Taken Away

February 9, 2012
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“No” she shouted as she was pulled away. Blood dripping. Body shaking. Not Knowing what could be. Wanting a new life for herself. New house. New town. But how can she escape from her horrible life. Taken away from the one she loves. Changing her output on her life. How can this work, what would it be? Trapped in a building, nowhere to run. Neveah’s scared for her life, only a window to look out. Can only see flowers and the sunset. It’s her favorite time of the year. Spring is supposed to be the time of new beginnings. A week before this happened; it was just a normal day for her. Getting ready for a fun night out, with the friends, partially Elias. A nice guy, with some amazing brown eyes and blonde hair pulling the look together. Four front row tickets to Lil Wytes concert is what they all had planned, but what happened was the complete opposite. Walking down the hall, the last ones to arrive. They turn to the sound of squeaking tires. A black van coming towards them. Two guys came out, the driver glued to his seat, waiting for the command to drive away from this place. The two men were cover in black, black shoes, Black pants, black hats, black everything. Neveah drops her ticket and goes down and Tries to pick it back up, but then she see out of her counter of her eye, two men running Full speed towards her. Her friends far ahead of her do not notice that she is gone, she yells for help, but no one answers.A bag comes down on her head, with full force, of a man pulling back, others yelling saying” hurry up, they noticed that she wasn’t there, they are on their way back.” the hurry and grabbed her and threw in the van with all his might. People talking around her, her vision is blurry, her thought are gone, she hit her head on the door, trying to fight back earlier. They think she is unconscious, they take the bag off of her head. She acts if so she was asleep they start talking not knowing she was awake. Using names and all. “I thought you guys were just going to talk to her, not kidnapped her.” Said Gaberiel he shouted freaking out. Didn’t want to be in this, didn’t want to go down wanted to be able to enjoy his life. Not in rot prison.“Gabriele just shut up no ones gonna know unless you run your mouth” Christopher hollered back. Angered that his brother could say such stupid things.“Turn left and put the “ninja mojo” in this section here” Johnnie boy the friend of Chris demands. He joined forces with them because he did not like Neveah either. On the other hand. Gabe was forces to come by his be loving brother. John carried Neveah like a husband would carry a wife into the building. She opened her eyes secretly to see where she was but in reality all she hoped to see turned into darkness. Slammed down on the ground. She grunted. Giving Chris the only option to notice she was awake. “Gabe, Go fetch the duck tape, the yellow rope, and the wood. Oh and don’t forget the saw.” Gabe decided to mouth off to his brother saying “No you go and get yourself I am not your slave; I didn’t even want to do this but you made me.” John Angered at what Gabe has said wants to get this over and walks over and starts hitting Gabe with the hammer he got off the ground and shouted at Gabe“Don’t talk to your brother like that go and get the stuff now.” Gabe starts running off. Hating how his brother tells him what to do, just wishing his dad was here, walking in pain he got to the van. Grabbed the things and run back to and give them the items he ask for. They put Neveah in the room. With only one window, only a sound of a train not too far away. She thinks that they are not too far away from town. That’s when Gabe comes in and she lost her train of thought. Gave says so quietly she can barely hear him“I want to help you get out of here”“Why you helped them.” she said her eyes tearing up. “I was starting a new life, with new Beginnings and you guys took it away from me. Why?” she yells back again. Still no Answer. “why why??” she screams at the top of her lungs.Gabe answers back “Shh they will hear you, I’m not supposed to be up here, I know how it feels when someone takes your life away, my brother did to me.” Gabe hears footsteps coming up the stairs, he hurrys and shuts the door telling Neveah “ I have to go for now but I will be back I promise.”Why would he want to help her? She was sitting there trying to sort her thoughts out, when the door slams against the wall. Its Chris. She can see his face in the moonlight shining through the tiny window. "Why would you do this to me." She blurts out angry at him. All she can think about is their past relationship. How did it come to this. That when Chris breaks the awkward silence. While stepping in to the darkness so that Neveah couldn't read his facial expression. "I did it for you. I.I. “He said with a calm tone. "How is this for me?" She interrupts She can’t possibly believe him. There is no way this is for her. She just got over him. Started a new life, met new people. Then she opened her mouth to speak again, but before she could say anything Chris was standing next to her. He reached his arm out and cupped his hand over her mouth. Making it where she couldn't speak. She tried screaming it didn't work. Her voiced was muffled in by the walls. "Stop screaming, no one can hear you." He said.. She could hear the anger in his voice. She had hit a soft spot somewhere. He continued his thought “I did it for you as I was saying before. I took you away from the cruel world, so we can be together. Just me and you. In a few days Gabe and John are leaving to Nevada. We'll be alone.' He announced it so seriously that she could tell he was speaking the truth. Chris's thoughts were never ending. He really believed he did this for her sake, but in reality he did it to make his self feel wanted. "I don't want to be with you. I was starting a new life. I was leaving you in the past. I left youfor a reason. You are an abusive man, what makes you think i would want a life like that? You need some serious help." She tried saying with passion. After all it was the truth, "Now why did you have to ruin the moment. It was going good. I'll be up later to ."check" on you." He said as he heard John screaming for him. Looking behind him as he walked away, he blow Neveah a kiss. Neveah moves dodging the hit. Neveah is left in the room alone. Leaving her the only to do, think. Neveah paces around the room for awhile. As she was pacing she hit something making a loud bang. "Ouch." She said agonizing in pain. She feels around to see if she can identify the object that had hurt her a minute before. It was a bed. An Army cot she was guessing by the size. She had no choice she was so tired, so she decided to lay on the bed and fall in to a deep sleep. She dreamed of escaping the world. Being alone and by herself. She would not have to Deal with any ones problems but hers. A black ship emerged from n the darkness of the Sea. On the ship she picked out a shadow that looked like a man. It was a man, she could Tell as the ship came closer. As a matter of fact its Chris. He had that evil grin on his face. The grin that he always wore the minute before he beat her up. That was when she felt water dripping on her. She awoke seeing nothing and started sobbing. She was scared. Scared for her life. Then she felt a hand grasp her wrist. She screams louder. At that moment the hand went over her mouth. "Stop screaming please before you wake them." A boys voice said. He sounded familiar. She can’t believe he came back. She thought he said that to try and calm her down. "You came back. Why risk it Gabrielle." The sound of his name slipping off her tongue felt so natural and it had the nicest tone to it. "I told you I knew what it felt like. I want to help you get back to the life you had. You see I never had the chance to live my own life. After my father died Chris decided that he need to take his place. The reason you never met me before. I'm only a year younger than him. Enough about me. Let’s start planning the Escape." He said. She could tell he wanted to say more. She didn't ask though. She wanted out of here. It was still night when they started planning. Now the sun is up. Gabe and her fell asleep together. She woke up with his arm around her. What happened last night she thought to Herself. She shook Gabe softly and kissed him on the check. She barely knew him, but she had this feeling that he was different. Not like the rest. Gabe awoke smiling. Looking in to Neveah’s eyes he couldn't help but think to himself. The thought of last night was amazing. He leaned in for a kiss. At his surprise she turned In too. Pressing lips together, they both could feel the shock of love arising in the air. "I have to go now." He looked towards the door as if he heard the sound of something. "See you again tonight?" He meant to say it as a statement. "Yes sir you will, there is nothing else to look forward to." She said trying not to show the Full emotion she meant to put in to it. She let a smirk slip on to her face. She couldn't hold it back. How could the worst thing in her life turn in to the best?He slowly slipped away trying not to be noticed nor heard. He was half way down the Corridor when he looked back at the room and smiled towards Neveah. AT that moment John appeared in the door way with a tray "Here is your breakfast." She didn't say anything. Just nodded.She grabbed the tray and sat it down on the bed. All she can think about is how the escape is going to work. What if they get caught? She knows where she is, well at least by the sound of a train she can tell she is near a town. No clue what town or how far away they drove to get here. She needs to get out of this place. Get out of this place. She starts to think of how the escape will work. How will they accomplish this difficult task without the other two knowing. She tried so hard to plan but from the noise coming from down stairs she couldn’t. She heard bit and bits of the fight going on. "Why were you with her last night Gabriel? We know you were so don’t try lying" Christopher hollered with anger. He couldn’t stand the thought of his brother betraying him. "I wasn’t with her. Stop freaking out. I was just up in the bathroom. Can I not go pee with out your permission anymore. Anyway i know what you are capable of so why would I go behind your back and do something that would hurt you Will you just explain to me Why? I just don’t know why you are treating her like this. She didn’t do anything. She didn’t mean to break your heart. But did you ever think of what you did to her? If you love her like you say you do just treat her right maybe you and her will really work out. Gabe said as if I was the easiest thing to do. Lying to his brother was not an easy task. He usually can sense the lie as soon as it is spoke. In his mind he had a million thoughts running through his brain. The main thought was that he wishes his brother would just drop the manner and shut up. So Neveah and him could escape In response to his brothers words Chris was so angered he replied angrier then meant to sound. "I am not treating her like crap, I am trying to bring the life back that she always wanted and used to have. She belongs with me Gabe not anyone else. I still love her. I still need her. She is what makes my heart beat." He walked away angered and heartbroken by his brothers words .
It’s been about an hour since Chris walked out the door. John decided to tag along and be his follower. Gabriel and Neveah are alone at last. He hurries up the stairs and unlocks the door. "Hurry we have to leave now!" He says so enthusiastically. He stares at her waiting for her response. She doesn’t answer, just runs through the door. They get out of the building. It’s clear no signs of the others. To her surprise Gabe has a car ready to go. Running and everything. "I can’t........believe we........made it. I never thought.........we could make........... it this far." Neveah said as she was short of breath. Its sundown now. They jump in the car. Gabe talks of where to take Neveah. "Can you believe he kept me locked up there for 6 months. He is such a fool. Gabe I’m extremely glad you are not like that. Not even close. You have made what was suppose to be the worst 6 months of my life into the best. I think I may....... I may..... I believe I love you." She said so calmly and quiet that he really had focus on her words to hear them. He smiled and replied with joy " I love you too." A smile sweeps across her face with joy. The life she waited for has arrived. "Oh one more thing Gabriel I'm pregnant." She says joyfully. Still think of the moment before. She didn’t even think of the words that came out of her mouth, they just some how managed to come out. "Your what.?" He asked as he pushed the car to a sudden stop. The breaks are squeaking. He turns a little dazed. He is not sure of what he had heard. Neveah lifts up her jacket and shows Gaberiel here stomach. It has been hidden by the clothes that gave her to wear, since they all were to baggy. She turns and looks towards him. She looks him straight in the eye and tells him "It’s yours." He goes from confused to the happiest man alive. He is so excited he can speak. He turns to Neveah to show her that he is happy. He grabs her face and kiss her lips. He finally is able to speak. “I love you Neveah" They start talking of how there life will be with a baby, where they plan to go, and what they plan to do. It will be different now way different. . They finally arrive in Connecticut. “What a beautiful sight.” Neveah thinks aloud. “This is our new home” Gabriel adds. “My dad left me a fund that Chris doesn’t know about. I believe it is safe to use.” “Thank you once again.” Neveah says sincerely.

Gabe became a lawyer bringing in the much needed income for a family. They got their new house ad car. The nursery was bright blue. They found out there were having a little boy. They decided to name him Antonio after Gabe’s father.Five years lather while Neveah was home alone with Antonio; she heard a knock on the door. answering the door, she told her boy to stay back.

Nobody was there once she had opened the front door. Out of nowhere there came a hand. A hand that was familiar, she can’t think of where she seen it before. The watch on his wrist is what reminds her. Pulled by her hair, cut by a knife, and slipping in to shock. “No she shouted as she was pulled away once again.

Gabe arrives home not more ten minutes later. “Where’s mommy?” Gabe asked his son. Antonio replies back “Mommy is gone now” Gabe is dazed. “What do you mean mommy is gone now.” The boy tells his father so seriously he doesn’t seem his age “A guy with brown eyes and blonde hair came to take her away.” Gabe was overwhelmed. “This can’t be happening again.”

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