Night of 3. 4. 5.

February 17, 2012
By Taylor Kindt BRONZE, Alpena, Michigan
Taylor Kindt BRONZE, Alpena, Michigan
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It was a beautiful summer afternoon, and my husband Toby and I had just got married. We had moved in to our new cabin. There was a narrow two-track dirt driveway that led a few feet back in to the woods. Trees surrounded the cabin like a barricade. As you walk to the back you can see a shimmering little lake shinning like glitter. The cabin was made out of logs and the interior was also wooded. When you look up to the ceiling you could see the peeks of to roof about fifteen feet above our heads. It had a fireplace to warm-up to when the night were cold.

Being in a new house does take a little bit of getting used to. Toby and I were getting settled in to bed for the night. As he was sound asleep, I lay there just thinking about things. For some reason however, something was not right. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was being watched by twenty people. I could not see anything. Dark shadows linger around the house. My mind didn’t pay any attention to it, figuring that it just is my brain playing tricks on my eyes. So after awhile I glanced at the clock, 3:45 it read in bright green numbers. I finally decided that I might as well close my eyes and try to get some sleep.

The next morning, the sweet aroma of cinnamon rolls maneuvered into my bedroom. I crawled out of bed.

“Good Morning Bethany!” Toby said with a smile while kissing me on the cheek.

“Morning” Bethany said tiredly.

“Is there something wrong angel?” Toby asked a little concerned.

“Yeah I just didn’t sleep well.” Bethany said softly.

Toby hugged me feeling sorry that I didn’t sleep. I had a cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee to start my morning.

Toby and I decided to do some work outside today. I planted flowers and weeded the garden. Toby was on the riding lawn mower, cutting the grass. It was another gorgeous day, birds singing, sun shinning, everything was perfect. After about four hours of work I grabbed my favorite lawn chair and sat in the sun reading a book, and drinking iced tea. Toby went to the store to pick up food for dinner.

The air was quiet, all I could hear was the water and wind that sends a nice cool breeze every once in awhile. Glancing in the woods for a second after what I thought I had heard a crunching sound, but I didn’t see anything. Thought had come over me as I looked at the time; it was 3:45 in the afternoon. Why was that time occurring in my life a lot I wondered?

“Okay Bethany, this is only a coincidence don’t be afraid. I said out loud to myself. Deciding it was time to walk back up to the house.

“Thunk” a sound that made my heart race faster.

I looked down and there was a small door that happened to be in the ground.

Why I hadn’t seen that before confused me. I decided to open it. It was dark and smelted incredibly musky. There was about a three foot drop lead by an old wooden ladder.

I heard Toby’s truck pull into the driveway, so I closed the door and went inside to unload the bags.

I wanted to know what was down there. It was now about 10:15 p.m. Toby and I decided to call it a night. I lay there and fall asleep. After a few hours, I wake up with the same feeling of being watched again. It was 3:45.
My gut then said to go out and check out the door, and heart told me to stop. However, my adventurous-self went with my gut feeling, and I went to the door.

With my jacket and flashlight, I went outside. I didn’t want Toby to know because he would tell me it is too dangerous and I shouldn’t go down there. At the door, I open it, and on the underside read the number 345 everywhere. I now have butterflies in my stomach. I just breathed and slowly climb down the ladder into the tunnel like thing. Flashlight in one hand, and the other clenched so tight they were white as snow. I get down the tunnel; it looked about a mile long with rocks on either side. It seemed like a burning body.

BANG!!! I hear from the door behind me.

I froze with fear, as if my body stopped working. Suddenly my flashlight went out. Now I was really afraid. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow zoom past me like a bullet. It was strange because I couldn’t see two feet in front of me. As if this thing, or whatever it was, was darker than the air around me. Trying to run to the door, but it was as if my energy was stolen from me. The thing was really close; I could feel its energy around my body. I reach the door, it would not budge. Then I began to cry in fear, thinking about if Toby was alright, and if I were going to live.

I hadn’t been to church in years, but I decided to pray for my life.

“God please let whatever is here to set me free.”
Noises got louder, for if this thing didn’t like I prayed. I sat there with my hand over my face; figured running wasn’t going to dome any good.

Tears streaming from my face, I just sat there.

All of a sudden, I heard a very faint, “Bethany-y-y...Bethany-y-y...Bethany-y-y-y”

It was Toby.

I start pounding on the door.

“TOBY!!” I yelled, about 8 times.

Moments later I heard him on the other side he opened the door.

“Babe!” I say excitedly, jumping into his arms hugging him.

Toby wipes the tears from my face.

“Bethany, sweetie, what are you doing?” Toby asked.

Trying to catch my breath, “Th. Th. There is so-oo-mething down there and I swear it tried to k-k-kill me”

“What do you mean?” Toby questioned.

“Honey lets just say our cabin is haunted, we either need to call someone or something to see what we can do.”

Toby and I went back into the house. I wrapped myself up in a blanket and sat by a fireplace. It was 5:00 a.m. Toby called a spiritual cleanser company, who he found in the phone book.

“Good Morning, thanks for calling Spirits-Be-Gone, my name is Christina, how may I help you.”

“Yes, hi, my name is Toby…” Toby continued to explain the problem.

“I will have someone come over to your house and take a look around the house. What is your address?

Toby replied “345 Sunset Ave.”

At around 6:00 in the afternoon Christina came by the house. She had a bible and sage incense. She took about an hour saying over and over, “Bless this house from all evil…”

All of a sudden, it was like the death of a ghost. The air felt fresh and happy again. Now I can sleep through the night. My life was changed, and now I can live it in peace.

The author's comments:
A story about a young couple that moved in to their new cabin. Then things started to turn upside down. 345...its everywhere!

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