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March 14, 2012
This is no lie; I’m telling you right now that I came face to face with a real ghost! I’m 21 years old; I was in college when this all started to happen. The college I went to was UW Madison, in Wisconsin.

It was about three years ago, when I started to notice strange things happening to me. My first year of college was very terrifying. On the very first day of college I remember coming up to my dorm and I saw something in the window. I looked harder and the shadowy figure reminded me of a human face. So I went right up to the window, and when I got there, the face of a little girl appeared. Now, at first I thought it was my roommate trying to play a prank on me, but I was the first one there out of anyone. Then I thought it was someone else who lives next door, but I was the first one there out of anyone! Even though I was scared I decided to let it go because I didn’t think it was such a big deal, and I thought it must be someone playing a prank on me. You would think the stuff would just stop and the story would end, but it didn’t, and the story doesn’t end there! Halfway through my freshmen year of college, my roommate Ali said that when I was sleeping one night, my blanket flew right off of me! Then she said she heard a chant that the ghostly figure was saying. The chant was, “Leave, leave, leave or else, I want it all to myself!” I thought she was just playing with me, so I just ignored it, but Ali didn’t take it as a joke and got so scared she dropped out of college and I never heard of her ever again!

My second year of college was really chilling! I moved into a house with eight other girls. I put all of my things away as soon as I got to my room. After I was done I went out to lunch with all the girls in the house. When I got back from lunch, all my things were back in the boxes and neatly folded! At first I thought it was another prank, but I stopped laughing when I saw the note that was in the box. The note said, “I am coming to get you.” After I read the note I got really creped out! After that experience I decided to go home for a week because I was really petrified!
The ghostly encounters didn’t stop at my house either. When I was at my house, the first thing I did was make myself a ham and cheese sandwich. Then I left the room I went to ask my mom if she wanted a sandwich, but she wasn’t home. Actually I was home alone. When I went back into the kitchen my whole sandwich was off the plate. The sandwich wasn’t on the floor either. I don’t have any pets, so no animals could’ve eaten the sandwich. Then everything in the house started to shake!! It wasn’t an earthquake because only my house shook. I knew then that I was haunted. I called my mom and told her I was going back to college on the earliest flight I could find.
As soon as I got back to my college house and I unpacked all my clothes that I brought home and fell asleep because I was worn out with this whole ghost thing. When I woke up, I brushed my teeth and went to my business class. When I was in my class, my professor told the class to write a childhood memory gone wrong and tell us what you thought the main problem was. While I was writing I noticed something strange happen to the top of my page. All of my words were gone and instead of them, pictures showed up. The pictures were strange and really bloody! In the pictures there was a little girl with her hands out wide almost asking for help, and in the background there was a weird man with a knife. I turned my head for one second, and all of my work was gone and filled with pictures! I quickly ran as fast as I could out of the room. The rest of my sophomore year nothing else happened, but you can ask anyone, I was so terrified and cautious because I kept feeling someone watching me.

My junior year of college was very spine chilling! My roommates and I moved into a bigger house. I got the biggest room, and I got my own bathroom. One day I was brushing my teeth and my toothbrush just flew right out of my hands! I could not take it anymore, so I just cried and cried for help. After three hours of crying to myself I decided to find someone to help me. I went to an old friend, John, and John was a ghost hunter. He came to my house with his ghost gadgets, such as a ghost tracker and a bag of dust. He said that first I had to leave the room because he wanted to see if the room was haunted or if I was haunted. I walked out of the room and 15 minutes later he told me to walk into the room. Right after I walked into the room I heard a lot of these beeping noises. Then John and I started to spazz out! After we both calmed down (which took an hour) he told me that I was definitely haunted. John told me he could try one thing to get the ghost out of me, or to make the ghost stop haunting me. It was a ceremony that would get what ever was haunting me to go away. I decided I would give it a try, I mean what do I have to lose?

John and I sat side by side and then he said a chant that went like this: “Come, come, come, little ghost.” He said that five times and then the scariest thing happened! A ghostly figure came right out of my mouth. The ghost looked like a six-year-old girl. She was crying and I felt as if I had to cry so for no reason; I just started to sob! She told me she died when she was six because a man had killed her and that she had to be set free, which I did. Then she thanked me and left! I never saw another ghost again from then on out.

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