The Lady Leprechauns

March 13, 2012
Once upon a time, on the magical Emerald Island, the leprechauns all loved to play in the clover fields. But, you know what they loved more? St. Patrick's Day! That's because it is the day that all of the leprechaun lads go out to find gold. But, what do the leprechaun ladies do? If you look deep into the clover fields, you can find the answer. You see, many people wonder why the island is called Emerald Island. But that is the key to our question.

Hidden in many parts of the island there are jewelry boxes that the ladies keep securely locked up. Inside are beautiful green emeralds that they love to dress up in. They can only bring the emeralds out on St. Patrick's Day - the one day of the year that the lads are gone. Once the lads leave, the ladies dress up, dance, and sing. But most of all, they love to take care of their precious gems. The ladies celebrate all day long.

But one particular day, many years ago. the lady leprechauns decided to take their own adventure into the human world. Since this world was new to them, they left their emeralds as a trail so that they could find their way home. What they did not know is humans loved emeralds, so when they saw the lady leprechauns' trail, they snatched all the emeralds up. The lady leprechauns now had no idea how to get home! But, they did know one place where they could feel safe- emeralds, of course! So, the lady leprechauns split up and hid inside the emeralds of the world. The lady leprechauns were now lost forever. But now, on every St. Patrick's Day, the leprechaun lads send out a rainbow in hopes that the lady leprechauns will be able to find their way home. And, if you happen to come across an emerald, and you look very close, you might have just found a lost lady leprechaun.

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