The Stalker

There are many people in this world of ours, and many different classes as well. Any were you look you’ll see a person that has a uniqueness that categorizes them into these classes. There are the work aholics, who will dedicate them selves to their jobs, much like the way an O.C.D person might do to a specific habit. Then there are the geeks, who can fix any computer faster than a pit crew can fix a NASCAR. But then there is a class that is one of the most feared and looked down upon out of them all, this class is composed of what we call “Stockers.”

That feared class is what this story is about, though the stalker that will haunt this story is even unique to that class. This stalker goes beyond that of a normal one. He does not just watch from a far, not just watches there every move, no, this stalker wants his pray all to himself, he wants no competition, so he goes to every degree to get them out of the way.

The beginning of this grisly tale started a long time ago, when she was still a young carefree teenager, and that is were it all started.

Mallery walked threw the park humming a slight tune in her mind she was celebrating the end of finals and the last three weeks that was left before school got out and she’d be free. She smiled and waved as a park ranger walked by then stopped when she heard someone call her name.

She turned around to see a boy running toward her, she recognized him from her math class, Billy Walker she remembered.

“Hi.” He said smiling; she looked at him for a minute then returned his smile, “Hello.”

They stood in silence for a minute until the Billy broke the silence “I was wondering if you were doing anything tomorrow.” Mallery looked at him taking him in, “I’m sorry but I have stuff to do.” His smile disappeared instantly, “You don’t have anything to do.” He said icily, “You just don’t want to go out with me.”

Mallery was taken a back by the bitter tone in his voice, “Look don’t take it th-“

“You hate me, just like every d*mn kid in school.” She saw pure rage in his face. She tried to speak but he continued, “You loath me just like your putrid friends, and…I…bet…you…join…in.” he hissed.

“No I-.” “Shut up.” He screamed looking completely insane now. “No I-“ “I said shut up.” And with those words he raised his hand and slapped her. She fell to the ground looking up at him in shock. She looked in horror as she saw him pull out a pocketknife out from his pocket.

“Well.” He began his eyes bulging, “If I can’t have you then no one can!!!” he then swung downward she rolled out of the way just in time, she scrambled up and started to run. She heard him grunt as he pulled the knife out of the ground and follow her.

She looked behind her and tripped, she saw a sneer on Billy’s face. Right as he lifted his arm a hand whipped out from behind him and another hand grasped the arm with the knife.

She looked and saw the park ranger she had seen earlier. Billy howled in outrage and attempted to through him off but the park ranger held him tight until Billy in desperation bit his hand, drawing blood. The Ranger howled in pain loosing his grip, seeing this he broke free and started to run but only got a few feet before the Ranger whipped his other hand out and barely got hold of Billy’s shirt collar. Billy stopped stunned, and then before he could run again he pulled down sharply causing Billy to fall back.

The ranger then quickly turned him around and slapped a pair of metal handcuffs on him. He pulled him up and as he was forcing him to walk, Billy’s head whipped around and screamed at her, “You’ll pay for this Mallery, I’ll make sure you regret it.”

Then he was pulled out of sight.


Mallery sat on the couch with the TV on, but she wasn’t really watching it, in stead she thinking about the blind date that she was going to have that night, imaging, thinking about were her date was going to take her, she smiled slightly has day dreams flashed across her eyes’.

She saw them dancing at a disco, she could almost hear the crowd cheering them on. She was pulled from her thoughts by a knock on the door.

She grumbled slightly, irritated at being interrupted. She walked down the hall towards the door, wondering who it might be, it was to early to be her date, maybe it was her mother dropping in as she usually did.

When she threw open the door, she saw no one, as she was about to turn around and return to her living room, she spied something out of the corner of her eye. She turned around and looked down at the doormat and saw a neatly folded note.

She bent down and picked it up. She slowly walked back into to house, closing the door behind her. Soon enough she was once again on the couch, holding the note gingerly in her hands.

After a minute or so she slowly unfolded it, she gasped slightly as she saw a message in crimson ink that looked almost like it was blood. But she was even more shocked at the words written on it. “I’m coming for you.” She read aloud.

Her first thought was to call the police, she had even stretched out her hand intending to pick up the phone, but she stopped just as she was about to pick it up. She once again read the note then relaxed as she a thought crossed her mind, it’s a prank, a joke.

She got up and walked over to the fireplace that was on the other side of the room. She picked up the lighter that she always had next to it. Within moments she had lit the fire, and with one final glance at the note, threw it into the fire, and watched it engulf in flames, and in a few seconds watch the ash that had only moments before been the horrible note, fly up the chimney.


A couple hours later she was standing in the bathroom in front of the mirror fixing her hair, her heart was pounding with anticipation as she waited for her date, which would be there any time now.

Sure enough moments latter she heard a knock on the door. She took one last look into the mirror, and then ran down stairs to meet her date. As she neared the door she stopped as she remembered the note, but she pushed it out of her mind, not wanting it to ruin her evening. So with out any more hesitation she flung open the door.

There standing in a handsome suit stood her date,

“Hi.” She said breathlessly.

“Hey” her date said in reply. After a moment’s hesitation he continued, “So…shall we get going.”

“Sure.” she said in reply

He led her to his car and opened the door for her. As he drove they made chit chat, and soon they arrived at a restraint.

Mallery gasped when she saw the restraunt, she slowly looked over to her date, “h-how did you get a reservation.”

He winked “I have my ways.” They got out of the car and walked into the restraunt were they were soon seated. They had gotten through the appetizers and halfway threw the main course when her phone rang with a phone call that would change her life forever.

She apologized to her date then answered it,


She heard no voice only a raspy breathing, “Hello?” she said again.

Then finally a man answered, in a deep gravely voice, “ Check your door, your Grandma needs you.” The cell phone fell with a clatter.

Her date frowned “Is every thing alright?”

She just shook her head, “I have to go back home, and will you drive me?”

Her date blinked in surprise, “Wha-.” “Just do it.” She said in a force full voice.

He looked at her for a couple seconds then nodded. Mallery ran out of the restraunt, her date huffing and puffing behind her. She flung the car door open and jumped in her date did the same a few seconds later. “Hurry she blurted out.” Hearing the urgency in her voice he just stepped on the petal, and shot out of the restraunt parking lot and down the street.

They drove in silence until he broke it, “Will you please tell me what’s going on, who was on the phone?”

She looked at him for a minute the slowly spoke “I do not know who was on the phone all I know is that something has happened…” She paused for a minute “something bad.”

Her date frowned “To whom?”

She looked at him closely, “My grandma.”

A few minutes latter they arrived at her house, she practically flew out of the car and raced to her front door. As she neared it she saw that a picture was taped to it, though she was to far away to see what was on it. As she got close enough to finally see what was on it, she stifled a scream.

On the photo there was a scene that looked as though it was shot from a horror movie. It showed a woman hanging by her neck, blood splattered on the walls around her. She saw deep gouges in her flesh. And upon closer exception she saw with horror that the figure was her grandma.

She heard her date say something, but it sounded as though it was coming from a mile away. She heard his footsteps coming towards her then skid to a stop.

“Oh my god.” He whispered, “We have to call the police.”

“No” she replied.

Her date looked at her in astonishment,

“It’s a prank.” She rationalized not wanting to believe it, “They got a picture and edited it.”

Her date slowly shook his head, and after a few second said “I take it I should probably leave.”

“Yes.” She replied. And after those words her date turned around and walked to his car.

She watched him for a minute then turned around and ran into the house, and strait to the phone, she fumbled with the phone for a minute then shakily dialed her grandma’s phone number, she waited as the phone rang and rang and rang, right when she was about to hang up she heard some one answer, “Grandma is that you?” she expected to hear her grandma’s soft king voice, but instead she heard a slight laughter, “who is this?” she said shakily. There was a short pause then a voice answered, “An old friend.” Then it hung up.

She looked at the phone her heart pumping. She turned as she heard the TV; she hung up the phone, and walked over to it.

She saw that the news was on, a reporter was standing in front of the insane asylum that was about twenty miles from her house, she listened to the reporter speak, “There was an escape earlier this morning from Jamestown mental institution, authorities are sending out a warning that the escaped patent is labeled extremely dangerous, we have been told that he was sent to the institution twenty years ago for attempted murder we are just being told his name.” But Mallery new with horror who it was even before he said it, “We are being told that his name is Billy Walker.”

Mallery closed her eyes and felt a single tear roll down her cheek.

A few hours latter, she was putting on her pajamas about to go to bed, her dog by her side.

When she was dressed she crawled into bed and within moments fell asleep.

She woke with a start, as thunder rattled the house, she breathed deeply and was about to fall asleep when she faintly heard a dripping sound coming from her bathroom.

She ignored it, not wanting to get out of her bed. She jumped slightly as a bolt of lighting flared in the distance, followed by earsplitting BOOM of thunder. She flung her hand over the side of her bed, and felt her dog lick her hand, reassured she drifted back to sleep.

Once again Mallery was awakened by the clashing of thunder, and still she heard a light drip, drip, drip. Coming from her bathroom. And as thunder roared out side, she laid her hand over the side of her bed, and once again felt the dog lick her hand. And fell asleep.

When the sun finally rose in the horizon she woke up, and rubbed sleep out of her eyes. And felt slightly annoyed as again she heard a light dripping sound.

Stupid facet, she though dully. But as she opened the bathroom door, she saw hanging by a noose her beloved dog; his throat slit his blood dripping onto the floor, making a bloody puddle on the floor.

She ran back into her bedroom and looked at the mirror and in horror read the bloody massage on the mirror, “I can lick to.” It read.

Mallery opened her mouth and screamed a bloody scream full of horror, as soon as she stopped screaming and ran to the phone, and without hesitation dialed 911.

“911 how may I help you?” she heard a woman reply

“M-M-my dog, d-d-dead.” She stammered, “Some one killed my d-d-dog.”

“Calm down mam, now were do you live?”

Mallery was just able to compose herself enough to give her, her address.

About five minutes latter she heard a knock at the door, she flew down the stairs and flung open the door, and saw a police officer standing just outside the door.

“Mam were-“ “upstairs”, she interrupted. She stepped aside to let the man pass threw. She followed him up the stairs. He looked at her equidistantly, she pointed toward her room.

A few minutes latter the policeman, came back out, “Tell me exactly what happened.” She stared at him, then started telling him about the horrible night she had.

The officer listened to her intently. The officer was silent for a few minutes then asked, “Has anything else like this happen?” she was about to answer when she stopped, she looked down at the floor, “No.”

He looked at her for a minute, and then slowly spoke, “I’ll help you clean up this mess, but I want you to call me immediately if anything else happens, OK?”

She looked at him and nodded. It took them about and hour to clean up every thing, the officer put the dog’s corpse in a body bag, and before he left, gave her his phone number.

It took her a full two days to calm her down, and a week to sleep again. But right as she was finally settling down, she heard a Thunk, coming from the front door.

She slowly walked down the hall and down the stairs, and as she turned the corner she saw a manila envelope underneath the mail slot.

Mallery frowned as she looked at the envelope, it can’t be the mail, it’s Sunday.

She was half tempted to through it away, she had become quite careful after the incident with her dog, but after a moments hesitation she picked up the envelope and opened it. She stuck her hand in it and pulled out videotape, with a note taped to it, she mumbled the one word written on it, “Enjoy.”

She walked to the living room and to the TV, the tape clutched in her hands.

She bent down and put the tape in her VHS player, it hummed quietly for a minute and then started rolling.

On the screen she saw someone chained to a chair their head bowed. Mallery screamed as the man raised his head, to horror she saw her father.

Then in the corner she saw the shadowy figure of a man, and if she wasn’t mistaken, he was holding a knife, after a moment or two, the man made his way toward her father.

The man stopped by his side and bent down beside his arm. The man lifted her father’s hand, and raised the hand that held the knife, flung it down in an arch. She gasped as she heard a sickening Thunk, as what was once her father’s hand fell onto the floor.

The man dropped the knife and disappeared for a moment then came back with a generator, with a pair of jumper cables attached to it, she could hear the crackle of electricity radiating from it. Then to her absolute horror, attached them to each of her father’s feet.

He started struggling but the man turned around bent over the generator and turned the power up, her fathers let out a scream that made the vary marrow in her bones freeze.

After a moment, the man turned down it down, and after a couple minutes turned it back up, but this time all the way. Mixed in with her father’s screams was the man’s demented laughter. Then the Videotape stopped.

Mallery looked at the blank screen in shock, then burst out in tears, “Oh god help me.” She sobbed.

She continued to cry. But then she remembered the cop’s number; she leaped out of the couch and bolted to the phone.

She shakily dialed the number.

“Hello?” she heard the police officer answer.

“My dad’s dead” She said quietly.

She heard the police officer stop, “I’m coming over stay were you are.”

Within moments she heard the officer barge in, not bothering to knock.

“Were?” he asked. She pointed at the VCR.

He bent down and pressed the rewind, when it was completely rewound, he pushed play. A look of horror crept on his face as he watched.

He looked over to her, “Is your mom home.” Mallery nodded

“Call her.”

She turned on her heal and went over to her phone and dialed her mom’s number.

“Hello?” she heard her answer.

“Mom I need you to come over.”


“Just come.” Mallery said forcefully.

Her mom paused, “OK”

About five minutes latter her mom arrived at the door. It was the police officer who answered.

Her mom looked stunned, ”what’s going on?”

“You’d better just sit down.”

Her mom hesitated then followed him.

The officer waited until she sat down.

He looked her dead in the eye, “Do you know were your husband is?”

“Yes he went to take a walk.”

“How long has he been out?”

Her mom thought for a minute, “About four hours.” Her mom looked from Mallery to the police officer. “Is there something wrong with him.”

The officer sighed, “It would be better if I just showed you.” And with those words he played the tape.

Immediately tears started streaming down her eyes.

She looked at the officer, “What are you going to do?”

The officer hesitated, “well…your husbands dead.” The officer continued, “ I believe that from what your daughter told me, somebody wants her family dead. And we believe you’re next in line.” He paused to let her soak it all in. “Now what we don’t know is what will happen when your all killed, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to call a couple other officers to stand guard by the front door, and I advise you to stay here for the night to comfort each other.”

Mallery’s mother looked at the officer with horrified eyes. “How long will it last”

“I don’t know, Will just have to see”

Mallery’s’ mother took the officer’s advise and spent the night. Mallery let her stay in the guest bedroom, at around ten o’clock they said good night and went to bed.

That night Mallery woke up sweating from a night mere. In her night mere she dreamt that the stalker had snuck into the house and snuck into her mother’s room and before she could wake cut of her head.

Mallery shivered at the memory, but stopped as she felt something hard at the foot of her bed, what ever it was, was oozing some warm liquid. She pulled her hand out of the covers and gasped as she saw that they were covered in blood. Without a moments hesitation she ripped back the covers and gave out a blood-curdling scream, for there at the foot of her bed was her mother’s head.

She jumped out of her bed and turned the light on and saw another message on the mirror, “You left the window open.”

She gasped and ran into the office and screamed again as she saw the window open, the curtains billowing about. She ran to it and flung them shut.

She jumped as she heard something crash, in her bedroom. She slowly walked into the hall, hyperventilating. She looked left and right then ran down the stairs and towards the front door then stopped, she saw the police officers who were standing guard hanging by there necks just how her dog was.

She whipped around as she saw movement coming from the kitchen. She slowly walked toward it and leaned against the wall. She looked around the corner and saw no one. She then ran in and rummaged in the drawer until she found what she was looking for. She slowly pulled out a butcher knife and whipped around as she heard something fall to the floor with a crash, from the living room.

Mallery slowly walked toward the living room, she stopped right in front of the entrance then jumped into it looking around wildly, but saw no one.

She then slowly walked toward the fireplace and picked up the lighter that was on the fireplace. She then slowly walked toward the chair were she kept the newspapers; she stuffed a page into her pocket.

She slowly turned around to look toward the stairs. Then she heard it again, Thunk, Thunk, Thunk. As though someone was walking down the stairs. She held her breath as the noise slowly got closer and closer as who ever it was, was going down the stairs.

Mallery started walking backwards, ever so slowly. But stifled a scream as it stopped at the end of the stairs. And then to her horror saw a hand wrap around the corner of the wall.

Mallery dived behind a chair. She heard footsteps coming into the hall,

She heard a low high pitched voice, “Hello, come out, come out were ever you are.”

She heard the footsteps getting closer and closer to her hiding place. Right before he came to the chair, she got up to run, but it was to late, she felt a hand grasp her leg and pull her out from behind the chair, she screamed and kicked blindly she felt her foot make contact and felt the hands grip loosen just enough so she could break free, but just as soon as she stepped up and started to run she felt another hand grab her and turn her around.

She stared looking strait into the eyes of what had once been her fellow classmate. Memories flashed across her eyes, Billy smacking her, a pocketknife being swung toward her, Billy chasing after her.

She saw Billy sneer at the look of terror on her face,

“Hello Mallery.” He whispered, Mallery didn’t reply just stared. “I warned you.” He continued, “I warned you that you’d regret it.” “Billy I’m sorr-“ “I told you if I couldn’t have you then no one could, you remember right?” she didn’t answer, she looked at him in horror as he pulled out a long blood stained knife, “And now I’m going to finish what should have been done twenty years ago.” As he said this he raised the knife a swung down, but just like that horrible after noon so long ago she sidestepped and turned around and ran, she ran, she ran like she had never run before. She heard his footsteps right behind her.

She knew were to go, but could she make?

She ran until she got to the garage door, she threw it open, and flung it shut, she grabbed and old a shovel and propped it up against the door. She heard Billy trying to open the door, but the shovel stood firm.

She pushed the button to open the automatic garage door. She ran to it and looked over her shoulder to watch to door. “It’s no use Mallery.” He screamed, “There’s nothing you can do, I’ll have you one way or the other.” She heard Billy’s maniacal laughter/

Finally the automatic garage door was open enough for her to run out, just as she ran out the shovel finally gave way, and the stalker ran into the garage seeing her out side he started running towards her. She turned around to run but tripped she rolled over to see Billy standing a sneer on his face. Mallery looked down at Billy's feet and saw an oil stain. She looked from Billy to the oil stain and back again. Then she slowly pulled out the piece of newspaper and the lighter, and lit the paper on fire.

Billy stopped laughing, and frowned, “Mallery, what are you going to do.” She raised the burning newspaper, “I’m sending you back to h*ll, you twisted son of a b****.” And before Billy could say anymore she threw it and it landed at his feet lighting the oil stain, tried to step back but tripped and screamed as the burning oil engulfed him, soon the fire reached the walls catching them on fire in turn, and within seconds the house had turned into a blazing inferno.

Mallery walked closer to the fire and laughed in relief, she continued laughing, but stopped suddenly, as she saw movement in the flames.

“No.” she whispered “It can’t be.” But to her horror she saw movement once again, but then a horribly charred hand shot out of the fire and grasped her leg, and before she could say anymore it pulled her into the fire.

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