February 29, 2012
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“March 11, 1963, Alcatraz Officially Closed, all the prisoners were transported off the island. Only that’s not what happened, not even close.” That’s what I was told. Do I believe it, hard to say? Did I believe it? Well things have changed...
Alcatraz, March 3rd 1960...

“140 inmates here, only one of them is like you,” spoke the Warden to the life sentenced inmate. The inmate did not even look at him when the warden softly spoke.

“Kidnapping children!”

“The man killed my father.”

“Yeah so you've gotta go kill his poor kid,” the warden preached.

A few minutes went by as the warden just stared at him he finally whispered. “You're one of a kind, you know that right?” He sat waiting for a answer with a you-best-answer-me look. “Well, it's looks as though you cannot communicate any more so I guess you wont scream when I give 30 days in the HOLE!” He still did not answer so with the snap of the fingers they opened his block and took him away to the hole. He was getting dragged away as he said something. “Well, if you know so much then what's the talk of prisoner transport.” The warden stood there with no answer. Then the warden called everyone’s attention to him and announced. “Do you all want to know, what the prisoner transport is all about? Well here it is. On the 11th all you scums will be transported off the island to maximum security prisons around the world.” The warden heard the sighs and vaguely spoke. “Now I thought you guys would be happier somewhere else?” This was all true everyone did want to run off. In fact everyone wanted to run away, run away from the old cold stone walls, run away from the uninviting crowed, run away from the stone cold cruelty. People have wanted to move out of here for so long they've risked their lives for it. They've tried swimming there way out of here. They've tried digging there way out of here, and they've just plain out tried walking there way out of here. None Work! Try it I dare you...
Alcatraz, March 10th 1963

“Prisoner Transport,” one of the two transport workers yelled as he slowly turned his head looking for the security that should of met them at the dock.

“Sir where did everyone go?” whispered the captains first arm.

“I don't know maybe they're inside, just late.”

Captain Slugh, and the “Skipper” (Chris) walked off the dock looking for anyone. It was a very quiet kind of atmosphere, an atmosphere where its to quiet, the to quiet for Alcatraz kind. For gods sake it was as quiet as a recording booth with no singer.
Captain Slugh, and Skipper Chris went inside to find out everyone’s missing. All the cells were empty and 60 were guards missing. Diapered. Vanished. Gone.

“Sir where did they all go?” Captain Slugh stood there with a blunt look on his face. Sweat and almost tears run down his face as he calls for anyone. Scared out of his mind, no one had ever scene a whole prison empty and all who belong there gone. “140 prisoners, 60 guards, Gone. It was that moment when unthinkable terror rushes through there dumb founded heads, it was that moment when the deceiving happened?
Park View Middle School, San Francisco CA
March 11th 2011

“And that class is what happened, no one knew what happened to the prisoners of 1963, all 140 prisoners and 60 some guards gone.” That's what everyone was told. Is it true yes from photo imaging, but what happened no one knows.

“March 11, 1963, Alcatraz Officially Closed, all the prisoners where transported off the island. Only that’s not what happened, not even close.” That’s what I was told. Do I believe it, yes, what happened, I know.

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