The Infection

February 2, 2012
By Zombie-Babe BRONZE, Wilsonville, Oregon
Zombie-Babe BRONZE, Wilsonville, Oregon
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“Welcome to WWNB,” the TV called out to its viewers. “Today’s big news is that the biological weapon has crash landed here in Wilsonville” you could feel panic steaming up from each house. “We recommend that you stay inside and…” the power went out.

“No!” Bella cried out in horror.”What is it?!?!” she grabbed the TV and shook it furiously. “Crap…” she hissed. The TV unplugged and it shocked her. She wailed in pain and dropped the TV.

Jason walked down the stairs, in no hurry. He stopped and gave her a strange look. His eyes slowly flicking from her to the TV. “Wha….?” He began slowly. “What’d you do?”

Bella slowly stood up and backed away from the TV. “I’m…. I’m sorry, bro.” she said quietly.

He had a blank gaze that drifted over her. “Whatever.” Without waiting for an answer, he turned around and retreated back to his room.

“Lazy butt.” she whispered as he walked up the stairs. She glanced at the broken TV and its shattered screen. The screen reminded her of her. She has been broken and shattered. Her and her brother were abused, and then recently adopted. She pushed her golden blonde bangs to the right. She got up and walked to the kitchen. “Cookies… where are those cookies?” she gave up and poured herself a glass of water, and began to drink the crystal clear water. Unknowing of the danger lurking.

The TV flicked on and turned to the news. Bella Froze. She slowly turned around and stared at the TV.

“J… Jason!” she wailed.

She heard footsteps running across the floor above her. Then she heard his door slam against his wall and he stumbled down the stairs.”What?” he growled.

She pointed to the TV in blank horror. He looked to. The TV was fixed and working. The News was running and they finally heard the last part that they needed to hear. “We recommend that you stay inside and don’t drink any water. Thank you for joining us and good afternoon.”

Bella felt sick, I’m… I’m going to die!!! Bella’s face turned pale and she passed out of the floor.

Jason ran over to her and stared at her in disbelief. “Mom!!!” Jason called.

“Yes?” her voice faint through the thick flooring.

“It’s Bella. She’s fainted! Have you seen the news? She drank the water!”

He heard the foots steps stumble in horror. “Stay there!” her voice was shrill with panic. She stumbled down the stairs, nearly tripping, and dashed over to them. “Oh… oh no! she’ll become one of them!”

“One of….. Them?” his voice filled with curiosity.

“The ‘devils’ we call them. They’re dead but still living. They’re a disease. Stupid biological weapon that those retarded scientists had to make. And they placed it on a plane!!”

Jason gulped. “How do we stop them?”

“You can’t. You only have to kill them.” She stood up and unlocked a drawer. Out came a knife. And obsidian knife.

“Mom! No!”

“Jason! It’ll only get worse! You have to trust me on this. She will kill you and infect the others.” She tried to keep her voice steady, but they both knew it was fear. She raised the knife and brung it down in one swift slash.

There was a ring. And Bella had caught the knife between her hands above her heart. She twisted the knife and broke of the tip in a snap,
It looked so easy. It was like a tooth pick to her. I wonder what a human spine would do. He shuddered.
Bella rose to her feet with the tip in her hand. She launched herself at her mom with a screech. Jason watched in pure horror. They both pummeled each other and screeching. Jason ran out of the house and into the coldasack. A ring hung in the air like a death sentence and the crows took off cawing as they flew.

Bella stumbled out of the house, her white shirt stained with blood. She had a crooked smile and blood trickled down her chin. The knife was red and it hung lifelessly in her hand. her icy blue eyes locked onto his and she charged for him. Slashing with fury.

Jason dodged the attack and turned around as she stumbled passed him. He felt power in his arms. Before she could recover he elbowed her in the back sending her hitting the ground.

She grumbled and pushed herself up and lunged at him. Apparently her attacks were slow. Too slow for him. She began to slash at him, but he grabbed her hand with the knife and pulled it behind her back. She squeaked in pain and dropped the knife.

People started to take notice and come out of their houses.

Still holding her hand, he picked up the knife and held it in front of her throat. She elbowed him in the gut with her free hand. As soon as he loosened his grip she whipped around and kneed him in the gut.

“Bel… Bella…” he whispered as he fell to the wet ground.

She stood over him with deception flashing through her eyes. She stood there watching him. Then, reached to his hand and picked up the knife. He let her take it out of fear, and because she had the field advantage.

If I make t through, I will help the others with these things. He thought.

There was a gunshot and Bella froze. pain flashed through her face and jumped off her body. “Jason,” she whispered. “take care of the people and…. And help them. do it for me,” she fell on him dead.

“Bella? Bella?!” Jason wailed.

There was no response. He looked around for Bella’s killer, but then he remembered that she was the killer.

“Young ‘un,” an old voice croaked filled with age. “You mustn’t provoke them’ devils.”

“But she’s my sister,” Jason retorted.

“Family or not young ‘un, she’ll kill you before you even get close to killing ‘er.” The old man responded cooly. “my names John. What’s yours young ‘un?” he questioned.

“For one, stop calling me ‘young ‘un’” Jason ignored the look John gave him. “Two, I almost had her.”

“Almost, not quit, but you gave into her. She gave you the look.” John responded even cooler.

“Fine, you win.” Jason turned around and walked out of the coldasack.

“Stop! You!” a firm voice came out of nowhere.

It surprised Jason. He did as he was instructed.

“Hands up!” another firm voice came from the other side of him.

Jason looked and saw an agent. A girl agent. Then he looked the other way and saw another agent. He put his hands up when they flashed him their guns. “What’d I do?” Jason

“You, sir, have been touched by them.” He walked up to Jason and brushed him down with a detector . “You’re lucky. Rose! He’s good.” He turn around and left with Rose.

Jason grumbled as it started to mist.

“Hey, young ‘un!” a familiar voice called to him. “Wait!” Jason turned around and saw john limping up to him. He handed him a gun. “Take it. You’ll need it if you’re going off again.” pride glowed from his eyes.

“I don’t know what to say,” Jason fretted.

“How about thank you?” John teased. Jason laughed a lil.

“Well, I best be going,” Jason’s voice sadden.

“You do that. Have fun on your adventure, oh! And, make sure you come back, ‘k?” Johns voice was almost to a wail.

Jason nodded and walked out of a coldasack, around a corner, and out of town.


Jason walked in the rain alone. All he could he was his feet splashing in the sudden puddles of rain that scattered across the bridge. He started talking to himself. I bet if I had saved Bella, I wouldn’t be walking away, trying to save the other part of town. Besides, why should I? that’s where all the snobby rich kids live.

There was a growl and he realized he had been talking to himself.

He remembered what the Agents did and flashed his gun that hung lifelessly on his blue studded belt.

“Whoa buddy! We didn’t mean ta scare you.” A deep voice came.

Jason turned around, with his hand on the gun for a quick draw. “What the hell do you want?” he growled.

“Hey! Language!” a sweeter voice came.

“English,” he teased. The voice giggled slightly then toughened up.

“We got us a funny man, Mike.”

“silence, Ray.” Mike snapped. He stepped forward examining Jason. “what’s the gun fo’?”

“Well, you see, there’s been an accidental crash of a plane carrying the biological weapon that the scientists just had to make.” Jason narrowed his eyes.

“weapon, eh? Sounds like fun” Mike snorted.

“Yeah, like becoming a mass assassin would help you.” Jason heard a scream coming from the city, just lying a few yards a head. He turned and looked at mike. “Watch your family, like a hawk.” He turned and ran off towards the city, leaving them behind.

He ran the few yards into the city, unknowing of the people already past from being saved. Suddenly a guy jumped out of a pine tree. His veins bulging purple and his eyes clouded with rage. Jason stood still, hoping the person wouldn’t notice. The person looked as if he had heard him, but couldn’t see.

The man turned around and ran into the tree he jumped from. He fell backwards wailing in pain.

They’re blind! That’s why it didn’t notice me! He looked at his white blood stained shirt.

A gunshot fired from behind him. He felt a warm trickle of…. Blood?!? He felt a terrible sting in his chest and his shirt turning pure red. He gripped his chest and fell forward, sprawling on the ground. He looked up and saw Mike and Ray.

“We’re the reason why that plane crashed.” Ray sneered and kicked him. “Not like you’ll care. You’re dead anyways.”

Jason was gasping for breath now. “You… you fool!” he pulled out his gun and shot ray in the chest.

“NOO!!” Mike wailed

“That’s for my sister…”he took in his final breath and the light faded from his ever glowing eyes.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this was a movie called "The Crazies." I love that movie. I hope that i can turn this into a book of some sort and have people read it.

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AndriaGromley SILVER, Hillsdale, Pennsylvania
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Yesterday, upon the stair,
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very cool!


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