Ominous Shadow

March 2, 2012
By KandiBear BRONZE, Hempstead, Texas
KandiBear BRONZE, Hempstead, Texas
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Walking into dark house with nothing but a bad feeling inside, I search for a light switch. My heart began to sink lower and lower into my stomach as the dark room became a mysterious unknown house with just a flick of a switch.
With an unsure feeling, I walk around what is now my home. It’s empty and quiet atmosphere ran cold chills down my back, bringing my heart to a race it’s never had before. Slowly taking smaller and smaller steps to reach my bedroom, I turned the corner scared of what might be there. I held my breath and looked, but slowly exhaled when I noticed nothing beyond the ordinary was there.

I dropped my suitcase onto the old-fashioned bed, wondering why I was overreacting. As soon as I thought that, a strange “clip-clop” noise came from above my head. I had forgotten everything or anything about calming down.

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