The Death Of Mark Forose

February 15, 2012
By Anonymous


Mark! Go to the roof and check out where that sound came from. Stomp, Stomp mark marched up the stairs leading to the roof. Searching around as if someone broke out of prison. Luckily it was nothing serious an old rusted satellite had tipped over by the corner of the building. Mark returned to his stand down stairs. Mark is an 18-year-old student who is easily with A’s. Ding two armed men walked in hiding there faces from the camera.’

“Mark Forose” one of the men called out. Mark petrified shaking trying to think of what to do ran as fast as he could up the stairs struggling to withdraw the phone from his pocket

“Stop!” one of the masked men barked. Pointing his gun at Mar Forose instructing him to turn toward the edge.

“I wont tell anyone. I swear!” Mark verbalized.

“Shut up” the man said as he kicked mark right of the edge of the building.

“Nooo!” mark shouted as he fell watching, as the sky became farther form him every inch he dropped. Thinking of the pain that will soon inflict his body. As he came in contact with the ground each bone was crushed from head to toe. With no way to move mark laid there with pain that controlled his body and died.

“Eeee”, the garbage truck drove through the ally were Mark Forose’s dead body laid. As soon as the sanitation worker saw the kid he quickly dialed 9-1-1. Minute’s later blue and red lights filled the ally as swarm of feds filled the ally. Camera lights flashing and caution tape guarded both sides of the ally.

“Hue!” Janet called to come help investigate the corpse that was left on the ground.

“This was not and accident it was a homicide. I was talking with the owner of the store and he told me that this young man was robed on the job.” Inspecting the area trying to figure out what really happened here.

“Knock knock. Open up! Its Kyle”

“What the hell are you doing here” Peter replied in a frustrated voice

“ We completed the job you assigned”

“Already! The money is in the bag?”

“Yea but there's the problem we got all the money you asked for but…”

“But what!”

“Mark Forose is dead”

“ What the hell Kyle you cant do anything right. You going to get me in so much trouble! Don’t come around here anymore”

“Boom” the door slammed shut as the two kids walked out furious.

“Drat! How dare he say that! And all that work that I… let's get out of here!

As I walked out of this ugly home peter madden owned there was water leaking down almost every wall and the wood was producing mold by the second and there were bullet holes through every door in the building.

An 18-year-old boy walked down the street jamming two his music holding a body bad in his right hand. Walking slow but with charisma the young boy who secretly worked with peter madden. As he walked down the street getting ready to go dispose of Mark Forose. Still walking and bobbing his headlights flashed and investigators had control of the area.

“Oh crap!” Aaron noticed what was going on and took of running. Janet who was watching his every move since sight ordered seven cops to retrieve him. “Huh huh huh” panting, sprinting, running out of air, all of these caused Aaron to slow down.

“Stop!” an officer ordered
“I’m sorry I aint even do nothing” Aaron complained as he was haled away. Hyperventilating rolling on the floor with cuffs on is extremely uncomfortable.

“Get up thug. What is your name.” Janet asked

“Aaron!” he answered

“Well Aaron why were you walking around with a body bag?

“ I aint do nothing I swear “

“ Then what were you doing with this, answer my question!”

“ I aint a snitch man chill”
“Whop” the investigator gave him a sharp blow right to the gut.

“Aight aight I’ll tell you! Just stop touching me. The two dudes who committed the crime are Kyle and Ryan. But I don’t recall ever being told their last name. But they are always hanging out over at Rocky Goat Gate.”

“Release him” Janet demanded. She drove off with four other squad cars to the address that was given to her.

“Bweep bip bip Bweep” the 5’0 swarmed the area and quickly armed them selves.

“Bill go right with your partner, Jack left and hue take the back I’ll go through the front!” everyone in position ready for the signal. Second by second Janet lowered each finger to alarm the team when to intruded the building. “Whump” both doors feel to the floor and both suspects were right there waiting for them. “Bratatat” the two boys quickly released ammo at the police turning the situation even worse then it was before.

“I’m out” one yelled.

“Me too.” The other replied. Trying to reload their guns Janet fired her weapon at both suspects brining them down to the ground in great pain. “Yeow” both boys on the floor rolling around with a bullet in their legs. Multiple bullets shot the darkest, red colored blood came spluttering out of the criminals like a waterfall, making a poo of blood around their weak bodies. Both boys were thrown in the back seat of an officer’s car and brought to the station for questioning. Slow thin tears slid down Ryan’s face darkening his cheek every place the tear went over.

“Look at it!” Janet dictated

“What is it?”

“Pictures of the young boy you idiots killed”

“It was an accident.” Now angry Janet replies in a very UN happy tone.

“Stop it! don’t you dare lie to me, you cant kill someone by accident

“Well he said to rob the store so we did but we didn’t mean to kill him!”

“Who is he” Janet questioned

“He’s the leader, the one”

“Stop waiting my time and tell me!”

“Sigh, his name is Petter Madden”

“The gang leader of MS-13”

“That’s all I’m gonna tell you. Plus we put him out of his misery.”
“How dare you say that? You should be ashamed”
“Boom” the front door of the interrogation room slammed shut and locked Janet walked by frustrated and whispered
“Kill them” to the generals ear. Two guards walked into the room where the boys sat and waited. The guards guided the boys through the halls to the execution room. One of them when to the electric chair and the other was sent to jail for life for being an accessory.
“Stop, I aint do nothing. Help Help!” Kyle started to fight back at the guards in fear of dyeing.
“No” Kyle yelled has the strapped his arms and legs to the chair and placed his soaked head under a metal bowl.
“Lights out buddy” one of the guards said while giggling.
“Pull the switch”
“Bwee” the lights flickered through out the whole building and sparks flow out from beneath the chair. His body started jumping up and down as if he was trying to hop out of his chair. His head started twitching and his legs tightly flexed then everything dropped. His lifeless body just sat there in the chair dead due to his stupid actions.

Mark Forses mother was on the phone with Janet as she was told the bad news.

“My boy!” she whimpered. Weeks later Mark Forose was planted in the ground with a stone placed above his head. The two criminals paid the price for what they had done. One dead and the other in jail with no way to ever get out. This terrible day will always be in his mother’s head due to the fact that she lost a loved son.

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