The Closet

February 21, 2012
By xXBrokenH3rtBunnyXx BRONZE, Clinton, Mississippi
xXBrokenH3rtBunnyXx BRONZE, Clinton, Mississippi
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I awoke in a steamy closet; the humidity made my dress stick to my skin. In the distance i heard scraping, coming closer and closer. The pitched, sluggish scraping of something heavy dragging down the hallway. I crawled closer to the door, and peaked in the door. A rush of ice, cold air burned my eyes. I gasped in horror as a dejected girl, half naked, walk by. She wore a dirty, grey-white dress that came down to her knees. Whilst slouched over, her black, pinguid hair covered her sullen face. She was dragging a box or chest as her arm jerked out distortedly.

Suddenly, the door squeaked. I backed out praying that i could just fade away. Foot steps patted the floor lightly as my heart fell into my stomach. The door opened, "please…please.." i whispered. I felt a warm, breath on my face. I shivered and opened my eyes, and she was in my face. Glaring with fear in her eyes that screamed of help.

She opened her mouth, but nothing came out because she didn't have any tongue. It was cut out of her mouth and i looked away in disgust. She grabbed my face and made me look at her. She again opened her mouth, but nothing came out, just wheezing and moans; she started sobbing in frustration.

Finally i took the courage to speak, i shuddered " Where am i?" i asked. She took my hand and pulled me out of the closet. She pulled me turning to a right then a left in the hallways. Finally she stopped and got down to a small hole in the wall. She looked at me and pointed to the small hole.

I looked through the hole. This time hot air burned my eyes, and i felt as if something was going to poke it. I looked into a large room filled with other girls wearing the same dress as the girl next to me was wearing. I looked at her in confusion but she pointed at the hole again. I looked, and watched the girls walking around working, and dragging what looked like a chest.

" What is this place?" i asked her. She tried to talk, but struggled. She pulled out her hair, i stammered "n-no, don't.." But she shook her head, and spread her hair on the floor in words. I watched her form the words: S-U-D-C-I-D-E. "What..?" i whispered. She looked into my eyes, and into my soul, and all i could hear was "help me" inside of my head. I jumped and fell back.

The author's comments:
This is another one of my "Penelope Rose" dream i had on the day of my birthday.. nothing much to say, but i hope you like it. I will be writing more of my dreams later on.

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