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Deathly trees

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The elongated arms of the trees reach their fingers out towards me as I’m sprinting through a wooden labyrinth. They try to stop me, catch me, and take me into their grasp while I await the untold horrors that lie before me. All I could do was close my eyes at try to shut out the words that were echoing in my ear. “Your mine and I’m going to kill you”. They told me I was crazy, and a fool for believing someone was coming for me. I could always see him though; watching me. Waiting for me to step outside when my parents weren’t looking, and finally catch me. He would dwell behind our backyard tree; the colorful leaves just an illusion to hide that they were shielding a killer. He would just spy on my house. When I caught him, I would scream. But when my mother came to the rescue there was nothing to rescue me from. He would disappear; behind a damn tree. Now these trees knew he was here; that he wanted me, and they want to hand me over to him. But I will not give up, I’ll just keep running. The scratches now were beginning to fill me with agonizing pain; while each new cut would be re-opened by a new finger. I began to grow fatigued, the adrenaline was diminishing. As the adrenaline grew smaller, my fears grew at an immense rate. For my killer was catching up; he obviously had done this before. I could hear the rustle of the trees just letting him go by, maybe even giving him a little push so he could catch up faster. I cursed the earthly demons and found the courage to run some more. Finally, relief flooded through every vein in my body as I glanced and saw the end of the wooden prison. I saw a light and light most importantly meant; people. Even though my shins looked as though they were mercilessly grinded by a cheese-grater and I felt like my lungs would explode, I gave it all that I had. The thought of seeing my mother again and my friends, made me sob. While running toward the light I felt happy, overjoyed with the sense of a normal life again. Most importantly the thought of my attacker behind bars was the best of all. Almost there I could feel the dampness leaving my body and the warmness feeling taking over. But here in the radiant light I saw nothing and realized that I was out of the forest, but not were I would ever see my family or friends again. As I began the leave I heard the last words that I would ever hear before I died. “Your mine and I killed you”.

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