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January 21, 2012
By , bath, NY
"The marvelous thing is that it's painless," he said. "That's how you know whenn it starts."
"But... are you sure?... I-I cant stand pain. you know that." she said.
"Yes. now eat your soup, after 8 you cant eat anything." He said reassuring her.
"yes sir." And she continued eating her soup. He was reading the paper from that day. She sighed loudly and he looKed up from his paper and watched her eat her soup.
"Madeline. It will be fine. Stop acting like a child. Remember, i will there. So stop." He said in a harsh yet loving tone.
"OK Ace. I'm just a little nervous. I'll stop and everything will be OK. I'll wake up tomorrow, and it will be all over." Madeline said taking a spoonful of soup and slurping it, Ace cringing at the noise. Madeline gets up and she walks towards the door, she opens the door and the cool Autumn breeze makes her body shake a little. She walks outside and the door slams behind her. Ace sees from the window, Madeline lighting up a cigarette. She coughs a little as she exhales.
"The only thing worse..." She said to herself. "Is the fact that they have a cure for it now... but... if it makes him happy..." she coughed a little more, and she felt something drip down her chin. She wiped the liquid from her lip and loOKed at it in the street light. It was red. The strange red substance that was killing her. She put out her cigarette and walked back inside. He had been watching her, but whenn she walked back in, he had started reading the paper again.
"You know, worrying about it won't make it go away. i ordered you some more food. its only quarter after six, you need to eat more." Ace said not looKing up at her. She sat down and started eating the food.
"why do you do what makes you happy, and expect me to do the same?" she asked him, after swallowing the food.
"why do you ask?" he asked her, looKing up from the paper.
"because I'm getting sick of being your puppet." she said.
"but isn't that how you used me? how do you like it? it' not fun, is it? when did you do it to me? you kept begging and begging. and whenn i ask for a few things, now, you still whine and complain?" he said in a harsh tone. She stood up quickly and walked out the door, but whenn she got outside, she fell to the ground.
He ran outside and put her in his lap, blood coming from her mouth. She opened her eyes to see hI'm and she closed them again. After a few minutes, tears ran down his cheeks. She opened her eyes again and said:
"do not cry for me... for i have something to say."
"what is it?" he said, whipping the from his eyes.
"whenn you're happy, I'm in pain."
"why?" he asked.
"because... i hate you," she said and her body went lI'mp. He stood up leaving her body there and left the cafe. He got a taxi home, and walked through the door, slamming it loudly. He went into his room and sat on his bed.
"the only thing worse..." he said. "is her not being here..." he got up and walked towards the closet. He opened the right side door, and got down a box from the top shelf. He removed the lid, and he tooK out a gun. He put the barrel of the gun in his mouth, and pulled the trigger.

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