February 28, 2012
By DudetteBrunette GOLD, Bradford, Other
DudetteBrunette GOLD, Bradford, Other
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'The future influences the present as much as the past'

One day I will be strong enough to wipe the very mistake of your human existence from the windshield of my life, and I will not hesitate to completely and utterly destroy the cord, the last thread of any connection we ever shared, to a point it can never be salvaged. You made the mistake of deceiving me, boy. I cannot even begin to comprehend what possessed you as you first planned to turn against me, though I am perfectly aware that you have provoked a very interesting reaction with your charades. So the game begins. You run, and I will chase you. Rest assured I can count on several advantages to my form to ensure that when I eventually find you, and don’t worry as I can guarantee this will happen, our next meeting will not be so pleasant.

The fact of the matter remains that you cut through me like a knife through an artery, and for that, your purposeless life is unfortunately indebted to me, though I am constantly reminded that there is nothing you are capable of fulfilling. I feel that you should know that despite my somewhat scornful appearance, I do not completely blame you for driving your life in a new direction. I of course was in some way to blame and I will never forgive myself for the impulsive moment I even considered the idea of filth like you co-existing in a life like mine. I really did forget the massive difference between a Goddess like me and a rat like you, how different our lives really are. Of course it was too much to expect something productive, I must have truly been weak at the time.

There is one thing I would like to say, before I lose all form of civilisation and really go for the jugular, darling. I would strongly recommend that the next time the very thought of sleeping with someone else dares to enter your mind, that you push it out. ‘Cause I can assure you that the next heart won’t be so forgiving, so accepting of your slimy nature. And I can also assure you that should she happen to fall into the trap of believing just one of those meaningless void words which leave your mouth, I will be there, silently but sure enough present, waiting for you to slip up. Just give me an excuse for a bloodbath and I’m all game, I don’t know why I’m waiting around for excuses, we all know what I am, so I sure as he** don’t need permission to do what my nature intends for me.

I am running out of time, well, that’s a lie. I’m running out of patience, and slowly beginning to wonder why I am approaching your betrayal with a mood so mild. And so I will finish this letter hastily, before I change my mind, drop the pen and skip to the gory.

Since I am so certain of your failure, I’m willing to give you a month from today to work your crappy magic, I’m provisionally pencilling our next meeting for early November. You’ll be free then? Never mind, I’m sure we can come to some sort of agreement. Be sure to invest in some smart clothes, it would be such a shame for the funeral to be prolonged by your lack of consideration and I don’t have the time to waste in making you presentable for the few idiots who might be obliged by blood to intend.

The author's comments:
I had been listening to the song Closer by KoL when the literal connotations of the song, with regards to immortality and vampirism began to conjure thoughts of an eternal stalker. A scorned woman on the warpath to send a man into his deepest nightmares as a result of being wounded by his power over her, despite her status.

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