Life Sucks

March 21, 2012
By , Bethlehem, PA

I groaned and clutched my head with both hands. I tried to stop the sound of blood pounding in my ears. As I stood up my legs wobbled. When I finally got myself upright, my body swayed. In the distance I heard two distinct voices. I looked around. There was a cot in one of the corners, a stainless steel toilet and a sink in another one.

“Where the hell am I?” I asked aloud.

The voices I had heard fell silent. My animal instinct told me to back away from the front of the place I was in. I backed into the darkest corner. My heart hammered in my chest as two badass looking vampires rounded the corner.

Chapter One

“Tick, tock. Tick, tock.” My eyes opened slowly. I looked over at the clock which endlessly went ‘tick, tock’ all night and saw that it was three in the morning. It was bad enough that today was bound to be the worst day of my life but now my stupid clock wouldn’t let me rest.

“Tick, tock.” I picked up my pillow and threw it at the noisy clock. It toppled to the floor and broke apart. Sighing, I flipped over and closed my eyes.

“Tick, tock.”

“What the hell!” I sat up and picked up the clock, “How the heck is that possible?”

“Tick, tock.” I groaned and placed it on my desk. Guess today was going to start sooner than I thought.

Grabbing my dark purple towel from my desk chair, I made my way down the hall into the bathroom. I took my time undressing myself. Before climbing into the bathtub, I turned on the speakers we had recently just added to the bathroom. One of my favorite songs started playing, ‘Pintame’ by Elvis Crespo. I smiled and let the hot water run down my back. I stood there for a seemingly endless amount of time. By the time I had shut off the water and wrapped the towel around me, four songs had played.

I walked back to my room. On the door was the sign I had created many years ago. It read ‘Welcome to my World’. It had a picture of the puerto rican flag on the bottom of it and at the top of the door was a picture of an animated wolf. Walking into my room was like walking into a forest. The tops of my walls were painted a light blue while the rest of the wall was painted greenish. There was one wall that was my absolute favorite. It was painted like a real forest. Some people might say it’s an unhealthy obsession. I don’t. It’s my way of life. The forest and I were one and the same. I rummaged through my closet and clothes drawers till I found something decent to wear. After all when you were coming face to face with the devil, you always have to look your best. I laughed.

“Come on, it can’t possibly be that bad.” I thought to myself. Oh well. I’d get over it eventually.

“Tick, tock.” I gave my clock my most ferocious death glare. That got it to shut up. I heard my mother stir in her sleep in the other room. I dimmed the lights so the glow of it wouldn’t alarm her if she woke up. On my desk was a picture of Kayleann, Selena, and Sayrah. They were my team, my best friends. They had been there with me through thick and thin. I was going to miss going to school with them everyday. Seeing Kayleann’s sweet smile. I sighed and sat down on my bed. Everything was going to be so different.

“Meow,” I looked over and saw Chispy, my mother’s black and white cat.

“Come here boy.” I beckoned to the cat and it came up to me, cautiously. I let it smell my hand. He still hadn’t grown accustomed to my smell. After all, he was a cat, and felines didn’t necessarily get along with canines.

“Here we are,” my mother announced our obvious arrival.

“Thanks for the ride mom.” I leaned over and kissed my mother goodbye on the cheek.

“Just remember, if you need anything just call. Not like you’d need it anyway.” She winked at me.

I smiled, “I know mom.”

With that said, she drove away.

I turned around to face my new, well new to me, school. The sign at the front read ‘ClearWater High School. Where history is not only taught, but made.’

Such a cheesy catch phrase. I rolled my eyes. Well, can’t just stand here and wait around. Walking towards the school front doors, I picked up a strange scent. I knew very well the different scents of the different creatures that roamed this earth by heart. This one though, this one was absolutely different. It was a mix of Vampire blended in with human. Also lots of blood. I’d have to keep my guards up more frequently here. At least until I find out where that scent was coming from.

I shrugged it off and walked into ClearWater High. The first thing I noticed was that the light were off. Okay. Weird. Weren’t the lights supposed to be on? I took a step forward.

That’s when I heard it. An ear shattering scream. As if that one person was getting brutally chopped to pieces. I noticed the door click shut behind me. Giving it a tug, the blood drained from my face realizing it was locked. Another shriek from yet another unsuspecting victim filled the dark, cool air. This can’t be happening. Darting towards the nearest staircase, the lights turned on.

I stared in horror at the sight in front of me. People, from what I could tell they were students from this school, massacred to pieces. The blood from the victims were splattered all over the school walls. A sob and a tear escaped me when in the corner I saw the bloodied remains of what looked like a five year old little girl. That’s when I noticed it. A dark figure standing ever-so casually on the opposite staircase. It smiled at me, revealing a row of sharp teeth. Sharper than mines had ever been. I turned around and ran up the steps to the next floor.

“Left. Right.” I looked back and forth. It sucks not knowing the damn place. I decided with left and ran into a classroom. Locking the door behind me, I covered my mouth with my hand. The classroom looked exactly like downstairs. I stepped carefully over every limb, every body limply lying on the tiled floor. As I was about to go open the window, dark metal clamped down on every window in the room. I could hear metal falling everywhere in the building. My heart hammered in my chest. I ran out of the classroom and down the hall. To my right there was the boys bathroom. In a life and death situation, it did not matter. The bathroom was clean. Looks like the creature downstairs didn’t even give the school day a chance to start. It was bound to find me here. I looked at the ceiling. The ventilation systems. I climbed up on the sink and wiggled into the ventilators. Wait. Why am I running? I’m a shifter for pete’s sake. Yeah, a shifter fearing for my life. I crawled and crawled. It was getting extremely hot. I took off my jacket and left behind.

Suddenly I felt pain rocket through my thigh. I smelled my blood. Maniacal laughter traveled up towards me. It had found me. I crawled faster, but it tugged on something and I felt myself falling. I screamed as I hit the floor, hard. Standing above me was the thing. It smiled at me with blood dripping from his fanged teeth. I felt something hit my head. The last thing I heard before falling into the darkness was the laughter of more than one person.

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