another ghost story

March 23, 2012
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The hallway was silent as Carrie walked down to her new bedroom. She was paranoid as she crept further down the hall for it seemed to go on forever and it was as though someone or something was taunting her as she walked. Finally when Carrie reached her bedroom she let out a sigh of relief but it was no good because the toughing voice was getting louder and louder. She went to scream but couldn’t make a sound running into her room was no help she closed the door and locked it, but soon she saw a form appear that awed her but at the same time she was so scared what was it, who was it and what did it want? The form looked like a young girl no older that her young twenties and she was transparent. The first thought to come to Carrie’s mind was what was her name and how did she die and the biggest question of all was why is she chasing me of all people why not my mom or brother or dog?
The young ghost began to yell “get out of my house if you can see me you will die tonight and your soul will be trapped just as mine is. I died and my parents moved away my body was buried but my soul remains because this house is like an inferno, h*ll I tell you.”

“No offense but why should I believe you if you’re a ghost isn’t kind of your job to scare people out of your house? I am not going anywhere and in the morning when I wake up I will be just fine.” Carrie was furious as she was screaming at the ghost “I am going to shower then, go to sleep so I don’t have to hear you anymore.”

After hearing the shower running for two hours Carries mother went upstairs to see why she was taking so long “Carrie are you alright?” no response so her mom decides to test the lock it opens. Her mother goes in and lets out a scream a blood curdling scream. Carrie is on the floor with the words “I told you so” carved across her abdomen her mom checks for a pulse while it is low there is still one to be found they quickly rush her to the hospital to see if she can be saved. For the next couple of days Carrie has two close calls to death then wakes up, and asks what has happed and where she is the doctors explain the strange writings on her and she explains what she remembers and says “I told her I wouldn’t die”

The doctors are all confused by what had happened to her if she didn’t carve the words into herself who did it then. Surely there wasn’t really a ghost that could be haunting Carrie was there? The thought of that even being mentioned to another person was enough that could get a person committed to the phyc ward at the hospital but, that’s the story that she chose to stick with. She knew that it was true and her mother knew she wasn’t making the story up
Not long after Carrie is released and her and her family make another move. The house is condemmed.

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