The Little Girl who wasn''t there

March 26, 2012
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I sat alone on the bench.No matter what i wasn't going to get up. I couldn't let people see me because every one knew i was the crazy girl.Even my mother suspected me to be crazy because i saw a strange dog. The strange part was no one else could see him but me.The park was crowded.I decided maybe no one would bother me today.The whole town feared me. I stood up. The park grew quiet as i heard a little girl scream.No one seemed to know were it was coming from.Then a little girl with blood on her dress appeared.Everyone grew louder and focused on life again as if the little girl wasn't there.I ran up to the monkey bars only seeing the back of her head. She turned instantly.I gasped in fear to see the glass that pierced her face.I took a step back to see no one else noticed her.Once again i saw something no one else could so i thought to myself"she's not real,not there,". So i turned to face the bench i sat at.She was the little girl who wasn't really there.But as i turned around she fell to the ground dead and disappeared.

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