March 15, 2012

She walked cautiously amongst the tall, bare trees. Their pale white trunks cast a certain eerie contrast against the black of the night. She heard a twig break and she whipped around, only to see a small white rabbit hopping away. She continued further into the forest, frequently glancing over her shoulder and jumping at every sound. With the exception of the occasional animal or the soft whispering of the wind, the forest was disturbingly silent. It was as if all life had felt an unshakeable warning from somewhere that told them not to enter. Maybe she should have listened. But it seemed that no matter how hard she had tried, she couldn’t ignore the attraction that drew her here. She wasn’t sure why she had come or what she was even looking for. She glanced around her. “Great.” She said to herself. “Now I’m lost. She sighed and turned in the direction that she thought she came in from. She started walking but stopped in a clearing that she hadn’t remembered. Suddenly, her flashlight blinked and went out. It wasn’t until her flashlight went out that she had discovered her only other light source. Her breath hitched as she took in the moon that seemed to glow extremely brighter than usual. She looked around, desperate to leave this forest and never return. She shivered as a harsh, cold wind blew through the clearing. She froze as she saw a silhouette behind one of the white trees. She looked harder, only to find that it was gone. She turned around and screamed, laying her eyes on the familiar face of a little girl.
The girl stepped closer. “What’s wrong, Annie? Don’t you wanna play with me?” She asked with a tone of innocence.
Annie, still in shock, turned and ran, only to run into the girl again. She screamed again and collapsed on the ground. “This isn’t possible! You’re dead!” She cried, tears streaming down her face. “I watched you die!”
The little girl stepped forward, a wicked grin etched upon her face. She held out a white hand. “Come play with me, Annie.” Annie wrapped her hand around a stick on the ground. When the girl moved forward again, she swung the stick towards the girl’s head. The figure flickered for a moment, in the same way that a light would, before disappearing. Annie took the chance and ran. She didn’t care which way, just anywhere away from that clearing. She halted when the spirit appeared several feet ahead. “That wasn’t very nice.” She said in a haunting tone.
“What?” Annie screamed. “What do you want from me?!?” Just then a cold breeze came through like before, except this time, it hurt. It sliced through Annie’s skin as she fell to her knees. In a flash, the girl was in front of her. The wind continued to swirl around Annie until she was frozen to the core. As she faded into darkness, the last image she saw was the pale face of a little girl from her past, with her chin raised in twisted satisfaction and a cold, chilling smile on her face.

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