moment has come; the creature lunges forwards, arms outstretched hungrily. The adrenaline takes over as I leap away from it, falling to the ground. Or just falling. Why have I not hit the cool pavement I stood on only seconds ago? I accelerate towards God knows what as the air rushes past me in a loud whoosh. Just as I’m beginning to feel that this drop is endless, I myself disappear from this world. With both a gasp and a jolt I open my eyes frantically. Comforted by the warmth I’m wrapped in, I close my eyes and await a new world.

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on Mar. 29 2012 at 11:59 pm
TheNerdGirl PLATINUM, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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I love this. Its really dramatic and i love the way you keptit 100% action till the every end. Bravo. If you could please give the favor back but reading something of mine and commenting i would be greatful. Thanks

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