Mountain Lion

March 9, 2012
By Christopher Wall BRONZE, LaVista, Nebraska
Christopher Wall BRONZE, LaVista, Nebraska
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He jumped onto the floating board that was left of the raggedy homemade raft. He shouted his buddy’s name so loud that birds miles away started flying away. He called again, and no response. He knew it was a bad idea from the start, yet he continued with his plan to go down that rough ragging waters without a proper raft. HE yelled his friend’s name once more and he finally heard a response. Jon looked over and found Mike under the paw of a furious Mountain Lion that had been disturbed. Struggling to break free, Mike lost all momentum and gave up. He had lost all of his strength. That lean and fit Mountain Lion had exerted so much force that it was getting hard for Mike to breath. Jon jumped off the raft onto shore and started thinking how he was going to tackle this situation. He thought.. Then he stood up and pounced on the Mt. Lion’s back and wrestled him down to the ground. Seeing Jon struggle, Mike grabbed his field knife and jabbed it into the Mt. Lion’s chest and it grew limp and stopped moving. Exhausted, Jon said, “well that wasn’t so hard now was it?” “Try saying that when you have a HUGE Mt. Lion standing on you!” Mike exclaimed.

The author's comments:
I just thought why not just write a response or just something random, so I created this piece.

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