That night

January 28, 2012
By , Lonsdale, MN
Have you ever been so scared you just wanted to hide from the world? My name is Ellen, and I’m going to tell you about my friend who went missing on August 21st 2009. It all started on a 20 degree, full moon, foggy night. Me and my friends Ali, Summer, and Mercedes were hanging out when out of nowhere Mercedes was gone. Summer and I began to yell as loud as we could.
…………still no answer. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder, but before I could scream a hand covered my mouth.
“Chill girl it’s just me” Mercedes said with a snort “someone is a little jumpy!”
She thought it was the funniest thing in the world, but it scared me half to death.
“Gosh M ththat wasn’t f..f..funny!” I said with a stutter.
Mercedes was a pretty girl. This means she always got the guys drooling over her. Even if she just flipped her hair out of her face. She had skin of Carmel brown, and it was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. You can’t even explain her teeth they are so perfect without needing braces. Her hair had the finest curl like a dark walnut brown sea. We also call her M short for Mercedes.
“Girl please, I was just messing with you,” she said as if she were mad when she shouldn’t be the one mad. “Can’t you have a little fun?”
“I can, but M that really scared me I actually thought you were missing!”
“I’m fine and capable of myself,” she said softly.
“Well I can be concerned can’t I, or is it against the law?” I asked.
While cutting in to me and M’s conversation Ali said
“Did you hear that!?”
“Ali calm down it was just one of us we must have stepped on a dumb twig and it snapped,”M said getting annoyed with everyone being so jumpy.
“Wait a minute where is Summer!” I said with a jump. “Summer!!!!!” I yelled.
This is where the whole adventure begins………………………
At that moment the only thing going through my head was great she is trying to scare us again, but after a while she wasn’t coming out. That is when I stared to become overwhelmed. This can’t happen she‘s gone! My heart started to race and with every one's white faces, we stared into the never ending of darkness.
“Hey girls I think I found her phone!” Ali said with excitement thinking we could actually find her.
We all looked at the screen with blank faces at a text that we wish we would have known about before. It was from a number she didn’t have saved, so she obviously didn’t know them. The message said……. “ You might want to keep your back turned who knows who could be behind you.” After I read a shiver went all the way up my spine.
“So someone was obviously here other than us.”
“Wait look the person signed a J on the bottom of the message,” M said with a clueless look on her face.
“That makes me very suspicious and concerned!” I said that right when I started to really get scared. I mean on a night like this when we are hanging out. O did I mention it’s Friday the 13th! This is just great.
“Calm down!” M said again
“I can’t calm down our friend is missing, and it’s Friday the 13th , what if Jayson is real! It even was signed J!” I couldn’t have held it in any longer. Now that I said that I wonder if Jayson is real. I’m beginning to get really scared! I just need to hold it together. “We need to go to the police station, like now!”

“What are you talking about you can’t help us?”

“Sorry but the missing person has to be gone for at least 24 hours, otherwise there isn’t anything we can do,” The police man said annoyed like he didn’t even care.

“Fine we can do it ourselves can’t we girls?” I mentioned feeling more nervous than I should have felt. My friends thought I was totally crazy for thinking we would be able to this, but I had to have faith for my childhood friend. I had felt doubt before, but now in a different environment I felt as though it was our only hope. I thanked the officer for his help. Even though he wasn’t any help at all. We then began to walk out the door when suddenly I remembered Summer’s mom!

“Girls one of us have to tell Summer’s mom about what happened, and I’m not doing it I always have to!” whenever I was with Summer I always had to ask her mom if she could spend the night like she didn’t even want to speak to her mom. Well this is great I was nominated to tell Mrs. Brooks. Oh no what will she think of me? Will she think I’m not able to hang out with friends without losing one? One thousand thoughts went through my mind, and before I knew it I was on her front porch. With a throbbing heart I stood there frozen, and my eyes staring at the door mat that said “The Brooks”. I rang the doorbell, and stood there thinking what am I going to say. Never mind too late.

“Well what a nice surprise Ellen, and Summer isn’t here,” she said in a brittle voice almost cracking.

“Well I wasn’t looking for her I was actually coming to tell you something,” I said feeling like I was going to cry. Mrs. Brooks was a sweet, short and delicate lady (not as in old) with spectacles on the brim of her nose. She had red curls that flowed around her face nicely, and with only a couple of grays. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her mad or angry. She seemed as though she would never hurt a fly, but this time it’s different so I’m not exactly sure what was going to happen.
“Well last night………ummmmmm,” I didn’t know how to get it out it so I just went out and said it. “SUMMER’S MISSING!” As I looked at her it seemed as if she had just got shot in the chest. She fainted, and hit her head on a table. It was bleeding really badly. I was in shock so I did not know what to do, so I screamed for help. Luckily there was a man jogging, but he had headphones in. I couldn’t leave her here, and run after the man. I didn’t have a choice. I started to sprint, and around the corner he was on the phone talking to someone. I tried hard to listen in. It might have been a whisper, but I could hear it a little.

“I got her to faint, and she hit her head those pills worked great!” The creepy guy said in the deepest voice I’ve ever heard in my life.
I couldn’t believe my ears it was a total plan. As I sprinted back I had looked through her stuff like a total brown noser. I looked for anything, something. I wonder if this guy has anything to with Summer’s disappearance. In every drawer I looked in, a big fat nothing was found. I couldn’t give up. The bathroom cupboards! As I looked I saw many medicines, but none that look unusual except one. I heard something in the hallway by the door. I got up went into the kitchen, and got out a knife just in case. I eased down the stairs easily. Only to find Mrs. Brooks gone! With blood still on the floor I followed the track of muddy boot prints around to the back yard. I saw the shed door open. With the knife still in my hands I went straight for the shed hoping no one was in there. I turned to face the opening of the doors, but nothing just some rusty old tools that haven’t been used for years. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I began to scream “AAAAHHHH!!!” when I noticed who it was.
“Wow calm down again it’s just me it gets you every time,” M said with a smirk on her face.
“Where is Mrs. Brooks?”
“I saw the door open and saw her laying there, so I brought her to the hospital.”
“Then why was the shed door open?”
“I saw her gardening tools sitting on the driveway, and I brought them back her put them in the shed and forgot the door,” M said with flared nostrils. This always means she is lying, and I’m going to find out what she is lying about.

“I saw your nostrils flare I know you are lying,” I said with a scornful look.
“I have no idea what you are talking about,” she said with little grin.
This time I knew she was lying for real I can’t believe this. Summer would be so disappointed in her, because they have been best friends since what? Preschool! They are closer than a frog and a lily pad. That is so like Mercedes to stab one of her friends in the back! She has done it to all of us once. One time I liked this really cute guy named Shawn, and she took him right out from under me after I fell for him. So technically I wasn’t really her friend she was just in our group, so it’s either I liked her or I was out. I’m sure you knew what I picked. I actually hate her, but everyone else thinks she is like the coolest person on earth.
“Hello?” Mercedes said getting really frustrated, but I really didn’t care.
“I’m sorry, but unlike you I have a friend to find!” I said turning to my car, and not looking back. I felt like she had something to hide, and I’m going to get the bottom of it. While driving in my car down the fast lane of the freeway, I noticed all these cars stopped. I was stuck behind them. I honked trying to get one car to budge, but none did. I then got out of my car only to find an accident. The bad part was it looked exactly like Ali’s grey convertible..... Suddenly I felt my stomach drop harder then it does on any roller coaster. I dropped to my knees with tears forming in my eyes. I looked again, and there was ruble all of the place. Car pieces everywhere. Blood splatted on the road. I got up and started walking towards whats left of the car, but stopped by policemen in dark black uniforms that said FBI on the tags.
“What happened?” I asked sobbing.
“Some girl who is 17 was driving in the car with a bomb, and we don’t know if it was a suicide or a murder plan,” pointing at the car he said, “ they also found two phones and a license.”
“What is the girl’s name, if I can ask that?”
“Yes you can and her name was Ali Fitzgerald, do you know her?”
“Actually yes I do she is my friend, and can I see the phones?” He gave me the phones, and I checked the messages. There was messages on Ali’s phone from J. They said, “How’s life now that Summer is gone, I would think it’s great knowing you can be closer to Ellen now. Don’t you think?” Ali replied back saying “Who is this?” Then J said you will never guess, and by the way there is a bomb in you car that will make you explode if you go under 90 miles per hour. Better not stop, or your insides will be decorating the freeway. Good luck!” What kind of sick person is this? I mean come on copying the move “Speed” yeah it’s scary, but really?
“Is she still alive?”
“Well......we found her body in the ditch with blood all over, but it seemed that there was nothing we could do, sorry.”
It came again, the tears, and I thought that they would never come back. I guess I was wrong. I have two only friends gone, and an enemy I can’t trust. I have to confront Mercedes, figure out who J is, and how Mercedes fits into this situation.

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