Jewled Eyes

March 16, 2012
By Anonymous

For James his job was nonstop. It wasn't just something you could take a day off from, it was a day in and day out job. You had to be ready at any moment within a thousand kilometer area. He knew his retirement was coming up, but he wasn't exactly looking forward to it. Turns out retirement wasn't all that it's cracked up to be within his company. The buildings were too bright and too white, and it was hard to get a color change in any neighborhood. Sure, you get anything you want, but it kind of makes it hard to want something when you can get it whenever.

His sword suddenly sent that jolt down his spine, sending the signal to be somewhere. Like, now. Coordinates were 43°45?27?N 71°41?18?W, College street, the third house, ground floor. He snapped his fingers, sending him to the exact location.

A frail old man stood in front of him, in a smoky filled room. He sighed. This was the worst part of his job. No one comforting the person he's about to take away.
He unsheathed his sword, the sparkly blue metal reflecting in the light.

"With my sword I admonish you. I sense you and release you. From smoke to stone, to freedom." Then stabbed him straight into the heart.

The old man gasped, clutching his chest, reaching over to the pills on the nightstand, but too late. His hand fell forward, knocking the pills over.

Then a younger man floated up, right next to mrdarklugia. No words were exchanged. The old man knew what had just happened.

"Enjoy heaven." He said, seeing how clean Jones was. He handed him the document with crimson red writing all over it.

Nothing about the job pleased him, whether he sent them to heaven or hell, all that mattered was his retirement. It may sound selfish, but it was job that someone had to do. It may as well be him, who had been balanced between clean...and 'dirty'. That's what they called it. Another jolt was sent down his spine.

No need for sleep.
No need to sleep.

No need, just send them over.

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