a dream

February 28, 2012
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I sprinted down the hall and turned the corner full speed with his footsteps ringing in my ears behind me. his hot breath on my neck. he was fast and i was scared, but giving in wasn't my plan B. that would be the last thing to do. he caught up and yanked me down by my hair. i screamed, lost control of myself, and hit the ugly green linoleum floor hard. i looked up and his face was above me with a slow malicious grin spreading across. evil flickered in his features. his voice came out cold and raspy,
"you haven't been such a good girl lately have you?". he sneered and shone his yellow teeth,
"tell me, lauren, where is he?", he asked. getting closerforcing me to hold my breath.
"i will never tell you", i choked out, a pathetic little whisper, barely audible. but this was exactly what he wanted to hear. he chuckled,
"well i guess you're no good, then, are you? no use in keeping you around", his laugh drew a quaver out of me. it triggered a wince. his eyes were wildand with excitement. from his coat he drew a knife and without hesitation stabbed it into my chest so fast i didn't quite realize what had happned. i inhaled sharply. my breath became ragged and my vision was blurred by black fleck swarming, taking over my sight, doing it slowly, piece by piece like a puzzle. making my surroundings darker and darker until all i could see was nothing. i slipped away from feeling into a peaceful unconsciousness. and then i was gone. lauren latener did not exist anymore.

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