We Are Emotionless.

February 23, 2012
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I was working late that night, the night it happened. I was all alone in the bright white hospital .I’m was a pathologist. Basically i worked with bodies studying and testing flesh. That night i was studying various chemical reactions to the skin and brain. I injected a substance into one of the body of test subject 18Ds brain. I remember it was thinking of how i would go home and return to the body in the morning. So I left, leaving it alone leaving the body. I came back the next day early. I went to my unit and hurried straight over to the body of subject 18D excited to see the reaction. I was looking at it, examining the different areas of flesh, their didn’t seem to be any reaction. I was Disappointed it’s funny how i still remember all the different emotions that ran through me. I stared at the still lifeless thing and that’s when it happened. That’s when it all started. Subject 18Ds eyes jerked open moving wildly back and forth he went into some sort of spasm jerking from one side to another. I remember the surprise and confusion. I ran as fast as i could. Tried to tell someone but no one was listening. I walked back to my unit hoping this was just a dream, hoping i was just imagining it all. But i wasn’t. When I returned there it was standing in the middle of the room looking at me. No emotion in it’s eyes nothing. Just black. I slowly walked out. It followed me. I stopped it stopped. I ran outside into the corridor no longer wanting to me in the same room as it, no longer wanting to look at it. Were was it? That’s when i heard the piercing scream. Gun firing. I ran to the source of noise. And there it was again accept this time he wasn’t just standing there. He was snarling,attacking and biting into a limp body on the ground. People were screaming, running.A few police guards ran to the hall with guns. They pointed their guns at the thing but i couldn’t seem to hear them over the screaming. I wanted to run away. I wanted to hide. But i couldn’t bring myself to look away, to examine it. It was deathly, dangerous and other worldly but that was what used fascinated me. I stayed , I watched , I learnt. I remember observing watching the thing grow stronger with every bite of flesh, watching it grow smarter with every bite of flesh. There was something in its eyes the way it started to absorb it’s surroundings and regard other people. I was watching and it seemed to be more aware. Then I remember realizing that the chemical i injected into his brain and flesh was Hydergine also know as the “Smart Drug”. I remember it all happening so fast, realizing that when the drug was stimulated by something that made you happy , in this case , the devouring of human flesh the veins going to it’s brain would be cleared which would make it easier for blood to flow to it.. So very time it gorged in flesh it got smarter. I remember feeling guilty and remorse. But not anymore now I’m proud to create such a creature. I had created a entirely new race. I looked down at the body, now half eaten. It’s head jerked from side to side. It’s body going into spasms. just like subject 18D did. Now there were two as the eaten body stood up. They both started attacking others. Turning others. Getting smarter with every bite of flesh. There knowledge lead them to think with strategy so they stood in front of the exits allowing know one to escape.They attacked and ate, tearing flesh of screaming victims. Then they turned and stumbled out the doors leaving twitting victims lying on the floor. Slowly more and more victims stood up from the ground and followed others outside. I recall starting to run finally getting away. I was scared. All i wanted was to take it all back. I remember wishing i had never done that experiment. But now i’m glad. Now I realize how amazing those things are their smart, as smart as humans some even smarter, but the one thing that makes them superior is the lack of emotion. The lack of sorrow and remorse. The way they are able to murder without hesitation from their emotions. I ran and kept on running. I hid. But now i see no sense in running.I have no fear. I ran and hid because I let my emotions and fear take over me. Not anymore..I was hiding for hours in a dark room crying like a child. Wishing and praying that i could take this all back.It was all my fault. I remember them finding me. Violently ripping me out of my hiding spot. Throwing me to the ground. Sinking it’s teeth into my soft, weak skin. Tearing at my flesh. I remember pain running throughout my body, It wouldn’t stop. The pain was so unbearable. All my other senses disappeared I couldn't see. I couldn't smell. I couldn’t taste. I couldn’t feel with my soft skin.I could only feel pain from deep inside me. I thought it would never end. It finally did. And now I feel amazing. I feel stronger, faster , more powerful. I feel better than i have ever felt before. I ran outside into the burned street’s. People screaming and crying was like music to my ears. My first bite of flesh was amazing the sweet taste. I am now glad I created these creatures.Us. It was amazing, Killing. Getting smarter, my brain was thinking of everything all at one time. At last I feel free not held captive by my emotions holding me back. I am free. We are free. And we will take world domination.

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allanisjns said...
Mar. 8, 2012 at 2:11 pm
that was really good.
LucyLu87 replied...
Mar. 10, 2012 at 2:51 am
Thanks :) I'll go check out your stuff :)
Paris1997 said...
Mar. 2, 2012 at 3:58 pm
W O W. That's all I can say!! I like it!!
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