My Gift to Humanity

February 24, 2012
By Alexavier BRONZE, Renton, Washington
Alexavier BRONZE, Renton, Washington
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Written by the 18 year old who single-handedly ended the lives of approximately 40million people and destroyed the two most populated cities in America. Note that although this is not the direct copy or even a photocopy, none of the content has been altered in any way. The missing pages in the journal are still undiscovered, but the world deserves to know this exists.
Sympathy for the devil, or the final words of our unsung savoir, the free peoples of the world should be able to judge for themselves the true nature of the author.

If anyone is reading this I am either very famous, or very dead. Probably both. No matter my fate, chances are you already know who I am. At the time of this document’s conception the media didn’t exactly keep my secret low-key. Thanks to the internet, cellphones and Television, it didn’t take more than three hours for my name and my actions to be known worldwide, but you dear reader, whoever you are, you hold the truth.
What you are reading at this very moment could be a million different things. Fame. Fortune. Power. Perhaps you might decide this knowledge is too powerful, too dangerous, that maybe humanity isn’t ready, or should never know the truth. Whatever your motive, I leave the decision to be yours alone. Now that I am dead I could care less what happens with my little gift. The one thing I ask dear reader, the one thing you must promise me, is that you think a very long time before deciding what to do with my secrets. Read, reread and memorize every word if you have too, just be sure you never regret the decision so long as you live. Promise me.
No matter my actions after I wrote this please try to remain objective, for both our sakes. I am not going to even begin on the stuff that was publicized, partly because just about anyone on the street could tell you, but mostly because I am sorry to say that it is true. Everybody knows what happened, but if only you all knew why.
It all started on a day unlike any other, June 9th, my birthday. I woke up that morning knowing it was special, not because of my birthday, but because I woke up feeling alive. Not that I was dead before, but alive in a way that is all but impossible to explain. It was as if I had been asleep my whole life, as if my potential had always been covered up in a thick fog, almost like waking up from a dream you only thought was real while you were sleeping. Oh, and then finding out you have frickin superpowers. Superpowers on your birthday, how cliché right? Wrong, the whole no strings attached super powers is trash, and as cool as it was in the beginning I will never forgive myself for my ignorance. I shouldn’t have assumed it was all some free gift, instead of being weary of random superpowers that appeared overnight I decided to use them like I would lose them. I am so so very sorry.
After killing so many in such a way, every religious fanatic in the world is calling me the devil, antichrist or some other kind of demon demigod monster S.O.B. The truth is; I did it all for you reader, for your family, your friends, I did it for humanity, for the entire planet and every living thing on it. Branded a monster, when I was really your savior, the poor people in the beginning, were a terrible accident, but the east coast was sacrificed for humanities’ sake, many more would have died had I not played the bad guy. Judge me how you must but…
(The rest of the journal has been torn out.)

The author's comments:
Rough copy!
Sorry for grammar issues! :0
Constructive criticism rocks!
If you like it tell me and I will try to write the rest!
If you hate it please tell me?

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