The Broken One

March 15, 2012
By Anonymous

Hey I'm a person that you will soon figure out later,but I'll still tell you my story of the day i lost someone very Important.It started out as a normal day,nice and quiet,the sum outside,but it wasn't the perfect day.I was sitting outside waiting for the bus at the bus stop,when suddenly my friends and my girlfriend came over(mysteriously).My girlfriend gave me a kiss and my friends tried to tackle me,but i never let them.One of my friends say''Did you watch the news last night''and i reply''no,why what happened''because we never watch the news unless there would be a basketball game on.He says''there is a mass killer on the loose,he has killed over 40 children so far in Montana,and i think he is coming this way''.We were all like ''no way!'' or ''we would smoke I'm if he come at us!''.Then the bus went around the corner and it was time for school.The first class was Speech,so i swept through it like a pro.The rest of the classes was alright except math,when Mrs.Patterson kept yelling at me for making a F on the semester final''you have to make good grades or your gonna fail my class''.You I'm my mind i kinda did that i can see the big vein on her forehead.Ha ha!it's funny when she does that.Any who,at the end of the day,Patricia came after school and gave me a big ,smooch on the lip,and we walked for our houses.We were walking when jeb(one of my friends)came over with sweat running down his forehead and said deeply''dude,the killer that killed over 40 kids is in our town,and he's coming for you,Steven''i stood there for 1 minute and my mouth wide open.I didn't know what to do,but do nothing.Patricia yelled''babe,you got to go to your house and hide!'',but it was too late and the killer had hit my girlfriend and my friend,but worst of all me.The next time i woke up was in a white room,and sitting on a white bed with a woman saying''shhhh'' and i fell right asleep again.You know being in a coma for 6 hours wasn't that bad.When i woke up next there was blood on the floor all around and there was two bodies laying on the side of the bed,and right there was a man with a black suit and a mask on his face with a bloody knife in his hand and he said''welcome,dearest friend remember me, I'm your best friend'',and he took off his mask and he was jeb.Finally,he said with one stab''this is for my pleasure'' and with one last breath,i was a goner.

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