The Incident

March 13, 2012
By Anonymous

It was at the heart of dusk and a lonely night for Paul. His parents were out of town for the next two weeks, and he was spending his night playing the newly released shooter game, Halo 4, with his friends online on xbox. Unexpectedly, a strange blackout and happenings lure into the night and lead to misunderstandings.

Going back into time, two weeks ago, Julia and Robert, Paul's parents, hosted a party at their house. It was for their friend, Jason's twenty second birthday. Numerous guests came, mingling with one another, and many pastries arrived. Entertainment was vibrant throughout the living room, as karaoke was blasting through the television. While eating his chocolate cake, Jason had a very sore stomach ache all of a sudden so he went upstairs to the bathroom to have some privacy and rest. However, a violent scream was heard from upstairs and the whole crowd downstairs hesitated. The house went silent. Paul grew worried and went upstairs to see what was going on. He was shocked. All he saw was blood oozing out from the bottom of the bathroom door and fainted.

At present day, Paul was having a pleasant evening with his friends on Halo 4 over xbox. However, the moment he reached his highest killstreak score, he hears glass shatter downstairs at the front door. His heart raced faster than ever. Sweat was running down his face at the pace of a waterfall. Paul went downstairs to check what was going on and he found a note on his floormat at the door. It said "You have 5 minutes to follow the bloody footsteps. Follow orders or never be seen by your family again". Paul screamed in terror. Since he wasn't stubborn, he followed the trail of footsteps out of his door , trembling with every footstep he made. As he walked along the sidewalk outside, owls on the trees stared at him with fear. Their eyes had a message in them for Paul. They said to him "Turn back Paul, before it's too late". He wasn't stubborn like that, so he just kept walking and followed along the trail. He finally reached to the end of the bloody footstep trail. It lead to a brand new,vacant, two story house with the porch lights on. Another note was found.

As Paul read the note, it said for him to enter the house. The door was open, and Paul didn't hesitate but went in. As he made every footstep, it echoed throughout the place. It was eternal darkness, all the lights were turned off. Unexpectedly, he heard a whisper. It said " Paul, come here" . As he walked towards the voice in the darkness, it said "Closer,Closer,", and an arm tapped his shoulder out of nowhere. Paul was knocked out and remained unconscious for the next hour until he woke up. He was tied up in a wooden chair with his wrists tied to his back. All he saw was a man , dressed up all in black. He had a knife in his hand, with blood dripping from the razor tip of it. "Remember this Paul? I murdered Jason!" the man said with his eyes wide open and bloodshot. Paul's face went pale with goosebumps on his arm , staring at the tip of the knife. Sweat began to run down his face as the flashback from two weeks ago of Jason's incident came to his mind. He struggled to get out of his chair, but the man said with evil laughter "There's no going back Paul" as he walked back and faded into the darkness of the room. Paul was speechless. He reached for the back pocket of his shorts for his pair of scissors from art class earlier and cut the rope that was tying his wrists together behind his back using his index and middle finger. Successfully, he got out of the chair and ran to the front door. He left the house and as he went outside, it was breathtaking. The whole neighborhood was empty and his house was vacant. His family wasn't present neither were his friends. It was like an apocalypse has just happened.

The answer to the whole situation couldn't be answered for Paul. The loss to his relative has lead to a whole tragedy of confusion and terror. He didn't know what to do next, as he lay down in the middle of the street, helpless, with no one around. Until he realized it was all a dream and he woke up on the floor in front of the bathroom. Apparently, Jason just had a runny nosebleed.

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