The Seven Chairs

February 18, 2012
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The fifth one ended up in France. No one knew where it came from, or how, but they knew it wasn’t normal. It was a warm, sunny day in a small town south of Paris. Two priests were walking through a peaceful, quiet church when all of a sudden, the air became charged with static electricity. There was a loud pop, and the chair appeared. A smiling old woman sat in the velvety seat, calmly staring down at the men. She didn’t seem at all alarmed to be floating ten feet in the sky, although the chair did seem to be slowly sinking towards the ground.

After the chair landed softly, the woman stood up and thanked it, and the seat disappeared. She walked towards the priests, who had been watching the scene with astonishment.

“It’s one of the seven,” she told them, as if that explained everything, and walked confidently out of the church. The men watched her go, and then turned to give each other befuddled gazes filled with questions.

“Who was that woman?” the younger priest asked. “How did she do that?”

The older, wiser priest knew that if his companion told anyone this story, he would be branded as a fool. “You are not to tell anyone what you saw here today. It was the work of the devil!” He waited until the young man nodded his consent, and then left the room. Being the old man that he was, he promptly forgot about the incident.

But the young priest did not forget. He kept his promise, of course, but still he searched for answers. All he had to go on was the woman’s strange comment about the chair being one of the seven.
He wanted to talk to the woman again, but he searched all over town and could not find a trace of her. Later that day, he was walking home with a feeling of defeat, when he noticed a strange light coming from the trees in the wood at the side of the road. He walked towards it, and there was a bright flash.
The man was never seen again.
No one knows what happened to the young priest, but they say that if you hear this story, you will disappear too. Maybe the chair you are sitting in at this very moment is one of the seven. Who knows?

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