He Did It, I’m Telling You! He Did it!

February 20, 2012
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I stare into the mirror in absolute shock and terror. Looking at me is a vacant soul… my vacant soul. A muffled scream escapes my dry mouth, but all that is heard is a faint groan. In distress, I panic in horror. I don’t know what to do and I don’t know what to say to myself… It doesn’t add up. Next thing I know, HE’s behind me with an empty bottle of whiskey. HE strikes my head with one hard blow. I collapse before I can flinch.

Hazily I open my eyes, tired and aching in every inch of me. My muscles pulse to the rhythm of my heartbeat. A murky pool of blood surrounds my body and as all of my senses regain strength, my eyes widen in horror and confusion. I know realistically there is no pulse behind the body of mine as I examine the shards of glass scattered around the hard white granite floor. For a moment I think I’m dead and I panic. Immediately, I stand up and gravitate towards the mirror. I don’t see a single thing, and my anxiety kicks in. Glancing to the corner I had just come from, I see my dead carcass. Through my first instinct, I weep. I cry and cry. “I’m dead!” I scream to myself, “I’m dead!” I stare at my sprawled body, weakly leaning in the corner with my head tilted back, blood and damp brain matter spattered on the walls and entangled in my rustled brown hair. A large cluster of the brain matter droops below my occipital bone; its fleshy pink color smeared across the walls surrounding it. My mouth slightly hangs open and traces of dry blood follow down my chin leading to another pathway down my left arm. The dull eyes of mine that were once ever so lively and bright are now covered in a cloudy gray film, blocking the luminescent light that once stood behind my brown eyes. My neck is injured the worst, showing several traces of dry blood, with a few shards of glass still embedded into my light porcelain skin. It is too evident that I am dead. Looking at myself, a shiver surrounds my soul, leaving me aghast. Four words crept up upon my mind. A simple phrase of four simple words... “My god…” I thought to myself, “What happened…?”

HE did it, I’m telling you! HE did it!

It’s kind of funny looking back… you know, at the life I’ve lived? What’s funnier is to see your lifeless carcass being placed in a body bag - yes it’s all too funny. I watch as they carefully pick up shards of glass away from my limbs, making sure not to leave me more injured than I already was. They were wasting their time picking up each individual fragment of glass scattered in that bathroom. The plunk of the glass hitting the trash bin made me roll my eyes in agony. If I had bleed more or ended up with more wounds, it wouldn’t change my status. I’M DEAD DAMMIT! Don’t they understand? They should’ve just thrown me into that empty dark vortex of hell and zipped me up; I wasn’t going to come back to life anytime soon. They just don’t understand…

HE did it, I’m telling you! HE did it!

I don’t even know what happened to myself or how it even got this far. You’d assume I’d flinch in pain or maybe turn my head away from the gruesome scene of my death, but I can’t. I’m numb; I don’t feel a thing. The only thing I can do is stare at my soulless, lifeless body. It wasn’t supposed to end this way you know? It really wasn’t! And you know… It’s kind of funny looking back… you know at the life I’ve lived? Cause it never used to be like this.

HE did it, I’m telling you! HE did it!
HE came home…
Robert came home.
HE was leaving me.
HE told me so.
I didn’t believe it.
I didn’t want to.
HE grabbed his stuff.
I cried.
HE was leaving me.
HE left me.
HE left...

The day I died inside was the day that HE left me. I didn’t know if it was one of those terrible nightmares that everyone dreads, but no. It’s just like those movies where it’s reality. Pinching myself didn’t help, I was losing my ability to communicate with the real world, but my emotions were still intact. I cried for weeks and locked myself in my room. My frail body had turned into a living skeleton; my cheeks were sunken in and every imaginable bone was visible to the human eye. I could’ve been dead at that moment for all I knew. Somehow… just somehow a thirty-six year marriage managed to go wrong in thirty-six days. Robert really managed to get rid of me, and HE did it all too well. I’m now gone for forever. I hope HE’s happy because I truly am.

HE slammed the bottle! HE did it, I’m telling you! HE did it! So now I’m plotting out a plan for revenge. Even though I’m dead, karma is always around, and I’m more than willing to play that character today or in my next life.

HE did it, I’m telling you! HE did it!

Being dead isn’t too bad, at least not for me. I’ve got complete control over things, and of course people can’t see me. Capability is out of the question, I’m more than capable of picking up objects, throwing them, or even shoving a person and I’m more than prepared to use those skills for the benefit of my doubt. I’m going to kill him, just as HE killed me.

Call me delirious, but HE deserves it. I did no wrong; surely that is evident! All HE wanted was to get rid of me, and despite all of his effort, HE wasn’t too successful. I’m coming for him tonight… I’m coming for him.
HE did it, I’m telling you! HE did it!

Who knows where I am? Does it matter very much? I’m in some house, HER house. I’m coming after him; I told you I was.

It is evident she doesn’t have much money; she’s living in a two hundred square foot apartment. Essentially the apartment is HER bedroom with two spare rooms; a small closet on one side, and a bathroom on the other. They are cuddled together on the bed, and my heart screams in disgust. She’s lying on his chest, tightly gripping his left oblique and Robert clenches HER body to his. I stare for a moment, standing still, glaring. Gradually with each step, I slowly begin to descend my way to him.

Every step is a stride of glory; I can feel my pride burst out of my soul. As I reach over to his side, I smile defiantly. A sly grin compiles across my face as I slowly begin to stroke Robert’s face. HE doesn’t notice a single bit that THIS is his fate. HE doesn’t flinch, HE doesn’t move, HE just sleeps. I begin to pry away HER fingers away from him, and flip HER body over. “You’re going to have the surprise of your life tomorrow morning…” I deviously whisper under my breath. As HER grip is finally free from Robert’s body, I lift him up and carry him into the bathroom. HE gently snores under my grasp and a slight whistle escapes his mouth as HE exhales. I lay him down lightly placing him on the corner of the wall and the door. Lowering myself into a squat next to him, and I begin to draw out my props.

Our eyes lock for a second as eyes his bulge out of his eye sockets. HE can’t see me but HE knows it’s ME. HE clenches his jaw, tightly biting his lip as HE clasps his hands around the knife. An empty moan escapes out of his mouth. I swiftly grab the empty bottle, the champagne bottle WE had customized for OUR wedding. With one last senile smile, I grip the head of the bottle the swift motion of my arm shatters the bottles it strikes across his face.

HE is bloody.
HE is battered.

This is just a mere reflection of what happened the other night.

His face.
It’s bleeding.
The blood.
It drips down his face.
HE screams in agony.





The smell of pure and fresh blood streams directly into my nostril, its pleasuring scent releases me into euphoria. I don’t know if it’s the scent or the fact that Robert is dead that makes everything so much better.

At least HE had time to flinch before collapsed…

Revenge has never felt so good.

he did it. I’m telling you. he did it.

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