Government Tyranny

February 20, 2012
“Slowly, slowly, very very slowly, I will wipe the human race clean!” A voice spewed it's repugnant words behind me as I mindlessly typed behind my computer screen, browsing the Internet. I knew that some sort of being was in my presence. Maybe not something in a human form, but definitely a beast or possibly a ghost. “Mwahaha, time to meet your doom!” The being voiced it's thoughts to me once again. “I am not a beast, or a ghost. I am a spirit of the government, watching your every move, and listening to every thought of yours. Humans are too mentally inept to think for themselves. Time to delete your free will!”

At first, I questioned this “spirit of the government”, thinking to myself “No way, am I hallucinating? This can't be real!” The spirit heard my thoughts and replied: “This is not a hallucination, you are sane. But you have to accept that you must not have free will, that power is too great for any human to possess anymore.” After that crazy monologue, the spirit appeared physically in front of me. The spirit was very short, plump and fat, and did not look threatening whatsoever, but it's voice made it out to be mighty and strong. I grinned a little, still in disbelief of the spirit. “You must be all bark and no bite, huh? Prove to me that you can “delete my free will!” I told the spirit. “Alright, I warned you!” it replied.

The floor of my house began to tremor, almost like an earthquake. I could no longer see the spirit in front of me, but I could hear it's evil, terrifying laughter. Now, I started to panic. The spirit laughed even harder, watching me scurry hopelessly around my house, trying to stop the earthquake. “This will teach you to not question the government!” it cackled. Suddenly, my brain poured out of my ears and onto my hands, feeling like slime. My eyeballs were then sprayed with alcohol and ignited. “I hope you learned your lesson! The government is, and always will be your life, your consciousness; in other words, you! Forever will humanity be shackled down and stepped on, and monarchs will rule!” I was very weary now, I could not stand the suffering. “Ok, I will give you a break now! Goodbye, I have more humans to delete, my work with you is now complete!” the spirit said, as it vanished my house. Now, I felt mindless and drone-like. I had the compulsive need to kill off all of the lower life forms. “Must erase humans! No free will! No free will! Who will be my first victim?”

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