An inescapable dream

February 20, 2012
By JackieMena1 DIAMOND, Bellflower, California
JackieMena1 DIAMOND, Bellflower, California
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"life can always bring you down but always try hard to work around the problem and find a solution" -Jackie Mena

As i step into the shallow waters,i get a shiver down my spine. No need to be afraid, i tell myself every time. But this time it was different,this time hard to bare. A feeling that wouldn't surpass. I tell myself, this feeling wouldn't last, but it does and i'm caught in the open, suddenly hoping that this moment would pass me buy, and in a blink of an eye, i'm swept off my feet, but i open my eyes and take a look around. I am not at ease now. My hands start to tremble, my body starts to shake, alone, i take a step deeper into the waters, unaware of my surroundings. Not knowing what's in the waters. As i put my foot forward and take a step into the cold shivering waters, something moves beneath me, grabs a hold of me, and pulls me in with force. Not letting me go, not giving me a chance to flee. "I'm dead" I tell myself. "No one will fine me". The figure approaches me and ties me on to a bulging rock and suddenly i awake "Oh thank God it's only a dream" I say, but this dream was no ordinary dream, I am trapped in a room with no windows. As i move out of the bed I am in I run to the door "uhhh" it's locked. I begin to realize it's much more , it's a Dream within a Dream and I can't get out.

The author's comments:
collusion,illusion and confusion

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