Deathly Shadows

March 7, 2012
As phones ring and computers beep, everything is quiet. Too quiet. While mark gets a call from his wife, Linda, the power goes out. Startled Mark goes down to turn the power back on. When he reached the stairs he sees something out of the corner of his eye. He turned to face it but all he saw was a shadow. Not thinking anything of it he flips the light switch and gets shocked one of his co-workers comes down to check on Mark and saw the same shadow. Scared out of his mind he ran up the stairs to find a shadow waiting for him. The next day Linda got scared that Mark didn’t come home that she called every single one of his friends to see if he was there, but every answer was NO!!! Now she was so scared that something might have happened to him that she called the police. When they arrived they claimed they saw a figure in the upstairs window. She said that she hasn’t been upstairs all day. The two officers went to investigate but only one came running for his life. “Linda, there’s something up there!”

To Be Continued…..

1 year later……

As Linda comes home to a DESTROYED house, she calls 911. When they find out that there had not been anyone there. No fingerprints. No DNA. When a police officer said, “Linda, I thi-” but before he could finish his sentence there was a big crash from the other room. Linda’s favorite vase was laid broken in front of the fireplace. That night when Linda crawled into bed, she felt a presence of someone….or SOMETHING!!! As her heart started beating faster and faster the phone rings. It was her neighbor, “Linda, you need to get out of there, NOW.” Puzzled she asked, “Why?” “There’s something in there!” Without hesitation, she dropped the phone and ran down stairs to the door but right before she can reach the door…, “Linda, it’s me, mark!” Confused she thought it was a joke. “Ok come out Mason.” Mason was her boyfriend. But there was no response. “Hello?” she said. “Why Linda, why did you kill me?” Now she was freaking out. “Now it’s your turn.” Early the next day her neighbor came to check on her and found her on the ground in a pool of goopy, red blood. And there on the wall it said, “YOUR NEXT MASON.” When all of Linda’s friends and family gathered at her funeral, Mason saw something unusual. A shadow pointing at him!!!

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