The Return

February 10, 2012
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All I remember is the sound of tires squealing on the pavement. Then Darkness.

Before my very eyes this luminous glow of light burst all around me. I feel my body being lift from the ground underneath me. It feels like an angel is carrying my soul in to the sky above. I reach this place. It is a place of beauty and happiness. Seeing people of all ages, young and old. Everything is made of gold. I reach the doors that are as tall as skyscrapers. Behind the doors, there is this path; I began to follow it. In awe to my surroundings there is this sign. It read, “Heaven this way, with an arrow pointing to the right.” Now I realized where I was. I was dead.

My heart sank to the pit of my stomach, I wasn’t so happy any more. The thought came to my mind that “I am only 14 years old, why am I in this sort of place? Coming up to this castle, I go in. Sitting in this lounge-like-thing this girl walks over and sits next to me. She and I got to know one another. I told her my name is Mackenzie, but mostly prefer Kenzie. Her name is Sammy she is 16 years old.
“How did you get here, it you don’t mind me asking?” I asked.
”Oh that’s okay, I get asked all the time by new comers.” Sammy started out.

“I was swimming in our lake and the rip current pulled me under.”
My eye widened while she continued telling me her story. She then asked me he same question.

“How did you get here?”

“I don’t remember much, but what I do remember is a semi coming at our car about one-hundred miles an hour and hitting my family and I. Everyone survived the impact but me.”

“I’m so sorry!” Sammy replied.

After getting to know one another, we decided to go take a walk. We went to the dinning hall and had a snack. There is all sorts of stuff to choose from, angel food cake, to cookies and punch.

“Hey I want to show you something!” Sammy smiled.

Sammy walked me to the pond. The water was sparkling. The sounds of birds singing and tiny waves were gently flowing up on the shore. Along this pond you see people fishing. On the side we sat and watched everyone. I felt like I was free from all harm and nothing could bother me.

After the day was done we went back to the castle for the night. In the castle hang this shimmering chandelier that lights up the whole room. As you walk around the corner there is a set of spiral stairs that lead to the bedrooms. There had to be about 4. Each bedroom has 10 bunk beds made of per gold. I choose the one closest to the window that looked out for miles and miles. In the bed next to me lay an old man who looks about in his early to mid 70’s.
I looked at the time it was about 10:30. Staring out the window I ponder the view I am seeing. For some reason it was still as clear as day outside.

“Does it ever get dark in heaven” I whisper to Sammy in the bunk below mine.

She replied half asleep, “No it does not, every day, and every night the sun shines. Every now and again the sky will have a pink tint, but that’s only when someone returns to Earth.”
“Hmmm, I wonder it that will happen to one of us?” I asked.
”You never know” Sammy said softly as she closed her eyes.
The next morning I woke up to the smell of this sweet aroma. Deciding to go find where it was coming from, I went to the dinning hall. When I walked in there were two giant tables filled with all sorts of foods. Chocolate chip Pancakes, waffles, juice, doughnuts, anything you can think of they have. I grab a plate.

“MMMMMM, I cant remember when I had this nice of a breakfast.” I told a woman next to me in line.

Going over to the table where Sammy sat at, there were others around it. I sit down and a crossed the table is the old man again. It was as it I knew him from somewhere. But that couldn’t be right, I was only here for 2 days now. I decided to introduce myself.

“My name is Kenzie. What is yours?”

“Mark Jameson.”

I asked him if he had and children because my grandma’s maiden name was Jameson as well. He said he had five children, Sharon, Beth, John Scott and the youngest Mary. Mark showed me a photo of his children. Studying the photo, I began to recognize something about it as if I had seen it before. There was a baby in the photo.

“Who’s the baby?” I asked.

“That, my dear, is Annie Jameson, my son’s daughter”, he pointed out.
I stopped! This was all making perfect sense. My grandma’s name is Annie. Puzzled for a moment, then it occurred to me. This man standing before my very eyes is my great, great, great grandpa.

“Sir”, I said in a shy tone, “I am your great-great-great granddaughter.
He just stared at me for a moment. A grin spread across his face.

“Why by-golly, it is you!”
Wondering how he knew me, because I never met him before, he says, “I have been watching your family from a portal for years now, I know all about you.”

“What portal?” I asked.
He explained to me that there is a portal that you can look through and see whomever you want.
“I will have to check it out for myself, maybe you can take me to it. ” I paused for a second, “Grandpa?”
His face lit up like a light bulb when I called him that. After visiting for a while, Sammy and I left to go shopping. Shop in the Sky was a big name brand store in heaven. We spent most of the day there. We walked back to the rooms with our hands full, as a tall, blonde-hair guys with blue eyes approached me.

“Hi, are you Mackenzie Hunter?” he asked me.

“Why yes I am”, I replied.

“Well, my name is Henry and I am assigned to be your guardian angel. I am here to ask you if you would like another chance at life. You are going to be given a month to decide.”
Pondering what he said, I told him I would think about it.

Two weeks had passed. And my grandpa finally decided to take me to the portal. We gathered our things and walked to the portal room. This room is filled with seven different screens. Each screen has it’s own continent. You just simply pick your seat that belongs to your continent and sit there. Then turn a dial to the country, and type in your address back on Earth.

I type in “5123 Maple Drive, Sacramento California.” The screen starts to move. With in seconds I was looking at my family, my Mom, Dad, and older brother Caleb. I look at mom, she has a picture of me, and tears in her eyes.

“Oh how I miss her” mom said breathing hard. All of a sudden tears came to my eyes. It was hard to watch my family go through all this. Quickly I turn off the portal. I just couldn’t handle it.

Being back at the room I sit in my bunk and wonder if going back home is a good idea. Tears slowly run down my face. I have made so many friends here I don’t know if I want to. But then deep down, going back might be a better idea. My time in heaven has been wonderful. I’m not sure what decision to make, so I sleep on it.

More days have passed. Henry is in the castle; he is going to want an answer from me. I had decided to go back for a second chance. Henry took me to the Earth room.

“You sure you want to do this?” Henry questioned.

“Yes in sure.” I sighed.
Sammy and Grandpa stood there with me. I gave each of them a big hug. As I begin to step on the platform it lights up in multiple different colors.

“See you back here when you’re my age.” Grandma joked.
I wave goodbye.
With the flick of a switch I begin to slide down the shoot. It was like a roller coaster. Then silence.

No noise came from anywhere. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Coming out of unconsciousness, I open my eyes. They began to come into focus. When I see a paramedic, my mom, and dad surround me.

“Where am I?” struggling to say.

“Honey, we just got into an accident” mom says while stroking my hair.”

“But that was months ago.”
Mom looked at me, she had sat me up right.

“We are all here sweetie” mom says to me.

“Everyone thought you were dead, you were out for an hour.” She added.

The thought occurred to me that this was all just a dream, but deep down I knew it was real.

Grandma came to the car. She hugged me so tight, I couldn’t breathe.

“Oh my goodness, your alive.”

“Yes grandma but when I do die, I know that heaven is going to be absolutely beautiful. And by the way your Grandpa says Hi.”

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