February 28, 2012
Something is shinning at my eyes as I’m starting to feel pain in the back area of my head. I started to open my eyelids only to see a tiny flashlight staring back at me with a man in a white coat. I’m getting flashbacks of my life helping me regain memory of who I am and realize I’m in a hospital bed. As my eyes wandering around a small room with machines attached to my body feeling as if I’m chained down. Getting up was hard because of how sore my body was, but as soon as I began to rise, about four or five people in white coats that seemed to be doctors came rushing in and tried to sustain me. In short amount of time I felt a sharp pain in my upper arm and I couldn’t keep my eyes open then my brain went blank.
In the following moment I saw all of the doctors by a bed and saw a body lying there, it had long black hair with dark brown eyes. It was me who was lying on the hospital bed. I quickly walked up to them and attempted to push them all away, but all the only result I had was my hand passing through their bodies. Taking a look down at my own hands trying to make out the shapes of the fingers but couldn’t see anything. Assuming that I couldn’t be seen I walked around and felt a breeze go through me body. I came to the conclusion that I’m in the form of a spirit, but I can see my own human body. Examining my body and found bruises all over my arm and face with some cuts here and there. Also a huge bandage wrapped around my forehead with what looked liked a bloodstain that was in a shape of a line. Am I really dead? Did I really die? Is this real? I can see myself move and shake around but I just stood there looking.

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