House of Nightmares

February 16, 2012
By Sean Ivaldi BRONZE, Stoughton, Massachusetts
Sean Ivaldi BRONZE, Stoughton, Massachusetts
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I pull up to the first red light I have seen in hours. My wife has fallen asleep due to the car ride being so long. Music played quietly from the radio, playing some kind of soft rock. No other cars were seen on the cold dark road. The clock read 12:29 a.m. I adjusted the Mirror to look at myself. I gave myself a fake smile than returned back to the road. The light turned green and I pressed the gas. The road ahead had no street lights, extremely creepy; all the houses were dark with only a couple lit in the front. We finally get to the end of the street and I pull into the gated driveway. There stood our new house, towering high with three floors. One of the biggest houses on the block, still this house needed work. Most of the shutters were hanging by their last breath; Grass hasn’t been mowed in centuries, Vines growing up the side of the chipped painted sides. I finally stop the car at the end of the driveway. I shook my wife awake and her reaction to the house was different than mine. She put a big smile on her face, and than I knew that she had something on her mind, something that involved a bit work of some sort. This house that stood before us was her next project.

We both open the car doors and step out. My wife walks down the stone path way to the rotten old porch as I go to the trunk of the car and grab the suitcases and other personal items. Her feet on the porch steps made the boards scream below her, but this made her smile. She opens the wooden door and the door talks back to her; she hears it like a sweet song. I tremble up the steps with the bags and make my way into the doorway. She flicks on the light and a huge glass chandelier lights up above us. I lay the bags on the floor and scan the area. My wife stares up the staircase and smiles even wider. “Isn’t it beautiful honey?” She asks me. I grunt but agree with her. The wooden floors below were completely covered in dust. All the walls were covered in old wallpaper. No furniture. I could feel my wallet burst into flames. She takes her bags up the stairs to the master bedroom, and I follow close behind. She opens the bedroom door and the room illuminates. A big king sized bed laid ahead of us. Out of the whole house, the bed was the cleanest thing in here. I took our sheets and put them over the bed. My wife explored the bathroom. I put the second row of sheets on, but was interrupted by my wife screaming. I raced into the bathroom and she was pointing at the bath tub and did not say a word. I walked over to the bath tub and pulled the curtain aside. There on the tub was a huge brown hairy spider. It scurried fast up the side wall and my wife let out another scream. I love how she buys the old houses and not expects these creatures to be living in them. I took my shoe off and squashed the creature, than I turned the water on and washed the residue off it. My wife sighed and started to un pack the bathroom essentials. I returned to making the bed. Twenty minutes later we were both sound asleep in the warmth of a comfy bed.

The next day was crucial, working all day on fixing the floors, repainting the walls, and refurnishing the place. We completely renovated and it took all day. At the end of the day, although it still needed a lot of work it started to look a lot more like a livable place.
Night fell and we were both exhausted. A few workers we hired were just leaving. The house was silent. We sat down to dinner at the new dining table. My wife poured a glass of wine as I started cutting the meat that was on my plate. “So, how do you like it so far?” She asks. “Honestly, at first I didn’t like it, but now its making progress and I actually really do like it” I reply. She gives me a huge smile and than takes a sip from her glass. I take a bite of the meat. Suddenly we both got disturbed by the loud bang that came from above us. We both kept our cool, ‘Probably one of the workers’ I thought. Then the bang got a little louder and it sounded like something broke. “Can you go check what they are doing up there?” My wife asks me. I push myself from the table and start my way up the stairs. I noticed none of the lights upstairs were on. I turned on the hall light and marched down the hall. “Hello” I called out, but no one answered. I open the first door to the left and checked the room. Nothing was found. I called out again and no one answered back. I opened the second door and still nothing. No signs of life any where. Third door was hard to get open. It was the door to the attic. I put my ear to the door and listened to hear if this is where the violent noises were coming from. The noise happened again. I place my hand on the door knob and try to open it, but the door is locked. I then bang on the door. “What the are you doing in there? Let me in now!” I call out. The bang happened again and this time it sounded like it was like someone was throwing something around. I place my ear on the door again but suddenly the door flies open and the force was so violent it tossed me off my feet. My back slammed hard on the wooden floor. I scurry back to my feet and peer into the room. The room was dark, cold and smelled pretty bad. I try the light switch but the lights won’t turn on. I run over to the hall closet and grab a flashlight. I run back to the room and shine the light in. The room was pure white by the sheets that covered the furniture to block paint from falling on them. The beam of light from my hand travels from the right back corner to the far back left corner. No signs of life were present. I take my first step into the room. Boards squeak underneath. “Hello?” I call out into the room. No answer. Second step, my heart starts to race and my breathing gets heavier. Fear is coming upon me. Third step, my palms start to sweat. I call out again, but still no answer. Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder. So shocked in fear I spin around quickly to find my wife standing there. “Everything okay?” she asks calmly. I nod. “I guess it was just maybe an animal or something” Second guessing my theory we both exit the room.

That night it was so hard to sleep. My mind racing about what happened tonight, I couldn’t rest. I sat up in bed and peered around the room. Something was in this house that I felt was not good. Just the feeling of this place was very uneasy. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen parched for water. I grabbed a glass out of the cabinet and set it down on the counter. I go into the refrigerator and grab the tub of purified water and then shut the door. I than notice the glass vanished. Confused, I go and get another one. As I shut the cabinet door I now notice the gallon of water gone. “What is going on here?” I set the glass down and as soon as I do it rockets off the counter and against the wall all ending with a huge crash. Frozen in shock, I begin to panic. Not knowing what to do, my first instinct is to rush upstairs but before I could get to the top a huge burst of force forms at my chest and next thing I know I’m falling down the stairs. It felt like minutes before I hit the bottom. The pain was so unbearable. It felt like every bone in my body has shattered. I cry for help in hope my wife will hear. Seconds later the stair lights turn on and my wife rushes down the stairs to my aid. “What Happened? Are you okay!?” She asked as she helped me to my feet. She needed to know, but I worried that she might find me to be crazy. Without any hesitation a began to describe the horrible things that lurk the halls of this house. After I was done, she looked at me like I had three heads. She rubs my head in hope to find a bump that would make me delusional. After not finding one she says that I need sleep. She takes my hand and leads me up the stairs back to bed. I lay down and I never felt so comfortable in that bed. Few moments later my eyes closed shut hoping for day to come soon.

The next day, again was another busy day. My wife’s goal was to try to finish her “project” today. Hammers banging, saws screaming, and men’s talk and laughter filled the halls. I, on the other hand, was in my own world. I was tried to explain these supernatural experiences. Video recorder in hand, I searched the house. I crept down every hall, opening every door in hope for answers. Nothing was found. I sat down at the kitchen table and watched as the workers carried in new furniture for the living room. I felt alone. I was the only one experiencing this stuff. I rested my head on the table, but my train of thought was interrupted by a hand on my shoulder, than rubbing it as if comforting me. My wife, although a skeptic, still cares for my well being. Not lifting my head I hold her hand for comfort. She then rests her head on my back. Still no words spoken I let her wrap her arms around me. “You okay?” she asks in a whisper. I nod my head. Still holding me she kisses my head. I turn to kiss her back, but what stared back at me wasn’t my wife. In fact it wasn’t anyone. Just a blank wall stared back at me. Something was also very wrong with this scene. All the noise from the workers has stopped. A huge chill ran down my spine.

I raced to my feet and looked around the corner to the living room. “Hello?” I call out. No answer. Fear takes control of me and I start to wander to the front entrance. No signs of life anywhere, I check out the front windows and see that all the vans are still here. “Anyone here?” I yell up the stairs. No answer. Sunlight starts to fade away to darkness. I watch as the windows all turn to black. I ran to the front door and opened it, and what I saw next did not make sense at all. I stared down another hallway. Panic stricken, I couldn’t breathe. This didn’t make sense. It was completely unreal. The room was now completely black. I couldn’t see two inches in front of me. I struggle around the room, feeling the walls in hope to find a light switch. The walls texture seemed very different, for it did not feel like wallpaper but more concrete. I felt down the wall, a little longer and I found a switch. I flicked it on, and before my eyes, I was no longer in the comforts of my own home. I was now staring down a hallway that what looked like to be a hospital. Time has seemed to slow down. My breathing became unbearable. This couldn’t be real. I try to pinch my self awake, but I soon realized that this was reality. I fell to my knees in fear; I had no longer felt myself breathing. It seemed to feel as if I was drowning. Than I heard I voice. It sounded like a young girl. It came from the room all the way at the end of the hall. I stared at the wooden door as it slowly cracked open, but it was dark on the inside. Something was telling me to go to this room, I could feel it. I stood up and began to walk slowly towards the room. “Hello?” Who’s there” I called out. No answer. I approached the room carefully. No other sound could be heard but the foot steps underneath me. As I approached the room more and more, it seemed to get darker in the hallway. I finally touched the door and peered inside. It was an operation room with white walls and white tiled floors with a bed in the middle of the room, giant lights above the bed and all kinds of medical supplies all over the place. A body laid upon the bed with a sheet over it. A large red stain covered the upper chest area. Although this was a tad creepy, I felt as if it wanted me to come to it. I reached my hand over the sheet to pull it off and right before I could the body sprung from the bed and pushed me to the ground. It then got on top of me pinning me down. The sheet still covering, it slowly lowered its head towards mine. I turned my head so I wouldn’t be face to face with it. Feeling its breath on my neck made me have goose bumps. It then whispered in my ear my name, a female voice, not recognizable but for reason it seemed familiar. I shut my eyes in hope for her to leave. She let out an ear piecing screech and jumped off of me. I look to where she has gone, and she had vanished. I got up from the floor and scanned the room. She wasn’t with me anymore. I ran for the door. Not knowing where I was going, I ran the halls of the hospital, looking for any signs of an exit. I winded one last hallway and there, an exit sign illuminated. Without thinking I charged the door and threw my whole body against it. The door cracked off its latches and fell to the floor along with me. With a sign of relief I looked up to see the outside, but instead I was staring into a children’s unit. I stood up, with a weight in my chest. I have finally realized there is no way out of this nightmare.

The halls were dimly lit, trying each door as they come along. All were locked. I turned a corner and there, a lit room to right. I ran in, and the light was too bright to see. I cuff my eyes in hope to see but it fails. I walk out into the unknown room and my footsteps begin to echo. It seems to be a very large room of some sort. The light begins to dim and I find myself in a gymnasium. I look back at where I entered and it is now a cement wall. I turn back to the gym and a whistle blows. The sound was so loud it sounded like it rang through my entire body. Next thing I see is a bunch of children run past me and line up at the middle of the court. I watch as they all form in a line one after the other. The doors burst open and a man dressed in sweats enters the court. Something is odd, because he seems that he doesn’t have a face. Darkness flows around him and the sight of him for some reason makes me feel sick. He stands in front of the lines and starts to say something but all that comes out is screeching. It’s so loud that it makes me have to cover my ears. The children respond and their voices are softer and kind of pleasant, but still they weren’t making any sense. The man screeches again, burning my ear drums, and then all the children file out except for one. A young girl, around eight years old, stood there without moving at all. The man got closer to her and the room got a bit darker to the point where it looked like there was a spot light on them. He grabs her by the shoulder and screeches again but this time, as he speaks the room vibrates. He then grabs her by the other shoulder and throws her down. I try to run over to her aid but then the room blacks out again.

I open my eyes and I find myself in the basement of my house. Without a moment to spare I get back on my feet. I noticed that the basement was set up differently. All hopes that I escaped the nightmare vanished. I went for the stairs but the door at the top flew open. I dove away from the stairs and climbed behind a couple of old boxes. I watched as the shadow slowly moved down the stairs. I then notice that it was the gym teacher dragging a garbage bag down the stairs. As he reached the bottom, he threw the trash bag aside and then moved swiftly to the other side of the room. I took a closer look at the bag, and noticed that a hand was peeking out of the top of it. Could that be that little girl? Before I could get any closer the man came back with a pickaxe. He dragged the trash bag to a corner and than held the ax over his head than struck down on the hard cement floor. The floor cracked. He struck it again and again till there was a decent sized hole in the ground. He then picked up a shovel and started to dig. The room started to get dark again. I closed my eyes and took a breath, than re-opened them.

I was back in the dining room with my wife holding me. I sprung from my chair and hugged her tight for as if I haven't seen her in days. “Hun, what’s the matter?” She asks. I don't say anything and continue to hold her. Without another minute to spare I look into her eyes. “I think something really bad happened in this house” I tell her. She rolls her eyes. I than continue, “I think a little girl was hurt and killed here.” She laughs and then says “Nice that you’re trying to scare me, but it’s not working” I take her hand and lead her to the basement. She laughs again as if it’s a joke. I turn the stair lights on and move slowly down the stairs. “Hello little ghosty” My wife calls out jokingly. We get to the bottom of the stairs and I go straight for where I saw the man going at the ground, but there was no hole. My wife comes up behind me still in a chuckling mood and says, “So where am I suppose to see this ghost?” I ignore the comment and look closely at the floor and I notice that a small crack was left in the cement. Without warning I run and grab a crowbar from my work bench and haul it into the crack. My wife panics and screams for me to stop what I’m doing, but I ignore her again. I strike the ground again and a large chunk of the cement goes flying. My wife comes over to push me out of the way but I push her back. I strike the ground again, and all of a sudden the room goes black. All the lights shut off and it started to get very cold. My wife scrambles to her feet and comes towards me for comfort. Although she is a tough cookie, her greatest fear is the dark. The room ignites with ear piecing screams, so loud that my wife and I have to cover our ears. I look at her and than I know that she now believes me. She breaks out her cell phone and dials 911 in fear. The room than starts to shake and I strike the floor again with the crowbar. The room gets even darker and the screams get louder. I than feel an electrical field build up near my chest and than suddenly I get pushed through the air and I hit the back wall. My wife screams on the phone for help and then the phone rockets from her hand to the other wall and it shatters. I get up and race to my wife and I hold her close. I strike the floor one more time and it feels like I have reached soil. Everything stopped in place. Screams simmered and the lights turned back on. I get down on my hands and knees and brush away the dirt and a skull emerges from it. My wife gets down with me and I say, “That's her.”

Moments later the cops arrive and we explain our findings. We learn that the remains were a young girl named Rachel Parker. She has been missing for 4 years. Many have questioned of how I knew where she was, I just told them it was just the right place at the right time. As investigation drew further, we found out the killer was the old elementary school gym teacher. He was said to have killed himself due to fear of being caught of his actions. After the remains were removed from the house, the activity had stopped, although one night I did come across a random teddy bear on a note, scratched out to look like “Thank you.” My wife did in fact finish the house, and never again did we ever experience anything like that again.

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