Haunted House

February 6, 2012
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Sarah was lost in a haunted house, scared and alone. This haunted house was supposed to be one of the scariest ones in Minnesota. She had walked in with her friends but as soon as the door was shut her friends disappeared and so did the door. She couldn't find her friends and it was getting late but she couldn't find anyway out of this seemingly endless dark tunnel. The only lights were dark red flickering light bulbs that made her feel uncomfortable. She didn’t like the color red, it reminded her of blood.
She kept walking and she knew something was dreadfully wrong. All of a sudden there were two different paths going in different directions that she could take. Both lead to darkness, but she knew there was no way she could go back because instantaneously all the lights were fusing out one by one in her direction. That filled her with so much terror so she started running down the left tunnel.
She heard laughter drenched with evil all around her and she didn’t know where she was going, but she kept running. Then suddenly, all was silent. That made Sarah freeze and look around uneasily but of course there was only darkness around her. Then, faintly, she could hear footsteps, heavy footsteps, coming toward her. Those footsteps did not sound like anyone’s she knew. They sounded heavy and firm. This made Sarah run again, faster than she did before, faster than she could control, faster than she had ever run in her life. She was running so fast that she couldn't even feel the ground beneath her.
Although she was going fast the footsteps seemed to be approaching her faster. She felt arms enclose her so she wrestled out of them and ran even more. She did not hear the footsteps following her this time though, oddly enough, but that didn’t keep her from continuing to sprint. Out of nowhere, the ground beneath her vanished. She couldn't see but she felt herself falling for what seemed like a lifetime.
By the time she hit the bottom she was already out cold. The last thing she heard before she was gone forever were the same heavy footsteps coming her way, then that same unforgettable laughter that she had heard before.

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